Mocha Uson Made into Playable Character in CrossFire with Project Mocha


As a tribute to the Filipinos passion for gaming, Smilegate of GBPlay/Gameclub presented Project Mocha to the press just recently at SMX Convention Center at SM Aura.  Project Mocha brings the likeness of popular dancer/model/blogger Mocha Uson into the phenomenal online first-person shooter online game CrossFire, and the new character skin will initially be made available exclusively to Filipino gamers, setting another milestone as Filipinos make their mark in the digital world.

Described as a “perfect fit” for the FPS title, Mocha Uson herself was ecstatic about the project as it’s an honor and a privilege to have one’s likeness made into a character in a game.  “We chose Mocha because of the innate fierceness in her attitude.  She strikes us as the kind of person who would kick butt on the battlefield without breaking a sweat and still looking absolutely great right afterwards,” said CrossFire’s Product Manager.



Mocha got to address the press and receive questions. The team got to ask her how it felt like being able to wear action- and military-themed costumes in the creation of her character.  She told us that it was exciting and liberating to get to try out different costumes as this was new experience for her and that seeing herself in the game with the costumes was surreal and unbelievable.



Her popular all-female dance group Mocha Girls were also there to give their full support, performing in front of the attendees as well as engaging the press in real-time CrossFire matches.  And for the record, they were formidable players, winning many matches.



Mocha of course was not to be outdone as she got to take part in several matches too, playing her character of course.



CrossFire, with its adrenaline rush of close encounters and fast-paced play, has made it a staple of the gaming genre.  One can play as Black List, a secret mercenary organization or as Global Risk, an extensive military organization and eliminate the other side using the game’s selection of weapons to claim victory for your faction.  Use your wins to climb the game’s ranking system and be the best soldier you can be.



Project Mocha will be officially available online to Philippine servers starting February 14, 2017, and will be available to other countries at a later date.  We invite everyone to try out the game and check out the Mocha Project update and to stay tuned as more developments are slated to happen in the very near future.



GBPLAY Inc. manages and supports local distribution  of various popular online games in the Philippines.  The company is more prominently known through its brand category name, GAMECLUB.  The company currently distributes three popular games: CROSSFIRE, LOVE BEAT and WEAPONS OF WAR.  All three games have acquired considerable market shares in their respective game categories.  These games have allowed the company to cater to different market segments.



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