Vaynard Darkhearth: Freedom highlights not only the best events in the Phillipines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get a small interview with her. Here is our feature on one of the best crossplayers in the Philippines, Vaynard Darkhearth.

Vaynard Darkhearth came from a king – Lord Vaynard, the White Wolf of Norgard who is her favorite character in a classical RPG game Brigandine. The other name, ‘Darkhearth’ pertains to a more personal note. She has a birthmark shaped like a flame, which equates to the “hearth” plus her fondness to ‘dark’ colors. Her real name is Rachel.

She started cosplaying around late 2012 at Cosplay Mania. She portrayed Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight. At first, her friends usually accompanied her to conventions. She was amazed by seeing cosplayers and how they give justice to their characters so she decided to try it out.

What she likes the most about the cosplay community is when she gets to know different types of people sharing the same hobby or interest. They talk and share their cosplay ideas and experiences to improve their own. Some of the most memorable experiences that she had is when she was invited to participate in Extreme Moments 3rd and 5th series: the exhilarating to visit new places, meeting and collaborating with fellow cosplayers and master photographers, while having fun at the same time.

Her #1 favorite cosplay is Leo Kliesen from Tekken, who she plans cosplay again soon. Other favorites include Alois Trancy from Kuroshitsuji II, and my Final Fantasy cosplays – Lightning Farron, Hope Estheim (Final Fantasy XIII), Ace, Seven, Trey, Celestia (Final Fantasy Type-0) and Noctis Lucis Caelum (Final Fantasy XV). She chooses a character that is close to her own persona. In which she can portray with ease: physique-wise, androgynous bishie/shota types that fit her frame. Most importantly, it must come from a series or game that she loves. Yuegene Fay’s spot-on crossplays inspires her the most to become a better crossplayer.

Vaynard says:
” I would like to thank my parents, friends and support persons who continuously motivate and encourage me everytime. I owe them so much.”

“Best advice that I can possibly give is that when you start liking a certain character, give it a headstart and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Learn from these and try to explore on something new. This way, you can improve your craft.”

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Thank you, Vaynard, for letting us interview you. Credits to Kei Villanueva, Donnie Medina, Jemarc Mojica, Kira Hokuten, Eric DC, Jeff Ricalde, Alphard Penetrante, Luis Jeff Encontro, Tomo Chan Photography, Sol Occiano, Gevan Juson Pantaleon, Johann Lim, Xander Aboc, Jose Fernando Caasi, Kaysle Aishien, and Japs Antido for some of the pictures in the article.

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