Cosplay Runway 2 at MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

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Great cosplay action became a part of an international event as Cosplay Runway 2 made its appearance at last weekend’s MATA Expo 2015 Philippines.  For our coverage of MATA Expo itself, click here.  Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research.  MATA Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.


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Cosplay Runway 2, Organized by Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines, Cosplay Runway aims to promote cosplay as both a fashion and a hobby. Hoping to integrate these two concepts, Cosplay Runway would be a fashion show that incorporates the many fascinating elements involved in cosplaying: the creativity and imagination that cosplayers have developed over time.  Helping us cover this event are Bryan, our Head Photographer; our Spokesmodel, Aichi; our sessionist photographer Ianah; and our Cosplay Model Ami.


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Hosted by David D’ Angelo as Master Pogi, the contest kicked into high gear as contestants took to the catwalk, with a curious and appreciative crowd witnessing their performances.  The panel of judges included special guests Anna Andrea Alviola, event host Faith, and David Ballard of MATA Expo.


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Seeing the cosplayers showing off their best was an exhilarating experience as they performed their routines in their colorful and well-crafted costumes.


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Afterwards, winners were announced and they got to take home some nice prizes. They included our friends Jeasan, Icee, and Mark




A fun event for both participants and audience, Cosplay Runway 2 was a hit especially with the deaf community who came to watch.  They were wowed by the performances and afterwards enjoyed having their photos taken with the cosplayers.




Our Cosplay Models Ai Chi and Ami also enjoyed the event while we covered it, and they were particularly asked often to have their photos taken by the attendees.  We then had a shoot with our friend Mark as Deadpool, as we at site always believe that cosplay should also be about fun.  And fun we had of course.  We enjoyed the other attractions that MATA Expo had to offer until the sun finally set, ending the third successful year of MATA Expo.


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We have the video of the entire Cosplay Runway 2 Event here:



Many thanks to Sir David and the team from Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines for organizing and handling this event.  It was well-enjoyed by everyone.


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