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Digital Photographer Philippines / DPP 8th Anniversary Party



Our lead photographer Bryan got to participate and cover Digital Photographer Philippines’ 8th Anniversary Party at  Bonifacio High Street last weekend.  Having gotten lots of  good feedback and support from last year’s very successful celebration, DPP8 became the most anticipated photography event in the country as its organizers have promised it to be even bigger, crazier, and more awesome.




An estimated 4,000 enthusiasts came to revel in the event.  Bonifacio High Street once again became the hub for Philippine photography as DPP brought together the country’s best photographers and instructors to share their knowledge and experience absolutely free.   Famous international photographers were flown in for the first time in the event’s history to headline it  and make the event even more exciting.




There were lots of special events and activities that kept the participants busy all day long as well as many great promos and freebies from the many sponsors of the event. In particular, there were long lines to get the loot bag from www.hipa.ae.  It consisted of a nice canvas bag and a lens mug. Bryan thanks HIPA very much!




Lectures on the many different aspects of photography remain the highlight of DPP8.  Of particular interest to us was the Cosplay Photography Live Shoot by Jay Tablante.  He gave a lecture and demonstration about the subject with the help of some great cosplayers.




Bryan also got to attend the other interesting lectures, like Conquering Mid Day Light by Pilar Tuason, Cinematography Tricks from Wesley Villarica (Ellen Adarna Boxing Vid), and Street Photography by Eric Kim, among many others.




Model Cyen Lazam was seen hanging around during one of the talks.  We didn’t pass up the opportunity to have her image on the blog of course, with lots of photos and a short clip of her smiling for the crowd.





Bryan got to finish having his passport stamped by visiting the many wonderful sponsors of the event, allowing him to join the raffle during the evening program, which saw great prizes given away, a brand new DSLR among those.  For the evening program, there was the Street Photography Shootout and  Portraiture Shootout.




Bryan didn’t get to win the raffle, and that it was terribly warm throughout the event, but he says it was quite the photography adventure and experience and looks forward to their next installment.  We thank DPP, organizers and sponsors for a job well done.  Till next year.











Cosplayers Bring Smiles to the National Children’s Hospital



Nyanbu was happy to be able to join a handful of cosplayers in helping out at the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.  Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines headed by Sir Dave has had this program of making these visits for a long time already, so Nyanbu was more than grateful to tag along and document this event.  The idea was to bring cosplayers into the hospital in the hopes of making the children smile and be with characters as if they came straight out from TV, movies and comics.




After dressing up and preparing, the cosplayers made their way to the children’s ward where a short program was started by Sir Dave as Master Pogi featuring the cosplayers that had assembled there.  The children and their parents who got to watch the show had an enjoyable time, thanks in part to Sir Dave’s creative storytelling and hilarious wit and sense of humor.




After the program, the cosplayers went to visit the patients in their rooms and beds and talked and played with them for a while.  Stories were exchanged, patients and cosplayers curious to learn more about each other.  Photos were taken with each other to remember each other by.




Toys that were brought along by the cosplayers were handed out to the children, as well as some snacks and treats that were shared as everyone continued to enjoy each other’s company.







We were moved by the silent resilience and courage that the children there had in the face of their pain and suffering, so it was humbling to know that, in our little way, cosplayers can help out in their own special way by making these children smile, even if just for a short while.




We would like to thatk Sir Dave and NCPH for this wonderful opportunity, as well as to the staff of the National Children’s Hospital for allowing us to be of help. We would like to thank the children and their parents for allowing us to share some time with them.




For everyone that had been involved, this will be a pleasant memory that will stay with them for a long time.






















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