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About this Website

Spanning almost four years of the Philippine cosplay scene, having covered more than 300 Japanese pop culture and cosplay-related events all over the country, featuring over 40 cosplay models, uploading no less than 40,000 photos, recording over 100 hours of video footage, and posting more than 500 articles to date, arkadymac.com has become the most relevant and most active cosplay website in the Philippines. Having its roots in the Philippine Cosplay community, arkadymac.com strives to spread the joy of cosplay to everyone.
Since its inception as an anime series review blog, arkadymac.com has evolved into a website that has sought to present the growing local cosplay scene and the dynamic community that has grown around it. It is arkadymac.com’s earnest desire to show to a wider audience how cosplay is an enjoyable, gratifying, and fulfilling activity and hobby that anyone can pursue.
With our growing team of correspondents, photographers, videographers, writers, and cosplay models, We wish to show more people the same things we see at cosplay events: creative, resourceful and imaginative individuals and groups who are genuinely happy and who enjoy what they are doing, be it cosplaying, making props and accessories, organizing events or doing photography.
Visit www.arkadymac.com for the absolute latest in the local cosplay community.
arkadymac.com: Because cosplay is fun!


Corporate Culture

arkadymac.com is a nonprofit organization by virtue of the fact that we simply don’t really make enough money.  This website is a personal project of founders is every step of the way a work in progress.  Despite our many limitations, we strive to provide the most relevant features that are relevant to the Philippine cosplay community and hope that through our efforts, more and more people will see cosplay in a more positive light as a hobby that people young and old can enjoy and be proud of.


Support Staff

An organization cannot survive without minions who grudgingly perform the various distasteful bureaucratic functions painfully necessary to keep an office from devolving into a cesspit of chaos. These are  our HRD, Accounting, and the General Services Division.   We are eternally grateful to our wonderful support staff of three: Dice, Domino, and Elizabeth.

Dice is a cute 2-year-old rabbit with white fur and gray spots who is in charge of our Human Resources Department. As a graduate of psychology and anthropology from several online universities, she makes sure to browse through the hundreds of resumes we receive daily. She dutifully shreds those from people who she deems unworthy, i.e., those asking for a salary. For her invaluable service, she receives a six-digit salary of papayas.

Domino is an adorable brown bunny wabbit in charge of our Accounting Department.  She is a graduate of accountancy, public administration, and quantum physics from several online universities.  Her job is to type random numbers onto a Windows Excel worksheet which we then submit to the Bureau of Internal Revenue as our tax report.  Domino loves having her cheeks scratched, and her favorite treat is Marie biscuits.

Elizabeth:  Nicknamed “Kitten” because she is a one-year-old white house cat that simply refuses to grow up, Elizabeth is in charge of our General Services Division, which is a nice-sounding name to a department that does maintenance and … many unpleasant or obscure things that need to be done in the office.   Elizabeth apparently is not too bright to pass any online courses, but she has practical skills and experience in electrical and computer engineering (ECE), evident when she successfully got electrocuted several times playing with our PC wires and extension cords. She also does maintenance as she gleefully eats our leftover meals and sometimes, to our dismay, our yet-uneaten ones. She has been given countless memos for sleeping throughout the job and biting the executive director.



Our Corporate Headquarters

Our corporate headquarters is located in an affluent section of the deepest, darkest jungles of Manila.  Our very modern and state-of-the-art corporate headquarters consists of a rickety wooden table, a worn-out chair,  a 9-year-old ASUS laptop and a delightfully pink Hello Kitty alarm clock.  For decor we have an ancient Sega Megadrive and a poster of actress Shaina Magdayao.


 Corporate Mission, Vision, Values and Principles

arkadymac.com is dedicated to enjoying cosplaying and showing our audience photos and articles of other people enjoying cosplaying in the hopes that the general public will see cosplaying in a more positive light.


Investor Relations

We at arkadymac.com enjoy what we’re doing even if we don’t really make money off of it. However, any investor is welcome to buy as out as long as they have real money to do it. We will also entertain hostile takeovers and corporate mergers as long as there is a competent catering crew on standby.


 Corporate Social Responsiblity and Charities

We at arkadymac.com care very much for the people in society who are very much in need of charity. In short, ourselves.  We don’t really need money.  What we do need is a decent used or new DSLR, several rolls of rubber sheets to make new costumes, and probably a couple of sacks of pet food. We will eternally be grateful.