Upcoming Event: Bataan Anime Convention 2017


An exciting and promising event up north  is just waiting this coming May 7, 2017 at Bataan Anime Convention 2017 at the Pilar Convention Center (LTO), Ala-uli, Pilar in Bataan.  As an interactive convention where con-goers and guests are free to get to know each other, and with special guest cosplayers Eiri Mina, SUZUME, Irumi, Gibs and Saber Reinana headlining the event, Bataan Anime Convention 2017 promises to be a fun and engaging event for everyone in the north who love anime, cosplay, and Japanese pop culture.  arkadymac.com is Bataan Anime Convention 2017’s official media partner, so we hope to catch you there for our special coverage.


Bataan Anime Convention 2017 will be having a fun lineup of activities for attendees:



Making Bataan Anime Convention 2017 possible are their event partners:
Suki Hana Japanese Cuisine
RCC Works Digital Printing and Cutting Services
Sushi Cafe Gotchi
JJ Yuka’s Anime Collection
Nitrojon Food Station Burgos St.
BPSU Filipino – Nihongo Cultural Society
Tim’s Toy Store ToysforLess Authority
Pandayan Bookshop Balanga Branch


Directions on how to get to the venue of Bataan Anime Convention 2017:



We truly appreciate events from enthusiasts from other places in the Philippines trying to promote and share the love for cosplay and Japanese pop culture, so we hope you can support Bataan Anime Convention 2017 and arkadymac.com will be there as well to cover the highlights of the event.  For updates, do visit their event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/719287741582514/



Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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