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Manga Hokusai Manga: Free Manga Exhibition at Ateneo Art Gallery from June 17-July 28

Get to know more about Japanese manga through exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, and a manga reading corner at the Ateneo Art Gallery  from June 17 to July 28 with Manga Hokusai Manga.  All of these are for free, so make sure to take this rare opportunity to experience an art form that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Upcoming Event: Natsu Matsuri, A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo on March 31


Summer is almost here, and what better way for lovers of Japanese culture to welcome the season than to enjoy a fun-filled festival.  Coming this March 31 is Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri: A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo de Manila University’s Bellarmine Field.  With free entrance to to the event, everyone can get to experience a traditional Japanese summer festival through fun games, great food, and exciting live performances.

Film Students from Asia Gather in the Philippines to Co-produce Short Films


Another breakthrough in friendship and cooperation between countries awaits as The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the University of the Philippines Film Institute will be holding an exchange program for film students in Asia entitled …and Action! Asia #03 in the Philippines from February 26 to March 10, 2017, in cooperation with Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde.  Here, nineteen film students from the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia will come together and co-produce short films within an eight-day production schedule in Quezon City.


Cirque XV Akimatsuri at Ateneo: Cosplay, Music, Outreach and a Lot More

cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0001


It was a festival of sights and sounds at Cirque XV: The Grand Finale held at Ateneo de Manila High School, an exciting end-of-semester experience showcasing lots of fun for everyone.  arkadymac.com was glad to be there to take part in the event as their media partner and equally glad to bring you scenes from our coverage.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0004


Organized by the class of B2015, Cirque XV: The Grand Finale was a  mini-fair where people can come and have a great time away from their usual mundane routine.  It’s also a charity and fund-raising event for the benefit of the Tulong Dunong Program which provides scholarships and assistance to those in need, so those taking part can just have a great time with their friends while supporting a good cause.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0014


There were fun attractions all throughout the venue, with parlor games, inflatables, a photo booth, folks on stilts, and a whole road  of food stalls and even food trucks.  There were colorful and unusual drinks on sale as well which we enjoyed tasting.



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0015


Entertainment was never in short supply with the great performers lined up all throughout the night.  Home-grown and indie bands and singers rocked the people gathered at the promenade with cover and original hits.  Stef Aranas, Chairman Mouse, Stereoblind, Alyson, Ashley’s Kryptonite, Imelda and Sponge Cola had the crowd swinging, singing and pumping their fists, while off stage, the AA Dance Varsity and Indak wowed the crowd with amazing dance performances.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0042


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0047


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0100


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0110


Within Cirque XV was Akimatsuri, a cosplay event showcasing cosplayers from Ateneo as well as guests from all over.  There was also a friendly competition where cosplayers got to go on stage to perform in front of an appreciative crowd.   After their performances, they were interviewed by host M.K. Morreaux, herself also in cosplay.  


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0068


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0075



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0083



cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0089


After the competition the cosplayers got to mingle with the crowd and have fun at the fair like all the other guests.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0006


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0035


Was nice to see our good friend M.K. Morreaux there as host for Akimatsuri.  We did a shoot a while back and it was fun(ny) how we got to re-introduced.  


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0008


Later that night there was a rave party with DJ Ciscos on the turntable, and capping the great night off was Parokya ni Edgar who got to perform a lot of their hits in front of an ecstatic audience.  Particularly amazing for me was their performance of “Bagsakan” where vocalist Chito Miranda rapped the parts of Francis M. and Glock 9 all by himself, much to the amazement of the crowd.  Everyone was cheering, shouting, headbanging, and singing along with the band who have their roots in Ateneo High School.  Their performance ran on for quite a while and with their last song,  Cirque XV came to a close, with the organizers thanking each and every one who came to the event.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0122


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0003


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0124


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0117


We had the chance to talk to the folks of B2015 who said it was just meant to be a small event.  From what I saw, it was properly organized and prepared for with an impressive lineup of performers, so I commend them for being able to pull it off without much trouble while providing the attendees a night to remember.


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0113


cirque_XV_at_Ateneo High_School_0099



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