Jeff and Joan’s Wedding: Best Wishes from Photographers, Cosplayers and Friends

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For man and a woman who have promised their love for one another, no other event would match the joy, the anxiety, the rapture, and the excitement of their wedding day.  Our good friends Jeff and Joan finally got to tie the knot and say their vows in front of the many gathered who were all genuinely happy for the newly wedded couple.  We their friends in the photography and  cosplay community came in full force to support the pair and celebrate this most special of occasions, and we at wish to share this event with our friends who have known this admirable couple over our many adventures together.


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Jeff Ricalde has been one of the most active photographers and organizers within the cosplay community.  Starting photography barely only two years ago, he has striven hard to improve his craft to become one of the more respected photographers around.  Since he discovered his passion for photography, cosplay photography in particular, Jeff Ricalde has wanted to take the experience  to the next level, the path he calls ‘The JeRic Way.”  Far from the usual, monotonous events and conventions the community has grown accustomed to, Jeff has continued to innovate and organize shoots and events that have given its participants a unique, lasting, memorable experience, and the Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series has been a good example of that.


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Joan is the lovely lady who has won his heart and to whom he has sworn his love to.  She in turn has been supportive of him in his endeavors, and they indeed fit the part of a great couple.


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And on this day we pay this visionary and his better half a tribute as photographer and cosplayer friends came in full force to wish them well on a new chapter in their lives.  It was a warm Tuesday afternoon when everyone converged at the Parish of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Blessed Heart of Mary in Bulacan, but everyone was excited as the groomsmen and bridesmaids finally took their places in time for the start of the procession.


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Among the entourage were photographers and cosplayers and other friends who Jeff has had lots of memories with the past couple of years, like those who took part in the Daydreams series and Extreme Moments and many other shoots Jeff has helped organized over the years.  It was refreshing to see them all in formal wear: a far cry from the ones they’ve become accustomed to be seen in.  Well, not so refreshing for the ones wearing them as the summer was taking its course.


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For all the ceremonies and rites and symbolism that went into the wedding, people appreciated the effort the couple went through to involve everyone in the event as greetings and thanks and well wishes were exchanged.  As the formalities and legalities were done and over with, the couple could finally manage a heartfelt smile as they were finally blessed as husband and wife.


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The reception that followed was filled with music and food and AVPs and games, and everyone got to celebrate with the couple in a more relaxed and festive atmosphere.  Our photographer and cosplayer friends were quite active in participating as they did want to show their appreciation and support for the new couple.


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As to be expected from Jeff’s photographers friends, there were cameras galore and no moment went unrecorded for posterity (and some good laughs afterwards.)


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We were the last group to say goodbye to the newlyweds, and though they were tired, they were still gracious and smiling and still game for photos.


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Congratulations to Jeff and Joan on their wedding, and we wish them much happiness and lots of blessings as they set out on new adventures in life together.


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