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It’s Philippine Independence Day and there are colorful Philippine flags flying everywhere.   It’s a legal holiday yet I still have to go work first before I can run off to a special cosplay event today.  The venue is quite a distance from where I live, but that has never stopped me from bringing you the hottest cosplays this side of the planet.




And here I am at the My World, My Game Expo at SM Marikina.  It is an event sponsored by Red Fox Technologies and Lean and Mean Machines, as well as some other tech outfits. It is open and free to the public and there were lots of entertainment, freebies, and special guests to keep everyone excited.  Our wonderful friends, Ianah Otaku and Ashley Misaki, co-host the event with a special kawaii charm that can’t be beat in this plane of existence or the next.




The main event of the expo is the cosplay competition, with emphasis on the mecha category as the day was much about tech.  The competitors wowed their crowd as they performed on stage at the Activity Center.  Great prizes were handed out to the winners and consolation prizes were given out to the participants as well.  Aside from the competitors, lots of costrippers were also in attendance, posing for the adoring crowds in varied and eye-catching costumes.




My World, My Game Expo was a fun and exciting event on a holiday and we commend the organizers for a job well done.  i personally got what i came for: lots of cosplayers having fun. Getting a few freebies from the booths didn’t hurt either.













Thanks for dropping by.  Please visit us again for more of the hottest cosplays in the metro. tune in soon for our coverage of ToyCon 2013, probably the biggest event this season.










Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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