Upcoming Event: Anime and Cosplay Expo 2017

Ever felt like you’re just a spectator at the same old events?  Get to experience more and be an actual part of the event as there as so many opportunities for every congoer to have fun and have a great time by themselves or with friends as Anime and Cosplay Expo 2017 is ready for its second year! Anime and Cosplay Expo 2017 is a unique event that brings together concepts launched during the Cosplay Carnival earlier in the year and sets the line-up of events at Cosplay Mania 2017 in October. In this way, it bridges the two events and creates a continuity between the events. Anime and Cosplay Expo 2017 will be on July 29-30, 2017 at the Megatrade Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City. Tickets now available via SM Tickets​ for only P119!

There are lots of activities to look forward too at Anime and Cosplay eXpo 2017 Official! Two Cosplay Academy sessions including Make-Up Tips and Tricks and Fight Choreography are for FREE! Be the best cosplayer you can be with these exciting tutorials from the experts. Short and sweet and to the point, the workshops are hands-on and will prepare you for your next cosplay challenge!

Cosplay Karaoke Encore for Anime and Cosplay eXpo 2017 Official rules and registration is NOW OPEN! The Cosplay Karaoke is a fun variation of the karaoke contest where contestants must dress up in costume while singing to their favorite music while the song’s lyrics are displayed onscreen.

Think you have what it takes to perform at JAM Concert at Cosplay Mania 2017 (OFFICIAL)? If you’ve got the talent then you could be the next front act for the huge anisong artists at Cosplay Mania! First, you must show us that you’ve got what it takes to perform on the big stage by reigning supreme at Anime and Cosplay eXpo 2017 Official!

This is the REAL DEAL! Sell items that are just taking up space at home or grab some amazing deals from pre-loved items! Best of all, items start for as low as P1! That’s right, 1 PESO! Only at Anime and Cosplay eXpo 2017 Official! Whether they’re plushies, figures, toys or costume items, they’re all up for grabs, but be careful because bidding can be fierce for those hard-to-find items.  For sellers, all you need to do is register your items for auction at the auction registration area, but to be fair for other sellers, only 5 items can be registered at a time, unless there are no other sellers waiting.

Think you can sync? Got great performance skills, but not that confident with your singing prowess? Well, this contest could be tailor made for you! In this elimination battle, simply cosplay a character, bring a friend and battle it out on-stage and let the audience decide the winner! Best of all, recreate famous match-ups or cross-over battles with the battlefield being the lip sync stage.

Test your Trivia Knowledge and Take the Throne! Think you know anime more than anyone else? Well, why not duel with twenty other challengers to see which one reigns supreme! No registration fee required! No need to be in costume (although you’re allowed to compete in costume as well)! Trivia is Coming! Are you ready?

Test Your Make-Up Mettle! Grab a brush and test your make-up skills in a battle of artistic mayhem as you race to duplicate an anime character’s features on a human canvas.  Pick a card for a random anime character and try to bring them to life with nothing but make-up. The hitch: you’ll only have 20 minutes to perform the feat to the best of your ability! Are you game?

arkadymac.com is once again a media partner for this one of a kind event.  For last year’s coverage, click here for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.  We hope to see you there!