Vanessa Anolin: Positivity highlights not only the best events in the Phillipines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get a small interview with her. Here is our feature on one of our members, our cosplay model Vanessa.

Vanessa Anolin started going to cons in 2011 then started cosplaying at Best of Anime that year. Her first cosplay being Misa Amane from Death Note.

Being in the cosplay community for so long, she has made a lot of good friends. Their creativity and friendliness is what has kept her cosplaying for so long. She has joined several cosplay competitions and amazes the crowds with her performances and character portrayal. Her favourite performance being Maleficent, where she took home first place.

She has cosplayed a lot of characters over the years. If she has similarities to the character or she just likes it, she’ll cosplay it. Some of her favourites being: Saber Nero, Maleficent, Synchronicity Miku, Umi Sonoda, Blood Moon Elise and Arcade Riven.Her biggest inspiration in cosplay is  Spcats Tasha.

She would like to thank her bestfriend Christine, for pushing her to cosplay for the first time. She also thanks her cosplay friends for always supporting her.

A short message for anyone who wants yo cosplay: “Just enjoy, and don’t let negative criticisms get to you 😊”

Thank you, Vanessa, for letting us interview you. Thank you also to Chops Bardos, Donnie Medina, Japs Antido, Joven Kim, JM See, Marvin Reyes, Alex Egido, Xander Aboc, Kei Villanueva, Eric DC, Jeff Ricalde, Dale Perias, Jovi Claire, Erving Go, Van Poquiz, Bernard Garbo, and Kong Violan for thier photos. Thank you for visiting Hope to see you again.

For more of Vanessa’s cosplays, visit her cosplay page Vanessa Cosplay.

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