Alimbukay: An AcousTKafe of Japanese and Filipino Music at UP Diliman


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It was a pleasant afternoon of music, friendship and hearty treats and drinks as we were invited to experience UP Tomo-Kai’s Alimbukay: An AcousTKafe recently at UP Diliman.  Held at the PH 400 classroom in Palma Hall, students and guests were treated to Filipino and Japanese music by young but talented performers as attendees are served free treats and drinks, all for a uniquely refreshing experience. is an official media partner for Alimbukay, and we are glad to be able to bring you our coverage of this event organized by UP Tomo-Kai.


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Alimbukay aimed to create a space where guests would be able to unwind from their hectic university schedules.  Inspired by the original meaning of this Filipino word which called to mind ripples of water caused as an after-effect of paddling motions, Alimbukay created an ambiance that would sooth the weary mind with performances that would reverberate like ripples through the hearts of the guests.


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Admission was free, and guests were welcome to help themselves to unlimited drinks and snacks.  Friends and colleagues alike were just allowed to relax over cups of kapeng barako or iced tea while partaking in cookies and biscuits.  Guests could sit and rest where they liked, from the usual desk-chairs or Japanese-style around a low table over traditional banig.


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Everyone was also welcome to share and post their thoughts on a special board in beach/shore themed decor, something that guests took advantage of and enjoyed.


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There were also trivia games from the hosts about Japanese and Filipino pop culture that kept the audience guessing and interested.  Winners got to take home some nice prizes.


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Young but talented acoustic bands were invited to perform for the attendees.  UP Music Circle’s Foldback and Rayf Panotes, Kaleidal Vision, Slideshow, Z, Ikuzoiwa and TK Live got to play Filipino and Japanese songs to an appreciative audience.  Between classic and contemporary OPMs, between classic anime songs from Dragon Ball and Rurouni Kenshin to contemporary Jrock and visual kei, the performers kept the audience pleasantly entertained.  They even got to sing along as they enjoyed the heartfelt performances too much.


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Our friends at Talking Apples were sponsors at the event and even brought along their famed chewy chocolate chip cookies for the guests to enjoy.  Oh, they also  got to enjoy the music and treats of the event with us.




The Philippines-Japan Friendship Club, most popularly known as UP Tomo-Kai, is an organization that aims to promote the Japanese language and culture, as well as foster mutual relations between Filipinos and Japanese. Started by seven visionaries in 1990, the organization has grown to an illustrious and full-fledged team of closely-knit students working together to further its goals.  Tomo-Kai plays an active role in promoting Philippine and Japanese culture; whether it be through befriending Japanese exchange students, holding Japanese tutorials for prospective members, dancing to traditional folk music, or organizing a month-long event celebrating our innate thirst for culture.


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Alimbukay: An AcousTKafe, was actually the second in a series of events commemorating UP Tomo-Kai’s 24th anniversary celebration entitled “Shiosaki: Panibagong Alon,” last April.  Literally meaning “Rising of the Tide,”  the theme of Shiosaki” is the embodimento f UP Tomo-Kai’s dedication and perseverance against the tides of present challenges.  With changes in the academic calendar, the organization’s upcoming Silver Anniversary, and an ever-dynamic flow of students in the university, transformation is inevitable; a new wave must come forth.  But though the tides may rise or fall, the goal of giving people a deeper and a more appreciative understanding of the cultures and languages of both the Philippines and Japan still remains.  As the three main events of the anniversary celebration the Interactive Exhibit, AcousTKafe and the cultural night made use of this year’s water-inspired theme.


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Alimbukay closed with a performance from TK Live, UP Tomo-Kai’s very own resident musicians, and everyone got to enjoy and sing along.  And with some closing remarks from their president, guests were invited as well to the third and last installment of their anniversay celebration: Uli-uli, a Cultural Night, which we also covered and will be posting soon.  Congratulations to UP Tomo-Kai for holding this refreshing event that was enjoyed by many, and thank you very much for having us as their media partner.  Watch out for more great events from UP Tomo-Kai in the very near future.


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