Gakusai 2016 and BoA 2016 Interschool Cosplay Competition at UST



The University of Santo Tomas, or UST, is one of the most historic and respected institutions of learning in Asia, and we at are happy to have covered a cosplay and Japanese pop culture event organized by its progressive studentry. On its 6th year, school organization Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai presented Gakuen Sai 2016, Nostalgia: Memories under the Cherry Blossoms 2016, as well as their universities leg of the Best of Anime 2016  Interschool Cosplay Competition at the fenced area of the Education Building of UST in Manila.




We at love cosplay and Japanese pop culture events that celebrate the studentry’s love and admiration for cosplay and Japanese culture, which was why we throw our full support to organizations who have been earnestly striving to spread this passion to their school.  Thomasian Nihon Kyoukai, or TNK, is such an organization open to all Thomasians who are interested in Japanese-related things and activities such as fashion, music, art, anime, and manga.  Recognized by the Embassy of Japan and Japan Foundation, TNK is the official and legitimate Japanese culture organization in the University of Santo Tomas.




Gakusai 2016 had the feel of a Japanese festival, where attendees from all over got to enjoy booths and stalls all around the venue, with enjoyable activities like goldfish scooping where you can take home the fish you can catch before the paper breaks.  There was also a shooting gallery where one can shoot down printouts of anime villains you need to eliminate with a nerf gun.  Attendees also got to burst baloons with darts as well as toss rings on bottles for some really nice prizes.




Seeking to inform, educate and entertain was a demonstration and hands-on instruction by the Manila Kendo Club who were all-out in sharing their love of the sport with the audience.




A Karate demonstration by the Sed Karate-Do Club was well-appreciated by the audience as practitioners shared their skills and knowledge of the sport.




First band to perform was Seenzone at 9PM, playing some well-known and much-loved Japanese songs from various popular anime.  Their upbeat and faithful renditions of their pieces was well received by the audience, who even got to sing along as they cheered for them.



Project MATERIA brought as sense of  wonder and nostalgia on stage with their instrumental renditions of themes from the Final Fantasy game series.



A Love Live Dance group got the audience singing and dancing as they performed two songs from the popular game and anime series.



A highlight of the event was the UST leg of the Best of Anime Inter-school Cosplay Competition.  The stage was set for Thomasians who earnestly wished to display their love for cosplay before a wider audience.  Their creative and action-filled performances were definitely appreciated by their fellow students, leaving the judges with the difficult task of choosing the worthy winner.


LR-0079-cIMG_6065 LR-0084-cIMG_6088 LR-0090-cIMG_6115





After careful deliberation by the judges, the top five cosplayers were chosen and were awarded some great prizes from organizer TNK and sponsor Primetrade Asia.  They also won the prestigious right to represent UST at the finals of the  Interschool Cosplay Competitionat at the Best of Anime 2016 event at the SMX in September.




The BoA Interschool Cosplay Competition has been one of the longest-running school cosplay competitions in the country.  With different legs at various colleges and universities, the BoA Interschool Cosplay Competition is a showcase of the Filipino students’ rich talent in cosplaying crafting, and visual performance.  Sponsored by Primetrade Asia, the competition is one of the special attractions leading up to the main event, Best of Anime 2016 at the SMX on September 17 and 18.




Some shots of the wonderful cosplayers and friends we got to meet at the event.


LR-0124-cIMG_6228 LR-0128-bIMG_2912 LR-0148-bIMG_3027 LR-0156-bIMG_3040







Many thanks to TNK for accommodating our team and for spreading the love for cosplay and Japanese culture through this event.  Looking forward to more events and projects from your organization.

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