Misaki Con 2013



Those in the local cosplay scene know and love Ashley Misaki, a bright and talented young lady who has taken the local cosplay scene to new heights, winning award after award with her striking costumes and fierce performances.  Those who have loved and supported Ashley have since organized Misaki Con, a unique  event  meant to celebrate cosplaying as a hobby and to foster togetherness within the community.




Held over the weekend at SM Taytay, the event many special guests like Yuka Kuroyanagi and hosted by Hero TV ambassadors Mej Mejica, Liui Aquino.  Of course, Ashley was on hand to perform and host the show as well.  There was lots of games for everyone who attended, many booths as well as lots of giveaways and prizes to those who attended this free event.








The highlight of the event was the individual cosplay competition where around 70 cosplayers vied for many wonderful prizes in 9 different categories, as well as Hero TV choices.  The participants wowed the crowd with their stunning costumes and exciting performances.








With the number of attendees and participants in the hundreds, Misaki Con was a great success, with Ashley herself personally thanking everyone who took part in the event.










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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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