Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013: PGF 2013



Gaming has always been a fascination for most Filipinos ever since the early days of  Atari and the Nintendo Family Computer and up till today when online games allow them to play with everyone else in the world.  All these gamers, from past to present, seemed to have trooped to the Pinoy Gaming Festival 2013 at Halls B and C of the World Trade Center in Pasay City last Oct. 26-27, 2013.




I was there on the second day to support my friend, Carmae, as she was going to join the cosplay contest under the game category. She was up against really tough competition, against the best in the local cosplay scene, but she still did her best in her Escadora Blademaster set.  She says she might be retiring it soon, so I wanted to send it off with her with a bang as we went around and enjoy the festival and took pictures with all the great cosplayers we met there.




The World Trade Center was spacious enough to accommodate the attendees on both days and there have been no incidents that we know of.  There were game events and tournaments happening simultaneously at different locations, programs, contests, and lots of freebies in store for everyone.  Our focus was of course the cosplay competition, eventually won by three great chibis, Izaiah, Bolen, and Ashley.  Congratulations to them.










Carmae and I agreed that this was a refreshingly pleasant and fun event and that we were glad to have taken part of it.




The strange but very welcome thing we countered was the security.  The guards and other security personnel were courteous and friendly to the cosplayers, even going out of their way to have pictures with them.  Well, they couldn’t resist not taking one with Carmae in particular, so I’m more than glad to post their photos here (and I hope they won’t get in trouble, as we’re actually commending them).  Carmae and I discussed at length how this attitude was refreshingly welcome as we’ve had the worst experiences with security guards of some other establishments we know of when there’s a cosplay event.  So we’re happy and thankful to them and we hope you don’t mind us posting their photos with Carmae here.






Congratulations to the organizers, staff and everyone involved in the event. Carmae and I definitely enjoyed our time there, as did many others.




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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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