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Chun WX: A Passion for Cosplay

cosplay-mania-15-day-1-cosplayers_0148 highlights not only the best events in the Phillipines but also its cosplayers. We are fortunate enough to get an interview with him.  Here is our feature on one of the best male cosplayers here, Chun WX.

Chun WX, or sometimes Chun PH, is derived from his Chinese name, Chun Wu Xian, which he got from his mother. He used Chun as he got used to being called by his real last name. His real name, however, shall remain a mystery.


Animax Carnival Philippines 2016: Day 1



The biggest and most celebrated event of the year for anime fans, Japanese music lovers, and cosplay enthusiasts is here!!  Animax Carnival Philippines 2016, Animax channel’s on-ground signature event, opened its doors to the excited public Saturday, October 15-16, 2016 at Halls 1 and 2 of the SMX Convention Center. Already on its fifth year, Animax Carnival Philippines 2016 has promised to be bigger and better than ever, offering a variety of interactive games and fun-filled activities with exciting prizes for all ages.


Upcoming Event: The Best of Anime / BoA 2016



The biggest anime-themed event in the Philippines is coming back strong for its 7th straight year as The Best of Anime 2016 will be held on Sept 17-18 at Function Rooms 2-4 of the SMX Convention Center at tthe Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  With a solid and spectacular lineup of guests performers, artists and cosplayers, coupled with amazing attractions and activities for attendees, this year’s BoA promises to be the biggest one to date. is an official media partner for BoA 2016, and we hope to see you there as we have our special two-day coverage of the event.


AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016: Day 2


AsiaPOP Comicon 2016 Day 2_0001

The biggest pop culture event in Asia had landed in Manila and was going strong on its second straight day as AsiaPOP Comicon Manila 2016 welcomed thousands of attendees from all over the world.   Spanning the entire SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia Complex, the scale that APCC 2016  was on was mindblowing, and on its second straight year it had an impressive lineup of guests and unique attractions from around the world for attendees to enjoy, bringing the latest and hottest trends, activities, and attractions pop culture had to offer. For a glimpse of an exciting Day 1, click here.

AsiaPOP Comicon 2016 Day 2_0003

Upcoming Event: O-kun Fiesta 2




After the success of their first event last year with thousands of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts from all over gathering at the SMX Convention Center, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine brings O-kun Fiesta 2, with the Japanese lantern festival as its theme.  This year they promise to have even more tutorials, panel discussions, magazine signings and contests in order to emulate the magazine’s contents into a two-day fun-filled event happening on June 4-5, 2016 at Function Room 1 of the SMX Convention Center. is an official media partner, so we hope to see you there as we do our coverage of both days.

Upcoming Event: 10th TAGCOM (Toys and Hobbies Convention 2016)




Already on a decade of existence in bringing delight to collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts in the Philippines and beyond, Hobby@Worx proudly presents The Gathering 10th TAGCOM (Toys and Hobbies Convention) this coming April 16-17, 2016 in SM Megatrade Hall 3. As an annually anticipated event, TAGCOM will be two-day festivity and gathering of collectors and toy enthusiasts all sharing their passions to the hilt. 3rd Anniversary Party


arkadymac 3rd Anniversary Party_0001


Every one of us at is grateful to all the people who have supported us through the years, which was why we really wanted to have a small party where we could gather everyone and have some fun with each other’s company.  Despite the shortage of time and resources, we still got to have our little wish as our friends and sponsors joined us at’s 3rd Anniversary Party held last weekend at 121 Grill and Restaurant in Makati.

Upcoming Event: Nihongo Fiesta 2016




For those who are endlessly fascinated with the many facets of Japanese culture, The Japan Foundation, Manila presents an annual showcase of Japanese language, arts, and tradition at Nihongo Fiesta 2016 on Feb. 27, 2016 at Shangri-la Plaza Mall.  Informative contests, an engaging anime film showing and an exciting J-Pop concert all await attendees. is a media partner for this event, and we hope we can see you there on our coverage.

Cosplay Carnival 2016: Day 1






Come on, come all! Cosplay Carnival Day 1 has finally arrived, and this fun and fresh new event opened with much excitement as Day 1 filled Function Room 4 of the SMX Convention Center with thousands of attendees, all wanting to to experience all the attractions, games, contests and surprises as well as meet international guest cosplayers headlining the event, Rainier Tachibana and Kirisaki. is an official media partner for this exciting new event. Covering the event were our Correspondent Rin and Photographer Brymac, bringing the highlights of the first day of Cosplay Carnival.

Upcoming Event: AME Fair XI: Itadakimasu




Itadakimasu! UP AME presents its 11th AME Fair: Itadakimasu, at its humble roots at Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman Campus, on February 20,2016. Lots of things to do, so many things to see and experience at this year’s event so make sure to drop by and check it out. is an official mediam partner for this event