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Of Fond Memories and Valediction – Daydreams 3: Final Spectacle


Daydreams 3 Final Spectacle Main Feature Article_0012


“With all of the memories we shared, we bid you adieu.”  These are the final parting words we got to hear from the head organizer, James Paolo Angeles, of the very renowned exclusive project named “Daydreams.”

Prelude to Daydreams 3: Final Spectacle


Prelude Daydreams 3 Final Spectacle_0001


All good things come to an end, but this ending is not a sad one.  Daydreams 3 reaches its last edition: the Final Spectacle, but it will go down in living memory as one of the best collaborative efforts the local cosplay community has ever seen.  arkadymac.com has been a part of this endeavor since the very first Daydreams, so we are glad to bring our readers the highlights of this amazing project and are equally glad to have seen it through the end.

Friends and Loved Ones Throw Alodia a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party for Alodia_0001


Miss Alodia Gosengfiao gets a very pleasant surprise as friends and loved ones throw her an unexpected birthday party at gaming hub Mineski Infinity.  What she thought would be a simple afternoon for a game or two turned out to be a surprise event several weeks in the making by the people who love and admire her who came together to greet and wish her well on her special day.

Cosplay Runway 2 at MATA Expo 2015 Philippines

Cosplay Runway at Mata Expo 2015_0001


Great cosplay action became a part of an international event as Cosplay Runway 2 made its appearance at last weekend’s MATA Expo 2015 Philippines.  For our coverage of MATA Expo itself, click here.  Mata Expo has been a multicultural trade show that promotes many worthy causes, in particular, fostering awareness for issues regarding deaf and hard-of-hearing people and raising funds for breast cancer cure research.  MATA Expo has toured all over the world, spreading the message of multiculturalism in the US and Canada, and now in the Philippines.

arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM



It was a big day for arkadymac.com as we got featured at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM last weekend in celebration of our second anniversary.  The panelists were made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, along with our Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Keileen, Queenie and Deric.  The guesting was a first for most of us so were all as anxious as we were excited to be able to share our views on cosplaying on air with a wider audience.




It got a bit tense when the program started, but we eventually settled in to the topic at hand.  We all love cosplaying after all, so we didn’t have a problem expressing what we felt about the subject.  It turned out to be an hour of fun, entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.  Our Cosplay Models got to share their own experience about cosplaying, like their preference in characters and how they prepare their cosplays.




Thank goodness for commercials as they gave us brief breathers and some chance to goof off.



The program also touched on how cosplay changed the lives of our models, of how cosplay has helped them gain their self esteem and how cosplay has opened opportunities for them to have more friends and have a wonderful time with them.




We also got to discuss how cosplaying has contributed and has given back to the community through charity work. arkadymac.com has in its two years of existence participated in and helped with numerous fundraisers for charitable institutions. We have also covered and participated in feeding programs, hospital and orphanage visits where we got in touch with children and helped bring smiles to the people who need them the most.





After the program we had a short photoshoot for some memories from a particularly special day for our small arkadymac.com family.  We then had lunch at a nearby restaurant, all with a healthy appetite.




We couldn’t have gotten these opportunities if it weren’t for the love and support from you, our valued readers, in helping us through these two years.  We really, really appreciate it.  We are glad to have reached our second year of bringing the best of cosplaying in the Philippines, and we hope you can keep on supporting us for more years to come.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com

Upcoming Event: arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM


We would like to invite our our friends and readers to tune in to their radios this Saturday, Nov 1, 10-11am on DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM for arkadymac.com’s guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.  It will be an hour of fun,entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.


Our panelists will be made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, with Coverage Partner Jillian Rose, and Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Ai Chi, Queenie and Deric.  Expect the unexpected as we go all out to let  more people know about the fun of cosplaying.  Join in the discussion as well by phoning in your questions.  You can also catch the program via live streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dziq

We do hope you can support us by tuning inn this Saturday.  We at arkadymac.com are always trying our best to spread the fun that cosplaying brings to people.

Please spread the word.







Kawaii in Manila 2: The First Philippine Kawaii Convention



A  pleasantly unique experience awaited us at Kawaii in Manila 2: The First Philippine Kawaii Convention over the weekend at Whitespace Manila in Makati City.  Kawaii is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty, food and various consumer products in Japan and spreading allover the world, and kawaii has for quite a time been celebrated in many different forms in the Philippines.  Kawaii in Manila 2 is the celebration of that fascination and passion for all things light and cute, and over a thousand people gathered at Whitespace  to take part in this fascinating affair.





arkadymac is an official media partner for  Kawaii in Manila 2, and covering this event for us is our Cosplay Model Ai Chi, who was enjoying herself with the sights and sounds that Kawaii in Manila 2 had to offer.  Oh, and tastes too, as there were  free ice cream and cotton candy for attendees.   Inside the venue was the Kawaii Bazaar were the most adorable and enticing items, trinkets, accessories, and clothing could be found, a veritable treasure trove to the discerning kawaii fan.  There was also the Kawaii art exhibit where attendees can browse and appreciate work done by amazing artists who have taken the essence of kawaii to heart.









Kawaii in Manila 2 is a day-long convention dedicated to promoting the interest and appreciation for kawaii culture through various kawaii-related programs and activities. Then there was the Kawaii Workshop that has been the mainstay of the event, teaching working with polymer clay and lettering to eager workshoppers.




The program started in earnest by noon, led by bubbly kawaii hosts Kat ad Mikee.  With some introductions, the first feature was the Live Art exhibition by Rian Gonzales, who impressed the audience with her great talent.






After a while there was the Kawaii Fashion show where renownded Kawaii fashion designers in the country got to showcase their fascinating collections as models took to the runway with ensembles nothing short of works of art, featuring Dolly Kaye, Dorotee Sweetlips, Forestale and La Princesse Dolle, all of them welcomed by an appreciative crowd.









More surprise features and attractions awaited the crowd like the Ikemen Guy and Kawaii Girl contests, Harajuku fashion show by which featured Kawaii Candy Lover Ashley Dy, LucyPop fashion show and other performances from special guests. Near the end was the Changing the World with Kawaii talk by Kawaii PH founders Kaila and Anne Kate, who were overwhelmed with the great turnout and support despite the many challenges they faced in bringing Kawaii in Manila 2 to life.




All throughout the day, Kawaii was everywhere, with attendees sporting their best Kawaii looks and poses.  Among them is our Cosplay Model and Reviews Writer, Yanna.  We were glad to see familiar faces and friends and were more than happy to take shots of them.















With attendance three times more than what they expected and with many booths and sponsors participating,  Kawaii in Manila 2 is a huge success, and we commend the efforts of the organizers for being able to bring kawaii to more people and much excitement to those who have been dressing and living kawaii for the longest time.  We look forward to more such events from Kawaii PH, hopefully soon.

Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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Ai Chi: Like a Summer Dream



As striking and flashy as the characters she portrays, Ai Chi is quite a welcome sight at cosplay events and conventions.  The way she stands out amongst the crowd is nothing short of impressive, which is why we’ve invited her to be arkadymac.com’s latest cosplay model for our ongoing  cosplay summer series. Presenting Ai Chi in her first online cosplay feature.  Photos by Xtian Mack, editing and post processing by Bryan, with Bless and Alice as Executive Producers.





For this feature, Ai Chi chose to portray Anarchy Panty, Rock Version, from Gainax’s hit anime series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.  ” She is crazy, pretty, lovely, and she has a sweet side she doesn’t often show, ” she explains when we asked her about her choice of character.  “She’s the perfect match for me.  She’s the best character I ever cosplayed.”  Indeed, we get to see her at events  with a variety of versions of that character.  “Both of us may act crazy and silly, but there is a whole, gigantic part of us that is sentimental and shows great concern for our loved ones.”




“Cosplaying Anarch Panty is really challenging,” she admits.  “You will definitely have to reach out from your comfort zone to capture her character fully as she is a colorful and flamboyant creature.”




Ai Chi started cosplaying just a few years ago when she was coaxed(coerced) by a friend.  “It was just her way of pushing my shy self into the cosplay world, and now I’m grateful to her for having done so.”     She recounts her first small steps towards cosplaying.  “My first cosplay costume was just a simple OC sailor character which my best friend lent me.  I later spent time and effort to do  Edward Elric,  my first-ever character.  I was really happy as it turned out to be a real success.”




“I cosplay because I love it,” she tells us when asked why she cosplays.  “Meeting new friends in the cosplay world is more than enough reason to do it.  With these friends I can actually express myself in more ways I could have ever imagined without the fear of being judged unfairly.”  Ai Chi got to share her fondest memories of cosplaying.  Besides joining fun cosplay groups and discovering new things, “Every moment with my Best friend buddy waifu Amaya Lia had always been fun,” she says.  “We’ve always been together since my first cosplay and we’re still together making the best memories anyone can ever hope to have.”




Outside of cosplay, she tells of of her other pursuits.  “My hobbies are drawing, writing and acting.   I share the artistic side of me in the Internet in Fanficiton.net, AO3.org, and Deviantart.com under my pen name, Hostilesilence.  Making people smile through the things I can do makes my heart flutter with love.”




To those who have believed in her throughout the years, Ai Chi has this to say:  ” I’d like to thank the academy…just kidding.   Id like to thank all those people who have supported me until now, my parents particularly.  Even if its only a few times that they appreciate my cosplaying, still without them I wouldn’t have even stepped into the world of cosplay. Many thanks to my best friend Daye Jastia for introducing me to cosplay. Much gratitude to the photographers I’ve met throughout the years, the good sirs and madams I’ve befriended.  Many thanks to my Best Buddy Friend Waifu Amaya Lia for always being there no matter what.”

We hope you can continue supporting Ai Chi in all her endeavors.  See more of her at her page, Aichi at https://www.facebook.com/hostile.silence


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.


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