Romarinda Spooky Friday


The student government of Romarinda International School invited the team to cover their first ever “Spooky Friday” and judge their Cosplay & Halloween Costume Contest. We greatly admire schools that support the interests of their students. There to help us with the event is our very first correspondent Steph.


The day started with the Cosplay & Halloween Costume Contest. The prayer and national anthem and a few words from the Principal opened up the event. The judges were then introduced and got together to discuss the criteria.

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With the number of participants, the contest was separated into grouped grades where the judges selected semi-finalists. After all the groups did their walk on stage, the judges then chose and awarded the winners.




Here are some of the activities that they prepared for their students and guests:

RBO: Romarinda’s Box Office

A booth for showing horror films. For Elementary students, there’s Mr. Bean, Oggy and the Cockroaches Halloween Specials. For High School students, there’s The Princess, Banshee and Downstairs. The feedback from the watchers was great. They said the films were very scary and they did not get bored.



Dare To Listen

Booth for the Elementary students who got to listen to horror stories straight from the White Lady sitting on the chair. She had her baby on her arms and the enraptured children would be scared while listening to her.



Dress Up: Face Paint

Just a booth where artists create miracles. With their skills in drawing and painting, they can make you look like Joker or Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad!



Horror Booth

A booth where you should dare yourself to enter! There lurks many creatures of the dead and they would try to catch you as you try to find your way out!

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We would like to thank the administrators, teachers and the students of Romarinda International School for having us.



Here are some of our favorite costumes and cosplays:

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