Back to School at 35, Grab the Chance, and Koshoku Robot this February on GEM TV


The best of Asian TV storms February with three fresh shows from GEM.  An unexpected new student changes the lives of her classmates in Back to School at 35.  Strangers throw boring routine out the window in the
reality show Grab the Chance.  Finally, cute and extraordinary robots help their owners change
their lifestyles for the better in Koshoku Robot.

Back to School at 35

A new student arrives at Kunikida High School, but the gorgeous woman is not what she seems.  Ayako Baba (Ryoko Yonekura) joins the third-year class as the students’ new classmates, which leaves them wondering about the intentions of this 35-year- old woman who is back in high school.  While something is not quite right about her, Baba deals with issues like bullying and truancy.  Just what is Baba’s true identity and motive?  Will she survive high school and confront her secret past?

Back to School at 35 premieres February 5, Mondays and Tuesdays at 9PM.


Grab the Chance

Have you always wanted to take the leap from the world’s highest bungee jump in Macau?  What about swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii? Maybe even skydiving? This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could just be waiting for you on the corner of the street!  Can you decide on the spot when presented the opportunity and grab the chance to change your life?

Grab the Chance premieres February 12, Mondays at 10.10PM.


Koshoku Robot

At the 0 X Food Company chain store, a customer can exchange points for a 25-centimeter tall robot that will assist with their dietary needs. Follow the trio of these robots, Ottori (Hikaru Yaotome), Mujaki (Yuya Takaki), Yancha (Daiki Arioka), who have distinctively different owners as they are matched to suit and support their owners’ dietary and lifestyle needs. Watch their cute interactions as they make sure that their owners eat and no longer be lonely!

Koshoku Robot premieres February 21, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9PM.

Images here courtesy of GEM and Nippon TV.

GEM is available on SKYCable Channel 116 in Metro Manila and on Channel 222 in Cebu,
Davao, Bacolod, Iloilo, and Baguio, as well as other cable operators nationwide.


About GEM
GEM is the glittering jewel of Asian general entertainment. A joint venture between Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks and Nippon Television Network Corporation, GEM enjoys access to more than 500 hours of Japanese content per year exclusively from Nippon TV. The channel features first-run and exclusive dramas, comedies and variety entertainment shows from Japan as well as other Asian territories including China, Hong Kong and Korea. This includes selected prime time dramas on the same day and within the same week of their broadcast in Japan. GEM continues to delight its viewers with the live broadcast of Nippon TV’s music festival ‘THE MUSIC DAY Summer Wishes Come True’ with performances by DEAN FUJIOKA in Singapore beamed live, and with the simulcast of the Japanese drama series ‘Kiss that Kills’ at the same time as Japan. In addition, GEM takes its shows beyond the screen and into the lives of viewers with artiste meet-and- greet events with Japanese stars Hayami
Mocomichi and Kento Yamazaki.  GEM Vietnam, which is also part of the Asian channels portfolio, is wholly-owned and operated by SPT Networks.

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About Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia
Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia was established in 1997 with Singapore as the Asian headquarters of Sony Pictures Television’s networks business. It operates five ad-supported 24/7 channels which are wholly-owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.  AXN is Asia’s home of thrilling entertainment; Sony Channel is the premier destination for female-skewing Hollywood entertainment; Animax offers anime for all; ONE is powered by prime and current South Korean entertainment content; and GEM serves up star-studded and popular general entertainment.


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