Rin Lim named as New Creative Director of arkadymac.com



Founders Christian Mack and Bryan will be stepping down from their responsibilities from arkadymac.com after four years of service.  They wish to thank everyone for all the support they have shown in making the Cosplay Cafe a website that has been trusted to cover all the major cosplay, anime and gaming events in the country while as well featuring small but meaningful events that matter to the community.




Taking on the responsibility of continuing to provide quality coverages and service to the community will be Rin Lim. Rin has been arkadymac.com’s writer, correspondent and cosplay model, and she has been helping us cover quite a number of the biggest events in the Philippines.  Her familiarity with the community and her adept writing skills that capture the best moment at events are what the website needs to provide a fresh but faithful direction for coverages and features for the years ahead.




We at the site hope that you can all extend to her the support and care you have given the us in the past, as well as accompany her through more fun and meaningful cosplay adventures ahead.





Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack took up AB English Studies, Major in Creative Writing at UP Diliman. Currently works for a medical transcription company. He is the Creative Director of The Cosplay Cafe: arkadymac.com, doing photography, writing, and reporting for the website. His line of photography specializes in cosplay event coverage, having covered 300 events in a span of 3 years. Loves cute and furry things.