Upcoming Event: ITamGameCon ’17 at FEU


Experience the latest in technology and gaming this March 23 to 24 as Far Eastern University Institute of Technology presents iTamGameCon17, a two-day convention to raise funds for an outreach event in Cavite.  Organized by the Computer Engineering Organization in coordination with the Junior Philippine Computer Society and the Alliance of Information Technology Students, iTamGameCon17 will serve as a venue for rising indie game developers, current trend of gaming peripherals, aspiring home grown cosplayers, FEU IT’s finest LoL players, exclusive game releases, seminars, and exhibits from various companies that made gaming in the Philippines a boom.

ITamGameCon ’17  is a gaming convention that aims to raise funds for an outreach event at Cavite, and will be including exhibits, competitions, and seminars that are open to all students of FEU Tech and invited universities. This event will give an opportunity to students to check out the latest products in gaming and also participate in competitions.  Attendees can look forward to the following features at the event:

Seminars (iTamGameCon17:GAMER (Gathering of Animators and Makers of EnteRtainment))

Seminars will be composed of four different segments throughout the whole event, and would tackle the latest trends in the Philippines with regards to technology, gaming, and words from renowned digital artists and game developers.  Four seminars will be conducted all throughout the convention. Two seminars will be conducted on the first day and the other two on the second. Each seminar will be allotted an hour each, which will be conducted at AVR 1603. The seminar is open to all students of FEU Tech for free and all invited students/participants of TechnoFest.


The MPR 17th floor will be occupied by exhibitors comprised of indie game developers, gaming peripherals providers and more. Each exhibitor is given a booth where they can place their merchandise/products or if wanted, they can bring and set up their own booth. Major sponsors will occupy spaces of the FEU Tech Gym for their own booth. Students from FEU Tech and invited schools’ students may enter the MPR 17th floor to attend the exhibit

Game Console Competition and Free-to-Play DEMO  iTamGameCon17: Ball & Brawl Fest by PlayBook.

In coordination with PlayBook, a game console competition will be conducted at the Student Lobby with games such as Tekken7 which will be a special release for the iTamGameCon17, and NBA2k17. Competitors will be pre-Registered FEU Tech students. For the Free Play DEMO, this will be exclusive to VIP Ticket holders from students of both FEU Tech and invited schools are eligible to play.

E-sports Competition for League of Legends

The LoL Competition is presented which will take place at the FEU TECH Gym. Teams are composed of pre-Registered FEU Tech students that will battle in a knockout system League of Legends match.


With these and more, expect an informative and entertaining time getting immersed in technology right in our schools.  arkadymac.com is a media partner for this event, and we hope to see you there as we have our coverage.

For more info and updates, you may check out their event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/179113262577494/.



Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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