O-kun Fiesta 2: Day 2


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The second straight day of end-of-summer otaku fun was even more intense as thousands of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts from all over the country gathered at the SMX Convention Center for O-kun Fiesta 2 (for our coverage of O-kun Day 1, click here.).  Organized by Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, O-kun Fiesta 2, now a two-day event, had a Japanese lantern festival as its theme and this year they promised to have even more special guests, tutorials, panel discussions, magazine signings and contests in order to emulate the magazine’s contents into a two-day fun-filled event at Function Room 1 of the SMX Convention Center.


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arkadymac.com is O-kun Fiesta’s official media partner for the second year in a row, and helping us bring the highlights of the event are our coverage team with Queenie, Nicolette, Jillian, and Nicki, who all got to enjoy the sights and sounds of the festivities.


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Going strong on its second year, O-kun Fiesta 2 was Otaku Asia’s way to reach out to their readers and give something back for their support with a fun, informative and interactive fiesta of activities.  Keeping things fun, informative and orderly were hosts Jillian, Naru and Envy, who all did an admirable job keeping the program running as well as it did literally throughout the day.


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Starting things off was a post production/editing workshop by Moonstruck Creatives, who enlightened the audience about the essentials of enhancing images.


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Gender-based cosplay groups Bishounen Society and Tonari no Tsuns talks over the weekend about their love for cosplay as well as the local cosplay community.  All the special guests have been featured in the latest issue of Otaku Asia Anime Magazine, and special magazine signings were held throughout the day for attendees to meet their idols up close and get their autographs as mementos for their O-kun experience.  They also has their own booths where their fans can get their wonderful prints as well as other merchandise.


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Ivyree Rosario of wildly popular Little Things PH had a comic creation tutorial the day before that drew upon her skills and personal experiences that went into the making of each of her endearing work and it was well appreciated by the audience.  Sunday there was a special magazine signing with her where fans got the rare opportunity to meet her up close and get her autograph.


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The highlight of the day was the Cosplay Parade.  A fun twist on the usual cosplay competition, O-kun 2 had cosplayers walk down the center aisle for everyone to see then perform their skits in front of an esteemed panel of judges, showing off their wonderful costumes and best performances.


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And of course we were there for the hundreds of cosplayers who got to show off their wonderful cosplays to attendees, like our Correspondents and Cosplay Models Queenie, Nicolette, Mitch and Jillian.


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Later on in the day was the awarding ceremony, where all the winners from the different contests that day were acknowledged and awarded.  It then came to the sad part when the hosts had to say goodbye, but everyone was in agreement that O-kun 2 was quite a success and that O-kun 3 was much a possibility.  We at arkadymac.com are already looking forward to it.


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