7th Christmas Toyfair and Cosplay Coverage

Cosplay Mario Joker Ghost Rider Nyanbu Anbu Psy

Mario, The Joker, Ghost Rider, Nyanbu and,,,Psy (?) have some fun.

The senior staff of the events department (all two of them) of Xtian Mack’s Cosplay and Anime Cafe can’t get any rest this December as they are mandated by law to cover the 7th Christmas Toyfair and the 2nd Philippine Die cast and Custom Car Show last Dec. 14-15-16, 2012 at the SM Megatrade Hall 1, SM Megamall.   Well, no ear-pulling or whining or crying were involved since these two adorable nuts just wanted to go cosplay anyway so they were there without even being told to do so.  This marks the first joint field cosplay coverage by Nyanbu and Tobi-kun, and boy did they cover a lot of ground.  The Megatrade Hall was near-packed with exhibitors and vendors showing all the neat stuff like toys, models, figures, kits and accessories that make the fanboys’ mouths water and their financial status perpetually poor. The entrance fee was P60. Some events were held inside though the space was just enough for the stalls and booths to fit in.  Lots of gift ideas and items for Christmas though focus really was on toys. Luckily, there are some really cute and simple things one can buy to fit any kind of budget.

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan at Toy Fair

Tobi-kun and Mika-chan check out all the great stuff on sale.

As always, this site’s focus is the cosplay part of the event.  The cosplay parade was held December 16, 2012, Saturday, and mall-goers were treated to a hopefully pleasant surprise as cosplayers strutted their stuff and were gawked at by a bewildered public.  Cosplay was not limited to that day, however, as cosplayers from all over came, participated and posed on any or all of the three days of the Toyfair.  The curious mall-goers had their fill of photos of the cosplayers and even more photos taken with them.  The entire floor the Megatrade was in was filled with people.

anime figures collectors items Rei Ayanami Nami Eva001 KOSMOS Asuka Soryu Langley

Lots of anime figures and other collectors items on sale.

trinkets anime keychain cell phone strap

Plenty of trinkets and other curiosities too.

As I get the sinking feeling people are not interested in reading this write-up anyway even though I spent an hour or so thinking about it, so please enjoy our pics courtesy of Mika-chan, our really supportive photographer who deserves to be paid a lot but sadly we don’t have money.  So please donate, visit our blog, click on the ads, and maybe one of these days we can finally get our hands on a decent camera, preferably one that does not require the use of film.

Many thanks as well to my cosplay friends: Willard, Justine, Christian, John Paul, Dec-Dec, Dwight and John for the great photos they have selflessly shared to the blog.


(Please click on a photo to view slideshow)

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Spear Woman

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto

A somewhat awkward moment with Hatsune Miku

Cosplay Anbu Naruto Chii Chobits

A moment with Chii-chan of Chobits

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto

Strike a pose, ladies.

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto


Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Karin Naruto

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto Mario

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto Mario, Mari-a? Supergirl, Nyan Cat

Nyanbu, Mari-a, Mario, Supergirl, Nyan Cat and Hidan

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto Small Little Saber

What ya lookin’ at me for, kid?


Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto doubles

Seeing doubles. Anbus and Hidans.

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Kakashi Naruto

ANBU squad with Kakashi Twins Dwight and John.

Cosplay Anbu Naruto Yui Hirasawa K-on

Nyanbu and Yui Hirasawa of K-On

Cosplay Anbu Naruto swordswoman


Cosplay Anbu Kakashi Naruto

Fearsome trio of Nyanbu, Kakashi Twins Dwight and John.

Cosplay Iruka Kotetsu Naruto

Gotta love secondary characters: Iruka and Kotetsu.

Cosplay Anbu Naruto nekomimi cat ears maid

Cat and cat-eared maid.

Cosplay Akatsuki Pain Kakashi Naruto

Pretty Pain and Kakashi Twins Dwight and John.

Cosplay Anbu Naruto Slam Dunk Shohoku Hisashi Mitsui Kaede Rukawa Hanamichi Sakuragi

My favorite team from Slam Dunk, Shohoku: Hisashi Mitsui, Kaede Rukawa, and fan favorite, Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Cosplay Anbu Naruto Bleach Nel Kuchiki Rukia Orihime Inoue Espada

Bleach girls.

Cosplay Anbu Naruto Perona One Piece

My Perona

Cosplay Kotetsu Hagane Naruto nekomimi cat ear maid

Kotetsu snags himself a nekomimi maid.

Cosplay Dragon Ball Goku Kamehameha Naruto

Of course naruto is taller than Goku.

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto green lantern Justice League DC Comics

Green Lantern and his glowing ring. Ooooh. I want one.

Cosplay Akatsuki Hidan Anbu Naruto Li Syaoran Cardcaptor Sakura

Li Syaoran and Cardcaptor Sakura

Will add more pics later.  Till next time.



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