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Ami: Almost Christmas


Ami Almost Christmas Feature_0001


After our coverage of the Cool Japan 2015 event with our team, we whisked our Cosplay Model and Correspondent Ami for a quick photoshoot.  All of us have been covering so many conventions, with Ami reporting for the biggest cosplay events for us, that her own feature for the website had been long overdue.  Presenting our Cosplay Model Ami for her first online feature for

Dara: Reticence


Darla Reticence Cosplay Model Feature_0001


Like the character she portrays, Dara enjoys the simple pleasure of reading books,  keeping mostly to herself. There’s a whole lot more to her of course than being a busy student and a bookworm.  She has been cosplaying for quite a while, going to conventions and events and having fun like most of the people we get to meet during our coverages.  We agree with her that simple cosplays are as good as any as long as you get to be the character you love, and this was probably why we wanted to know bout her.  Presenting Dara as our lastest Cosplay Model in her very first online feature for

Dana: Doubtless


Dana Feature As Ryuko Matoi of Kill la Kill_0002_tn


“I’m boyish, and I unconsciously frown most of the time,” Dana tells us as she prepared for our photoshoot, fixing her blue wig with bright red streaks that has become the trademark of her chosen character.  “I guess that’s what Ryuko and I have in common, and probably the reason I love her so much, ” she laughs heartily.  “But in real life I’m actually a happy person, and  I’m always confident in everything that I’m doing.”

Rochelle: Resolute


Rochelle Resolute First Feature_0001


“I love serious and mysterious types,” Rochelle tells us, referring to the characters she chooses to portray through cosplay.  She has only been cosplaying for roughly two years, but she has come to love it wholeheartedly.  We of course admire that attitude, which was why we have decided to invite her for the website.  Presenting our latest Cosplay Model Rochelle in her first online feature for as Nagato of the wildly popular game and anime Kantai Collection.

Kyle: Bloodstained


Kyle Bloodstained Third Feature_0001


“The sight of blood fascinates me,” Kyle says with a restrained smile, her enthusiasm still much too evident.  “That’s why I recreate it to make my cosplays more appealing.”  We got to catch up with what’s new with her over a quick chat as we prepared for her photoshoot.  She was playing around with the fake blood she made from syrup, and it smelled sweet even from a distance.  It has been a while since we had a Cosplay Model feature this year, the first and the last one being Mina Kim, so we were excited to have Kyle grace our website again.

Mina Kim: Adventures

Mina Kim Adventures Feature photo pics_0009


After her radio talk show appearance at Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 and just before her special guest appearance at Otacon with the team, Mina went with us on a short detour for a quick shoot at a place she had never been before somewhere south of the Metro.  Earnestly curious and inquisitive, she took time off exploring this unique Japanese enclave hidden in the heart of the city.   In between snaps she tells us how her life has been one fun and exciting journey since she began cosplaying, with warm and fond memories she’ll keep for lifetime.

Gaby: In Extremes



In a world where cuteness is a norm, she stands out and makes a name for herself with her outlandish and outrageous cosplays.  Indeed, to those who have been to a convention or two, her portrayals never fail to leave an impression.  From a rampaging female titan, to a three-sword-wielding pirate, to an obnoxious Miley Cyrus, she makes sure she gets to live out a character and have the most fun out of it.  We are then of course happy to have Gaby as our latest Cosplay Model in her first online feature for as genderbent Sanji.  Shot from our headquarters in Ortigas.  Photos by Bryan, with Bless and Alice as executive producers.




Most cosplayers portray characters they have a lot in common with, but Gaby admits no such thing with Sanji.  “Sanji cooks and I don’t,”  Gaby was quick to say.  “He is cocky and a bastard toward guys—choosy! But when it comes to girls, he gets swoony and sweet to them but that doesn’t change the fact that I love him!! I guess the only similarities we have is that we’re both cool and funny in a way.”  She tells us that Sanji wasn’t that hard to cosplay.  “His costume is easy. Probably when it comes to stances and kick poses that gives off the challenge yet even then I can still manage it actually.”




Having cosplayed so many characters from the manga and anime One Piece, we ask her the reason behind her fascination for it.  “It’s because as a kid, I really love pirates, and the ocean. One piece is really a funny, adventurous, romantic anime that makes you just feel free and wild. Really inspirational.  To date she has cosplayed Franky, Ace, Ms. Doublefinger, Boa hancock , Marguerite, Doflamingo, Zoro, New World Zoro, and New World Sanji, with more to come.


Of genderbending and crossplaying, she tells us that sometimes male characters have admirable qualities and therefore she’d want to cosplay them.  “I admire men a lot in real life because they are just so funny and cool and strong and so awesome. And if you adore, like, or look up to them, you wanna BE like them. And when you’re happy portraying them, it gets really, really enjoyable.”





Her love of cosplay is something she could never, ever hide, and Gaby never tires of showing that in her words and in her actions.  “I like cosplaying so much. I just love the feeling of having awesome pictures. I’m like, ‘Dayuuum, Gurl.  Is this even me?’ Can you imagine that when you’re old and have a family of your own, you’re just gonna look back on your youth especially your cosplay pictures and tell yourself  ‘Was I always been this crazy?’  It’s amusing.”
We ask her what aspects of cosplay she likes.  “I love cosplaying because I love to portray a character. I dunno, creative and artistic people just love to express ya know?  When we portray a character, we portray a little bit of ourselves.  Some of us may not be aware of it, but we choose characters because they remind us of us ( or some of us may be unaware of it ).”




We then point out how much people admire her cosplays and, of course, the person behind it too.  “I love to cosplay because what I do doesn’t only affect me, but also the people around me. It feels good to know that when I cosplay, someone gets inspired.  I guess that’s the best motivator of all.  People love you for what you love doing. When people approach me and asks for a picture, they become so happy.”  And indeed Gaby never has a dull moment at events as people flock for the chance to have pics with her.  “I’m glad. When they tell me they started cosplaying because of me, I am touched. When I make them happy, I feel happy supaaaaaah happy. Seeing their smiles and hyperness is just so good for my heart.”


This is in contrast to how she describes her usual self.  “To be honest, I’m an antisocial being. I find it hard socializing with people, I’m quiet, I like listening rather than talking. The only thing I’m loud at is when I’m using my Facebook. HAHAHAH! ”




As she has been cosplaying for quite a while, we ask her what still keeps cosplay exciting for her.  “The things that excite me while cosplaying are of course the people I encounter.   I am just soooo happy when they approach me, greet me and say “Gaby!” and such.  I just want them to be happy so every time I see a person giggle or smile after they had taken a picture with me, I’m so happy. So glad because they’re glad! I just find it really beautiful when they smile!”




For those who continue to support her, she has this to say:  “I would like to say thank you so much to you guys who believe so much in me.  I will continue on…keep doing my very best!  And for those who want to cosplay but are discouraged, I say just go with it and follow your heart!  Just have fun and YOLO! We only have one life.  Do not mind other people, what’s important is that you do not hurt anyone!  Just keep chasing your dreams!  I love you all!




We hope that you’ll also continue to support her too in her endeavors as we always expect more great and fun things from her.  Thank you for visiting our feature on Gaby, and expect to catch more of her soon here at


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Kyle: Descent into Darkness


We at are glad to have our Cosplay Model Kyle come back for her second exclusive feature for us this year, her first being Kyle: Rhapsody in Red.  We’re lucky to get the chance to shoot her this past Halloween at Playland at Fisher Mall, and her cosplay this time surprised everyone, ourselves at included.  Presenting our Cosplay Model Kyle as Touka Kirishima of the manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul.  Photographs by BryMac and Xtian Mack.


“She is cool and calm, but in ghoul mode she’s really violent and badass,” Kyle replied when we asked her why she chose Touka Kirishima as the character to cosplay for this feature.  “Oh, and her love for rabbits and fear of birds makes me laugh.”


Most cosplayers choose specific characters to portray because they feel they share similarities with them.   We asked Kyle what her connection to Touka was.  “We’re both true to our emotions.  I like meeting new people, but I can also get territorial or biased.  Touka tries her best to fit in to human society despite how much she hates their kind.  That’s how I am right now.”


Touka Kirishima is a prominent character in the Japanese manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul, a series Kyle particularly enjoys.  “I like it.  A lot.  The storyline, the characters, the gore, and everything.  I love it!  It’s so interesting.”  She tells us she likes other shows along those lines and makes sure to let us know she can’t live without watching the latest episodes of ANC’s The Walking Dead.


The life of a student has Kyle pretty much occupied.  “I gots lots of schoolwork! I make sure to pass it all!”  When finally earning some much-deserved free time, she makes sure to spend it on reading manga and  comic books, drawing, experimenting and researching on sword props. making cosplans and end up not doing it.  “I love art,” she tells us with a smile.  ” I’d like to be a tattoo artist someday.  I just love tattoo designs.  It mesmerizes me.”


We ask her about the things she likes.  “Tacos, and candy.  Lots of them!”  I like going to conventions, having my photos taken, admiring other awesome cosplayers, jogging to death, having photoshoots with Sir Mack and Sir Bryan, sleep, and everything that involves art.


Kyle tells us that despite her hectic school life, she still gets to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.  “I enjoy bonding time with family, eating resto food, going out with my friends, photoshoots, modelling in front of the mirror when no one’s around, and wearing layers of makeup and scaring people.”




We close this feature with some words from Kyle:  “I want to thank my mom and family for supporting me in my cosplays, Francesca, Max, And Tita Eunico for helping me in this shoot, to Angelica, and to everyone who’s reading this right now,thank you very much.”




We hope that you can all continue to support Kyle, and  you can all be sure that we’ll be more than happy to feature her here again at


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at


Part 1 — Kyle: Rhapsody in Red
Part 2 — Kyle: Descent into Darkness
Part 3 — Kyle: Bloodstained


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Anzu: Amber and Blue



Cosplay is exciting because of the seemingly endless possibilities to express one’s creativity and imagination.  After all, cosplay is not just about the colorful and gaudy costumes.  It’s about how cosplayers transform into the characters they wish to portray.  Crossplaying is one such possibility, as there has been a long history of people portraying characters of the opposite gender that it has become an art form by itself.  We are fortunate then to have met Anzu, who has gotten to love crossplaying in her journeys to the world of cosplay.

Presenting Anzu Zoé in her first online feature as Ren of DRAMAtical Murder, photography by Yhun Suarez of Yhun Suarez Photography and Aileen Omana of Aien Stein Photography, with BryMac and Bless as Executive Producers, shot during our midsummer shoot at our headquarters in Ortigas.




“Crossplaying is so much fun to do,” Anzu admits with an eager smile as she puts on the final touches to her makeup.  It was a warm afternoon, something that cosplayers dread when in full costume and makeup, but she didn’t seem to mind as she got ready for our photoshoot.   If we didn’t know any better,we’d say she was enjoying herself.  “I love crossplaying because it’s more challenging to portray a character of the opposite gender,” she says.  “When I get top convince people that I’m a guy, I feel that it’s such an achievement.”




“Being allowed to freely choose the gender of the character you  portray is a perk of cosplaying,” Anzu explains.  “And it’s funny because there are times that I fall in love with myself when I get to see my photos portraying a guy.”  For our feature, Anzu cosplays as Ren of DRAMAtical Murder, a recent Japanese visual novel and anime.  ” I chose to cosplay Ren because he’s cool and collected.  His goal is to protect the person he treasures the most for as long as he lives, even if his love is unrequited one-sided,”  Anzu explains.  “I can relate because I also have that kind of feeling with someone.”




Marveling at her portrayal of male characters makes it hard to imagine that she started cosplaying just last year as an original character maid.  “I cosplay because I love anime, mostly shounen though I’m also fond with shoujo animes.”




“Cosplaying has given me many fond memories,” Anzu recalls with a grin.  “I got to meet new friends and made a cosplay group together, even getting to set up our own photoshoots together.  The best part though is how we were fangirling/fanboying at each other’s characters.”




Besides cosplaying, Anzu has many other things that keep her busy.  “I love to play RPGs and visual novels.   I love to draw and sing. That’s one of the reason why I go to cons.”


“What gets me excited when I cosplay is when people recognize her as their favorite character and request their trademark poses and getting the chance to do a little bonding with them.  Every character I ever cosplayed has been a challenge for me. That’s why I put my love and effort into each character to make sure I wont disappoint their fans.”




As we wind down after the shoot, we ask her how long she intends to cosplay.  “I will continue doing this as long as I live,” she replies with determination.  She also takes the opportunity to share a few words:  “I would like to thank my family, my friends, my cosplay group friends. Guys, I love you!  I hope I could have another photoshoot with you all in the future. Thank you again and God Bless.”




Like Anzu, we at truly appreciate the fun  that can be had with cosplay, and we are happy that for two years you, our readers, have visited our website, read our features, supported our cosplay models, and said hi to us at events.  We hope to have more years bringing you the best of Philippine cosplay with your endless and generous support.




Thank you for visiting, and we’ll be busy this September for our second anniversary month-long celebration, so drop by often for great cosplay features here at

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Mina and Ayu: Two of a Kind


This September marks’s second anniversary, so we thought it appropriate by starting it off by bringing back our two wonderful cosplay models, Mina and Ayu, for a double feature.  Shooting from our headquarters in Ortigas, we are happy to present this great duo who have been friends for quite a while and who have enjoyed the world of cosplaying together.  Presenting Mina and Ayu for their second feature on our website as our’s cosplay models.  Images and editing by our lead photographer, Bryan, with Bless as executive producer, written by Xtian.




“I was so shocked because I thought she was Korean like me,” Mina admits with a big, warm smile on her slender face, her eyes disappearing into two faint lines, when we asked her about the first time she met Ayu.   “We met through mutual friends at SM North EDSA,” Ayu adds, her eyes soft and glistening in reverie.   They didn’t think much of each other at first, but before the day ended they were already holding hands and chatting like old friends.  “I can’t remember what we even talked about,” Mina confesses, “but it was cute how we just kept coming up with topics so we can keep talking even after we became tired.”  “It may have been a bit awkward at first,” Ayu adds, “but I guess we became good friends after that.”




The two often get to spend time with each other at cosplay events and conventions where they simply enjoy hanging out with their other friends and, of course, cosplay together.   “Our first pair cosplay was me as Kagamine Len and Mina as Hatsune Miku,” Ayu recounts with a smile.  “It’s funny because we didn’t talk about it and never had plans of doing a pair cosplay,” Mina adds, “but it just so happened  that I was planning to cosplay Miku at the next event while she was planning to cosplay Len.  After that I would be Lili and she would be Xiao of Tekken.  I believe it was destiny.  God really wanted us to be friends,” Mina says.




They both agree that cosplaying as a pair is a fun and unique experience.   They say they get to prepare their costumes and accessories together, buying cloth, think about designs and go shop together.  At events they have a great time posing as a pair for the cameras and they especially like it when other people recognize their characters.




Mina remembers her schoolmate bringing her to the Best of Anime event where she felt like she was in a whole different world, seeing all those cosplayers in a myriad of colors, shapes and sizes.  She has always loved, but always been shy, to cosplay, but she was so taken by the experience that she decided to cosplay Kyou, a character from the manga, Kyou of Shinigami no Kyou, at the very next event she went to.  She has since become one of the most prominent cosplayers to date.


Ayu started cosplaying back in 2011, choosing Matsuri Shihou of Sola as her first character.  She has become many other characters since then, preferring loli and tsundere characters as she says those fit her personality best.  She tells us she has fun portraying them: lively, amazing, colorful characters she has admired from the shows she had watched.  She had always thought that it was a great feeling to be those characters if only for the brief moment she cosplays them and be appreciated for her efforts.




Asking her to describe Ayu, Mina says she looks so innocent.  “She really looks like Chii from Chobits,” Mina says without batting an eyelash.  “There’s no use resisting her charm,” she laughs.  “Ayu is fun to be with, and I’m happy when I’m with her. I just keep getting shy because you are just too pretty, Ayu!”


“Mina is an open, kind-hearted person,” Ayu says of Mina.  “She is always nice to me, always greets me with a wonderful smile.  I really like the way she smiles.  She’s always fun to be with and I’m comfortable with her.  I feel like she’s my sister.”




They don’t get to see each other as often anymore because of the many other things that keep them perpetually busy, but it just makes the time they spend together at cosplay events all the more special.  Mina and Ayu would like to thank the many friends who have supported their cosplaying throughout the years and invite everyone to share the joy of cosplay with them.  We hope you can support Mina and Ayu in all their future endeavors.





Like Mina and Ayu, we at truly appreciate the fun and friendship that can be had with cosplay, and we are happy that for two years you, our readers, have visited our website, read our features, supported our cosplay models, and said hi to us at events.  We hope to have more years bringing you the best of Philippine cosplay with your endless and generous support.




Thank you for visiting, and we’ll be busy this September for our second anniversary month-long celebration, so drop by often for great cosplay features here at


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