Upcoming Event: FANDOM FEST Cosplay Competition at MIBF


The Manila International Book Fair or MIBF has been one of the biggest and the longest running fairs in the country, with about 120,000 visitors over the five-day event.  This year the organizers will be holding its first-ever FANDOM FEST Cosplay Competition, making it one of the major highlights of the children’s section in the Book Fair. FANDOM FEST  will cater to the many western geek culture and fandoms in the country.  The event aims foster camaraderie among different fandoms and share their interests and knowledge with others. It will be held at the Stage Area, Function Room 1, on Sept. 16 for the Pinoy Cosplay, and Sept. 17 for the Western Cosplay.

The FANDOM FEST Cosplay Competition will be the venue for our favorite characters from books and related materials to come to life. Other than the Competition held onstage, there will also be an area dedicated for fans to gather and conduct mini games. MIBF hopes this is just the beginning of a string of wonderful events and offerings in the future that will support and encourage the different fandoms of Filipino and Western literary pieces.

The mechanics of the competition are as follows:

We at arkadymac.com wholly support this event as it features other genres of cosplay, ad we do hope our cosplay friends will support it as well by joining and dropping by and spreading the love for the craft at the event.  We will be having a special coverage of the event, so we hope to see you there.



Xtian Mack

Xtian Mack

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