Mystic Messenger Fans Day RFA Party X Valentine Matsuri


A special gathering for fans organized by fellow fans brought their favorite game to life as Loving Rainbow Garden Events presented Mystic Messenger Fans Day: RFA Party X Valentine Matsuri just a while back.  Based on the wildly popular visual novel game Mystic Messenger from South Korea developed and published by Cheritz, this event was well attended as it gave fans an entire day to live out their fantasies and revel in the joy that the game has given them at the idyllic setting of Loving Rainbow Garden in Quezon City.

Mystic Messenger Fans Day: RFA Party X Valentine Matsuri  was a sweet event like no other for all the MCs, as they got special treatment from their favorite Mystic Messenger characters all day.  Mystic Messenger is an otome (dating simulator) game where the player (referred to as MC) downloads an app and joins the RFA, a charity association. The player must participate in chatrooms at specified times in order to get closer to the character they want.  The player has to choose the correct response to get a certain character’s route. What makes this game unique is that it occurs over the course of real days, so you may have to stay up till 3AM to enter a certain chatroom.



Like the real RFA party in the game, the event was also for charity, and the organizers have chosen the Grace to be Born by Light of Jesus Community. Proceeds from the event will go to their chosen charity, and an open donation box was available so that attendees can donate  toys, clothes and books for their less fortunate brothers and sisters.



The event started with the gathering of all the MC’s at the event hall for a red carpet entrance and introductions by the host of special guests, which included prominent Filipino cosplayers Chun and Lyron.



All around the venue, artist and merchandise booths were set up which featuring items like acrylic keychains and prints created by artist fans based on favorite MM characters. These were well appreciated by the fans who made sure to get as many of them as they could.



Several auctions were held through out the event. Items included special prints of the butlers and MM merchandise, all of which were hotly contested over by fans.  Later on, special sessions with the butlers were auctioned off as well.  At the end of the RFA Party, the organizers raffled off an authentic VIP package from Cheritz.  It was all in good, light-hearted fun as all proceeds were for charity.



A marriage booth was also set up so MCs could get to marry their dream Mystic Messenger character.



The event had seven butlers and a maid to fulfill every MCs dream as they  served MC’s at their cafe and held meet and greets at the stage area.



Even though it got a bit rainy in the afternoon, it was still a warm, cozy, and enjoyable event as everyone there got to enjoy and experience of sharing the same fandom, with even special guests like Liui Aquino joining in the fun.



But the fun does not stop there! After the RFA Party was Valentine Matsuri. People got to meet the full cast of Bishounen Society, a group of some of the most talented male cosplayers in the Philippines, which include our Correspondent Sage.  Everyone got to play matchmaking games and drinking and eating contests. An open dance floor was even held so they could dance with the cast. To end it all, fireworks were lit up to end the sweet event.  Overall, anyone who went to the party certainly enjoyed all the Valentine games that were held. This event truly fulfilled the MC in all of us.



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