Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016: Day 1


On the opening day of what is traditionally the last major event on the local anime and Japanese pop culture calendar, Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special holds particular significance to enthusiasts, cosplayers, collectors,  and congoers everywhere as an affair to wrap up a busy year with friends and to indulge in the myriad hobbies and interests that make their lives fun and interesting.

arkadymac.com is Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016’s official media partner, and our team was there to cover the festivities.  Joining us for our coverage was  our Editor-in-Chief Jillian who got to enjoy the festivities as well with all our friends from the community




As the event name implies, anime figures from a wide variety of fandoms and makers take the spotlight as exhibitors and collectors got to put on display their best and latest for the public to see and enjoy.



On stage, various contests showed the community’s talent through various performances and great prizes awaited them.



Jarhead Syndrome was there to liven up the crowd with their own brand of music.



Cultivating love for art particularly in drawing in the Japanese style seen in manga and anime, art contests were held, with the winners and participants showing their marvelous work to attendees.



The Ozine Maid Cafe has been a mainstay of the event and patrons from all over don’t miss the chance to drop by and enjoy the wonderful refreshments and service at the cafe.



Of course, the trip to Ozine will never be complete without checking out the many merchant artist booths of all sorts that offered a variety of items and merchandise catering to a wide variety of interests, hobbies and niches.



We were there of course for the cosplayers who have come to celebrate the holidays, buy their favorite merch, meet up with friends and just enjoy what the event had to offer.  As with everyone who chanced upon them at the venue, we enjoyed taking photos of them and appreciated the dedication and hard work they put into showing their love for their chosen characters.



These and more at the exciting first day of Ozine Fest Anime Figure Special 2016. For our coverage of Day 2, click here.

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Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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