Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 6 (IOP6) Part 2



The staff of had a great time covering IOP 6 Day 2,  or Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 6 Day 2, the latest in a series of photoshoots for cosplayers and photographers alike.  Organized by Otaku Urule, a student-based organization which promotes Japanese pop culture in the country, quite a number of cosplayers and photographers gathered at the scenic Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife, all excited at the prospects of another great time being with each other.




The latest edition of IOP 6 stays true to all others that have come before it:  an event where cosplayers and photographers work together and have a great time. Otaku URule has always maintained that the goal of these activities is  to reinvent the system of cosplay networking in the country where all participants have closer ties and as they maintain old friendships and foster new ones.  As they have always reminded the hundreds of participants in the past, the only things you have to remember are to have fun, meet friends, respect one another and enjoy.




This particular event features the Shingeki No Kyojin theme, where cosplayers of characters of the hottest new anime are placed on the spotlight.




The event officially started in the afternoon, with the registration as well as announcements and reminders from the Otaku Urule staff.  As always, cosplayers took the opportunity to don their chosen attire in homage to the characters they have come to  love and admire.  Everyone  was everywhere, having pictorials all over the park with all its interesting places and sights to see, this despite the rain showers later on in the day as some of them didn’t really mind getting wet as long as they were having fun.




Our heartfelt thanks to Otaku Urule for yet another successful affair and making it all possible.  Do visit their Facebook pages for more information about them and their upcoming events.




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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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