#TheBigWave at PNU: Tsunamicon 2018

Ready for 2018?  This year’s first Japanese pop culture event was TsuNAMIcon last January 6.   It was organized by PNU NAMI with the theme “Bijutsu at Sining: Expanding the Horizon of JaPinoy Arts,” held at the  Philippine Normal University Quadrangle.

The event was sponsored by the following:

  • Nissin Ramen and Nissin Cup Noodles, providing guests, exhibitors, and organizers free instant noodles
  • MiyokoLouisse and Hannah Collection, providing kimonos
  • Stellar Bliss, for the trophies
  • RocxTees, for the pins
  • ALON (Alumni League of Nami)
  • Kuya Omurice, for providing scrumptious food (proceeds go to charity and street children; not only do you get to eat, you also help others!)

The event is free for all (even for people not from PNU!). Registration started at 10:00 AM. Activities were held on stage. Various quiz games, and contests were part of the program and the fun.

The singing contest is not the ordinary ones you see in conventions. It was an OPM singing contest that follows their theme, and should depict appreciation of art or of beauty.

Guests Kuya Omurice (or kuya Sawa) and Aisaku Yokogawa performed “Akin ka na lang” in Japanese version. The stage was open for a brief meet and greet while they performed.


The singing contest was followed by the cosplay contest.  Cosplayers got to showcase their costumes and show everyone their fandoms onstage.

PNU NAMI proudly presented their Cultural Play about Tanabata. It was performed through dancing, without any need for words to present the story.

This was the second year that PNU NAMI has held TsuNAMIcon, and we are happy to see that their event keeps getting bigger and better, involving more people and attracting more attendees.  We congratulate them for their hard work in keeping their passion for Japanese pop culture alive while also promoting what’s good about our own culture amongts the studentry of a revered university.  arkadymac.com will always be supporting your earnest endeavors.


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