Gelo Grayson: Dedication highlights not only the best events in the Philippines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get a small interview with him. Here is our feature on one of the most talented crafters in the Philippines and our dear friend, Gelo Grayson.

Gelo grayson got his cosplay name from DC Comics character, Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. He and his sister, Dinny Grayson, loved the character and decided to combine their first names with his last name. He (accidentally) started cosplaying as Nightwing back in June of 2013. A friend of his actually had an extra suit and they happened to be the same size.

When it comes to cosplay, He loves how the community crafters talk to each other. He even teaches them some of his methods, and learn from the stuff the community does as well! He believes this is a great way for crafters to inspire each other and get better at what they love doing.

Cramming his Genji cosplay before APCC 2016 would be one of the most memorable and horrible things he has done. He lost sleep for the past few weeks before the con right until the last day but he learned many techniques and skills that time. Ever since then, he always make it a point to never cram costumes ever again…or at least he tries not to.

For him, resonating with said character’s personality and struggles makes him want to cosplay a character. For example, Genji Shimada’s search for purpose and accepting his innate abilities and enhancements as a cyborg mirror his personal journey in finding himself and accepting his talents and skills; using them to the fullest rather than being ashamed of them.

His favorite cosplays would have to be Genji from Overwatch, Nightwing from Young Justice, Prince Zuko from Avatar, Jango fett from Star Wars, and Yuri Katsuki! His biggest inspiration would be Bill Doran from YouTube channel, Punished Props. Through their videos, he learned everything he knows and hopes to inspire crafters like they do.

Gelo has a message for those who have been with him for his journey: “Hmmm. Well I’d love to thank all my clients for believing and trusting me with their costumes. Working on your projects gives me the opportunity to further my skills as an artist 😊 not to mention my closest cosplay friends and family. Maybe too many to mention in this blog post but I love y’all!”

He also has advice for anyone who wants to be a cosplayer: “My favorite advice to people who want to start crafting their own props and costumes is to welcome each mistake as a learning experience. It took me a lot of wrong turns and failed experiments before I ever came up with the crafting methods I know! Also, talk to your fellow crafters! Who knows, they might be open to sharing their own tips and tricks 😊

For more of Gelo’s works, visit his facebook page here. He also does commissions to help your dream cosplay plans to come true.

Thank you, Gelo, for letting us interview you. Thank you also to Jose Fernando Caasi, Japs Antido, and Mathew Vergel De Dios for some of the pictures in this feature.

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