In The Zone 2: Bringing to Life, by AniZone

Annually there would be a group of cosplayers who’ll hold a photoshoot to start the year, where in it can be in groups or individually. They cater to all cosplayers whether they cosplay from a game, an anime, visual kei, or jrock artists who they love or photographers who would love to take wonderful shots of the cosplayers. Early this year, AniZone has started their annual photoshoot, In The Zone 2: Bringing to Life.

Last January 21, 2017, AniZone has held its annual project photoshoot entitled In The Zone 2: Bringing to Life. It was held at the Bonifacio Monument area of Makati Park and Garden Philippines. We are grateful that became their media partner at this wonderful time of the year to cover their photoshoot.

AniZone is a Philippine-based anime social group where one can meet new people and talk about anime with fellow otakus. Topics are generally about anime, manga, cosplay or Japanese culture in general. They aim to spread anime culture across seas by means of online communication specifically, the social media. You can catch them on their Facebook page at

In The Zone (ITZ) is a cosplay project spearheaded by AniZone as it aims to promote the passion of cosplay among its members. Every year, there is a central theme that seeks to promote cosplay in a positive light to inspire others to try the hobby. This year’s theme is “Bringing to Life” the goal of the shoot is to give a chance for cosplayers to “bring to life” to the characters by taking picture of them in the most accurate of settings that are loyal to the series they are portraying from.

A whole variety of cosplayers came to the said photoshoot from animes of Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy XV, La Corda d’Oro, Ah! My Goddess!, Binan Koukou Chikyuu Boueibu, Valyrie Profile 2 and many more.

Each and every cosplayer that day showed such wonderful craft based on the anime they are portraying. As for the photographers, they have such amazing shots which they took of each cosplayer. Going around the location of the venue, there are a lot of ideas one can come up with. For example the gazebo, a fountain that has no water in it and yet they have a rocky architectural design beside it, the amphitheater, the riverside, the monument of Bonifacio and many more. It’s amazing what creativity each cosplayer and photographer had in mind that time.

There were also booths that catered to the cravings of enthusiasts and otakus alike.

The day ended with everyone having some final group photos, capping off a day of fun, artistry, and camaraderie with people who shared the same hobbies and passions.

We would like to thank AniZone for inviting to be one of their media partners for this wonderful event. May you guys have more power and spread this wonderful hobby. AniZone’s In The Zone 2: Bringing to Life was covered by our Editor-in-Chief Jillian and Photographer Teptep.

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