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Voltes V Run Manila 2018


On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Voltes V Run Manila 2018 commemorated the beloved anime that spanned many decades of devoted viewership in the country.  Voltes V has become of the lives of several generations of Filipinos, becoming even more popular here than it was in Japan, and it brought together fans in a healthy and lively event at McKinley West, Bonifacio Global City on February 10, 2018.

Upcoming Event: Voltes V Run Manila 2018

Spanning many decades of devoted viewership in the country, Voltes V has become of the lives of several generations of Filipinos, becoming even more popular here than it was in Japan, and on it’s 40th anniversary, Voltes V Run Manila 2018 will bring together fans in a healthy and lively event at McKinley West, Bonifacio Global City on February 10, 2018.

TOEI Philippines 30th Anniversary Cosplay Contest



Having helped create some of the most well-loved anime in the world  for 30 wonderful years, TOEI Animation Philippines got to share in their joy of this milestone with fans, cosplayers and Japanese pop culture enthusiasts with an exciting cosplay event at the ICITE Auditorium at Eastwood Cyberpark in Quezon City.  TOEI Philippines 30th Anniversary Cosplay Contest was a way for the studio to respond to the community’s love and shared passion with a simple yet intimate gathering with wonderful surprises, performances and prizes for everyone.  arkadymac was a media partner for the event, and we are glad to bring you the highlights of the event.


Upcoming Event: TOEI Philippines 30th Anniversary Cosplay Contest




Celebrating 30 wonderful years of helping create some of the most well-loved anime in the world, TOEI Animation Philippines will be having its anniversary with everyone who have supported them with fun, entertainment, games and a huge cosplay competition with some of the biggest prizes to date.  Set for November 26, 2016, 3-7 pm at the ICITE Auditorium at Eastwood Cyberpark in Quezon City, this is an event anime lovers, cosplayers and Japanese pop culture enthusiasts would not want to miss, with the entrance fee at only 100 pesos.   arkadymac.com is an official media partner for this event, and we will be bringing you the highlights with our coverage team.

UP Tomo-Kai Celebrates 25th Year with Hanakotoba: Poetry of Flowers




This April, our good friends at UP Tomo-Kai will be having its 25th anniversary celebration, and they will be having four different events: a photo exhibit, an interactive exhibit, an acoustic café, and a Japanese-themed cultural festival—all at Hanakotoba: Poetry of Flowers. arkadymac.com is an official media partner for their events, and we invite you as our team covers and brings you the highlights of this fascinating set of activities in store FREE for everyone, even from those outside UP Diliman campus.

arkadymac.com 3rd Anniversary Party


arkadymac 3rd Anniversary Party_0001


Every one of us at arkadymac.com is grateful to all the people who have supported us through the years, which was why we really wanted to have a small party where we could gather everyone and have some fun with each other’s company.  Despite the shortage of time and resources, we still got to have our little wish as our friends and sponsors joined us at arkadymac.com’s 3rd Anniversary Party held last weekend at 121 Grill and Restaurant in Makati.

TMCOC Second Anniversary Gathering


TMCOC 2nd Anniversary Gathering_0002


The local cosplay and otaku community is sustained by groups who have been reaching out to individuals who would have otherwise remained alone in their own small worlds.  Otakus and cosplayers often feel estranged from other people because of what others consider as unusual hobbies and passions, but groups, either live or online, offer acceptance to those looking for a place to belong.

The New Adventures of Superman and Batman

The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0001


After making an appearance at the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at the Activity Center of The Block, SM North EDSA, our super fiends from cosplay group Justice Ph stepped out a bit for a quick tour of the Sky Garden.  They figured it was a slow night in Gotham anyway and that Saturday nights should really be for a fun time out in the city.


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0002


So Gerard, Tim and Gelo as Superman, Batman and Red Hood set out on a grand adventure that spanned a whole city (SM City), sharing greetings with mallgoers, taking photos, and just plain having fun with people who were also enjoying their Saturday night.


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0003


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0049


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0052



The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0053


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0006


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0009


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0004


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0022


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0020


The_New_Adventures_of Superman_and_Batman_0042


Oh, sorry for the quality of the photographs.  I still have much to learn.  Nonetheless, it was still a fun experience, and for our heroes, it’s still a job well done.  Catch more of them at their FB page, Justice Ph.

Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


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Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at The Block, SM North EDSA



Three-quarters of a century since his first appearance in a comic book, the legend of Batman, the Caped Crusader, the Dark Knight, is still very much alive today, captivating the imagination of generations of readers and audiences with his struggles and quest for justice.  With fans and followers spanning 75 years in countless countries, the Philippines also gets to celebrate this milestone with the Batman 75th Anniversary Exhibit at the Activity Center of The Block, SM North EDSA.




Featured in the exhibit is a Bat Computer display with a full-scale statue of Batman.  Folks can’t get enough of it, of course.




Around it were numerous display cases of toys, figures, replica vehicles, and dioramas of anything and everything about the Batman universe.








There was also an art gallery featuring the various artwork with the different versions and reincarnations of the Batman franchise throughout the years.  They offer insight into the evolution an growth of Batman as a comic book and cartoon character throughout the years, rendered in stunning renditions by accomplished artists.






The centerpiece of the exhibit was the Batmobile Experience, where folks can get to try out a sleek Batmobile replica for any 500 peso purchase of Batman merchandise.  Unfortunately, picture-taking is not allowed inside so this was as far as we could go.




We were fortunate to catch up with some members of cosplay group Justice PH who made an appearance at the exhibit.  Batman was there, with Nightwing and Red Hood,and even Batman’s buddy Superman later on that night.  They said they just had to drop by to help celebrate 75 years of Batman, in cosplay, of course.  They then found themselves busy having their photos taken and taking photos with the crowd that had gathered for the exhibit.  The cosplayers tell us that they are glad that the mallgoers are appreciative of their cosplays, as they never run out of people asking them for a shot or two or ten.






It isjust a simple exhibit, but worth the time if you’re just nearby and if you’re a big Batman fan, like me.  Here’s to more years of the Caped Crusader.


















Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.


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Digital Photographer Philippines / DPP 8th Anniversary Party



Our lead photographer Bryan got to participate and cover Digital Photographer Philippines’ 8th Anniversary Party at  Bonifacio High Street last weekend.  Having gotten lots of  good feedback and support from last year’s very successful celebration, DPP8 became the most anticipated photography event in the country as its organizers have promised it to be even bigger, crazier, and more awesome.




An estimated 4,000 enthusiasts came to revel in the event.  Bonifacio High Street once again became the hub for Philippine photography as DPP brought together the country’s best photographers and instructors to share their knowledge and experience absolutely free.   Famous international photographers were flown in for the first time in the event’s history to headline it  and make the event even more exciting.




There were lots of special events and activities that kept the participants busy all day long as well as many great promos and freebies from the many sponsors of the event. In particular, there were long lines to get the loot bag from www.hipa.ae.  It consisted of a nice canvas bag and a lens mug. Bryan thanks HIPA very much!




Lectures on the many different aspects of photography remain the highlight of DPP8.  Of particular interest to us was the Cosplay Photography Live Shoot by Jay Tablante.  He gave a lecture and demonstration about the subject with the help of some great cosplayers.




Bryan also got to attend the other interesting lectures, like Conquering Mid Day Light by Pilar Tuason, Cinematography Tricks from Wesley Villarica (Ellen Adarna Boxing Vid), and Street Photography by Eric Kim, among many others.




Model Cyen Lazam was seen hanging around during one of the talks.  We didn’t pass up the opportunity to have her image on the blog of course, with lots of photos and a short clip of her smiling for the crowd.





Bryan got to finish having his passport stamped by visiting the many wonderful sponsors of the event, allowing him to join the raffle during the evening program, which saw great prizes given away, a brand new DSLR among those.  For the evening program, there was the Street Photography Shootout and  Portraiture Shootout.




Bryan didn’t get to win the raffle, and that it was terribly warm throughout the event, but he says it was quite the photography adventure and experience and looks forward to their next installment.  We thank DPP, organizers and sponsors for a job well done.  Till next year.