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Vietnamese Cosplayer and Illustrator Miu Meet and Greet at Red Monster


The love for art and cosplay transcends countries and nationalities, which is why it is always welcome news to have international cosplayers and artists visit the country to meet up and spend time with those of the same mind.  We were glad to catch up with prominent Vietnamese cosplayer and illustrator Miu a while back for a special Meet and Greet session at Red Monster Shop in Maginhawa, Quezon City, with our Cosplay Model and Correspondent Nicole helping us cover the event.

Otaku Expo 2016: Day 1


Otaku Expo 2016 Day 1_0001


The very first major Japanese pop culture event of the year opens with much fanfare as international cosplayers Luffy and Tsubasa got to meet their Filipino fans at their special meet and greet session free for attendees at Otaku Expo 2016, an annually anticipated event.  With thousands of revelers coming to enjoy the booths, games, bands and competitions, it was a great start for another fun year for anime fans, congoers and cosplayers alike.

Otaku Expo 2016: Day 1 Featuring Luffy and Tsubasa


Otaku Expo 2016 Day 1 with Luffy and Tsubasa_0000


The very first major Japanese pop culture event of the year opens with much excitement as international cosplayers Luffy and Tsubasa got to meet their Filipino fans at their special meet and greet session free for attendees at Otaku Expo 2016, an annually anticipated event.

Liui Aquino First Photobook Signing at Cosmic Bytes at O-kun Fiesta


Liui Aquino photobook signing at Cosmic Bytes at O-kun Fiesta 2015_0001


Internationally renowned cosplayer Liui Aquino was at the Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop booth last weekend at  the O-kun Fiesta event to do autograph signings for his first photobook, Liui Aquino’s Cosplay Journal.  Liui has become quite the prominent cosplayer, being invited to many international cosplay and anime events in many different countries because of his splendid cosplays.

Cosplay Mania ’14: Day 2



arkadymac.com got to cover Cosplay Mania ’14: Day 2 as its media affiliate over the weekend.  Thousands upon thousands of people poured into the SMX to take part of this grand yearly spectacle, which is undoubtedly the biggest cosplay event of the year.  And being the most anticipated cosplay event of the year, Cosplay Mania draws in more and more attendees each year, coming from not only all over the Philippines, but also from all over the world, filling the SMX Convention Center at the SM Mall of Asia to capacity during the entire length of this exciting two-day event.




In light of its successes in recent years, the Philippines’ premiere cosplay convention, Cosplay Mania, is taking another step forward to reach ‘world class’ status with Cosplay Mania Evolution!  Cosplay Mania Evolution promises to deliver even more thrills for fans of cosplay, anisong, anime, manga, and gaming in the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia.  Cosplay Mania Evolution has revitalized the Cosplay Tournament of Champions (TorCh), mixing in a new flavor that will certainly bring more depth and life to the competition! The TorCh Mentor system has been implemented, where each team will be assigned mentors to help them win the honor of representing the country in the Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championships, to be held in Singapore in December 2014.  Nine very competitive teams battled it out for the right to be crowned champion, but in the end, Team Kanor Cubes from the SM Manila leg won the honor with an exciting BTX performance that had the international judges nothing short of impressed.  Congratulations to the team of Louise and Brahms, and we wish them well preparing for the Anime Festival Asia Regional Cosplay Championships in Singapore.




The event also features Meet-and-Greets with world-class cosplayers such as the all-time favorite KANAME☆ and Reika, along with international cosplayers Orochi X, Pinky, Vic and Jesuke. Cosplay Mania Evolution has even increased its stellar roster to include Japanese authority on cosplay Tatsumi Inui, and American cosplay superstar Vampy Bit Me.




There were activities, games, and giveaways, the awesome music,  stellar cosplay performances all throughout the day, so everyone was sure to be busy enjoying themselves.  Prominent celebrity cosplayer Liui Aquino was there for autograph signings and appearances at the Cosmic Bytes Cosplay Shop booth and at the Otaku Asia booth for autograph signings, and the fans couldn’t get enough of him, with along line eagerly waiting for their turn to take a photo, a selfie, and share some words with their idol.  Liui told us that he was really overwhelmed and very grateful to the people who turned up to support him.







An attraction I really liked was the Magic the Gathering Booth where attendees are invited to learn the game and play with their friends while being assisted by an experienced demo team.  As a player since 1994, it has been the first time they held an event of this scale in the Philippines, complete with a photobooth, displays, and rows upon rows of gaming tables.  I took part in it while in cosplay, and it was real fun seeing other cosplayers learn about it too.  After a game with the demo decks provided, participants even get to have a deck of 30 cards of a color of their choice.  I even got to chat with the demo team who said this event is truly one of a kind and I hope I get to see more of these in the future.






Other interesting things we saw were the Doraemon mascots, the giant Pikachu that was irresistibly cute even to the coldest of hearts, and Mogu Mogu with its mascot breaking it down with the crowd to the latest dance hits.









To end the event with a bang, Cosplay Mania Evolution featured the first ever JAM: Japanese Anime Music Concert in the Philippines, headlined by Aya Ikeda — the voice behind the theme songs of popular animes such as Heartcatch Precure!, Kindaichi Case Files and the online games “Finding Neverland Online” and “Harezora Monogatari.” She and other performers gave the attendees a night of amazing music to remember.







On the second day of our coverage, we wanted to focus more on the thousands of cosplayers who came to take part in this grand spectacle.  The SMX was filled to capacity with cosplayers from all over the country, some taking the rare trip to Manila just to be part of Cosplay Mania.  We of course had a grand time taking pictures of friends, old and new, since opening to closing late at night.  After the JAM Concert,  Cosplay Mania ’14 finally ended, leaving much fun and memories for all those who attended.  They look forward to next year’s installment, one even bigger as it will cover Function Halls 1-5 on October 3-4, 2015.





















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Meet and Greet with Liui Aquino at Misaki CyberCon 2014



Fans were in for a treat at as celebrity cosplayer Liui Aquino made an appearance at this year’s Misaki CyberCon at the Activity Center of SM City Taytay in Rizal.  Having had much acclaim for his recent Hiccup of How to Train Your Dragon 2 cosplay, he has become even more known to the public and wanted to thank his fans at his special meet and greet session within CyberCon.








Set for early afternoon last August 31, 2014, the event had fans coming in as early as mall opening just to make sure they get the chance to meet their idol.  Everyone was ecstatic when they heard about it only the day before, so they eagerly awaited Liui’s appearance.  He then came out from the back stage cosplaying as Koushi “Suga” Sugawara of Haikyuu!! to the cheers of the audience.  He then addressed the crowd and thanked them for coming and extending their support.







With Kei of our partner, Cosmic Bytes, hosting the progam, they happily gave away tarps, posters, and other great merchandise in a series of games.




Then came the meet-and-greet proper at the side of the venue where a really long line of fans almost immediately appeared in front of the table set up for the event.  Fans eagerly awaited their turn as Liui graciously signed autographs on tarps, posters, magazines, had selfies, and had his photos taken with his fans.






Cosplayers look up to Liui, which was probably why their support for him was the warmest of all.  They of course did not pass up the opportunity to share a short chat with him, exchange cos cards, take selfies, and do signature poses with him in front of the camera.












Notwithstanding the long line and huge turnout of the meet and greet, Liui was able to accommodate everyone, and after giving away more prizes with Cosmic Bytes, it was time for him to leave, but not without the applause and appreciation of the crowd.  It was a fun and memorable encounter with everyone, with Liui the most grateful one of all.









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