Ken Lim: Wild highlights not only the best events in the Phillipines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get an interview with him. Here is our feature on one of arkadymac’s dear friends and a talented cosplayer, Ken Lim.

Ken Lim’s real name is quite unique, so he he rather just be called Ken as for him, it’s a pain to have to spell out his name all the time. He started cosplaying in 2012. His first event was at DLSU, called The Art of Cosplay 2012 . He went as Bruce Lee, in Fist of Fury fashion; traditional Chinese silk top , slacks, the hair, even a pair of nunchucks. He had Kung Fu Fighting by Carl Douglas as his BGM for his skit and showed off his kung fu skills. He found it hilarious and got a prize. He even met some guys from Tempest Films, and was invited to be a part of a Tekken fan film for the role of Marshall Law. And that’s how his wild cosplay journey started.

He likes how the cosplay community brings both fans and photographers together. Cosplay, for him, goes beyond continental borders. It isn’t limited to just a single country’s popular culture. Cosplay connects fans everywhere. It also pushes an artist’s limits and efforts to turn a cosplay into a work of art.

His most memorable experience was when he cosplayed Hanamichi Sakuragi (Slam Dunk) for a photoshoot. It was one of the biggest shoots he ever had and he felt honored to be a part of it. It’s very seldom he cosplays one of the main characters from the series. For one of the shots, He had to jump off of a chair and hang on to the ring. There was also the time when he and his friends had to endure intense heat and sand (lahar) while he was in a costume that was almost entirely made out of leather (Vash the Stampede from Trigun). Although, every character he portrays is a memorable experience in itself, but the most memora ble experiences for him are the ones where there’s a lot of effort, and when there is some risk involved.

Some of his favourite cosplays include (in order of increasing clothing) : Marshall Law (Tekken), Onizuka Eikichi (Great Teacher Onizuka), Sakuragi Hanamichi (Slam Dunk), Kudou Shinichi (Meitantei Conan/Detective Conan), Kuwabara Kazuma (Yu Yu Hakusho), Demiurge (Overlord), Bruce Lee (Game of Death), and Vash the Stampede (Trigun). As for most people, he usually cosplays his favourite characters. There are times, however, when he just wants to cosplay a character just because his costume looks cool. He makes it a personal challenge; just to see if he could pull it off. Any cosplayer who can use makeup on his/herself to drastically alter their appearance to match the character he/she is cosplaying inspires him. It’s a great skill for him to see someone look so different just because of some eyeshadow and foundation; he’s amazed by it.

Ken Lim has a message for the people he met in his journey:
“My sincerest thanks to everyone who invited me to their projects. This goes for both cosplayers and photographers alike. To have the privilege of being part of photoshoot projects I would otherwise be unable to participate in is something I am very grateful for. Thank you to the cosplay community for introducing me to all kinds of people I would never have otherwise gotten to know. It has given me irreplaceable memories, and some of the closest friends I have ever had.  My thanks as well to any fans or supporters out there! I have no idea who most of them are though, so drop by and leave a few comments on my page.  Do let me know if you like what you see, bring up suggestions, or request for more content to be uploaded regularly.  I haven’t touched the page in ages LOL”

His advice for anyone who wants to cosplay:
“Do your best. Be creative. Have fun.


Thank you, Ken, for letting us interview you. Thank you also to Eric DC, Jeff Ricalde, Paula Roman, Joshua Manicsic, Donnie Medina, Kevin Joseph De Guzman, Alphard Penetrante, Japs Antido, Bernard Garbo, Sol Occiano, Marvin Reyes, and Alec Egido for letting us use your photos.


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