Kill la Kill Cosplay Group Shoot


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We chanced upon a group of cosplayers having fun one warm Sunday at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Every so often, small cosplay groups take it upon themselves to organize simple photoshoots at familiar places.  As cosplay events and conventions may be far in between sometimes, these photoshoots present rare opportunities for some bonding time among friends and present chances to meet new ones.


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We met Dana and her cosplay group as they were getting ready to prepare for the shoot.  She told us that they have been organizing this photoshoot for quite some time now, and that it had been difficult to find people to complete the main cast as well as to set the schedule where most can be available.


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The group shared a deep admiration for Kill la Kill, the wildly popular anime from a couple of years ago.  They wished to express their love for the series through cosplay, and they got to seek each other out to have this group.


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Some of the cosplayers didn’t even know each other beforehand, but they got along soon enough.  Dana said that most of them are just new to cosplay.  “We’re just here to enjoy ourselves and just have fun cosplaying.”


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Cosplaying is about having fun and hanging out with people with the same passion and hobby as you. Cosplayers, photographers and their friends had a day of conversation, play, and picture-taking all around the park.


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Other people may find it strange, but cosplayers and cosplay photographers know that it’s really a great feeling being able to just do what your heart wants and cosplay and take photos to your heart’s content.


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Also with us was our friend Dale of Totodale Photography.  We and the group went around the park to do our shots.  The shoot started quite late, so we had to pick up the pace and just squeeze in as many shots as we can before the sun set.


Kill la Kill cosplay group shoot_0058


After the shoot, everyone got to dress down and settle around a table to have a simple meal, everyone tired but chatting excitedly over the shoot that just finished.


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Xtian Mack

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