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In Remembrance of Hana Chan


Hana was 15 years old and in the springtime of life when she passed away on October 28, succumbing to Japanese encephalitis. Despite the overwhelming grief, her family still had Hana’s wishes and happiness in mind up to her last moments, allowing her friends from the cosplay community to send her off with one last cosplay event at her wake.

Happy birthday, Mao-chan!




We at the website would like to celebrate the birthday of our very own Mao-chan, a valuable member of our family.  She has been with us for over a year as our sessionist photographer and editor, and has been featured as one of our cosplay models as well.




We met her at Ozine Fest last year as a genderbend Kakashi cosplayer.  We liked her cosplay so much we invited her for a photoshoot as a cosplay model.  Before that happened, however, she has already become a wonderful addition to the arkadymac.com family as she helped us out with covering events, taking photos of cosplayers for us, as well as promoting the website.




She accompanied us in our coverage of Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 7 (IOP7) at the scenic Japanese Gardens at the historic Rizal Park.  She showed us her Kakashi genderbend school girl version, which was quite a hit at the event.  We just had fun with her despite the rain along with the other cosplayers who have gathered for the event.







We next had her at the very competitive TORCH 4: Tournament of Champions 4 at SM North EDSA, where she joined in the fun of the event, joining the cosplay parade around the mall and afterwards helping us out with the coverage, taking photos of the cosplayers there.  She also enjoyed having her photos taken with the many spectators there.




Then came Cosplay Mania 13, the biggest cosplay event of the year.  She joined the arkadymac.com family in its 2nd year anniversary, and we were of course all happy that we all got to meet through our love of cosplay.









After months in the making, on October 23, she finally had her photoshoot for her feature on arkadymac.com as its newest cosplay model.  She said it was a great opportunity for her and that it was a wonderful experience as she posed for the cameras as Kashi-chan, her Kakashi genderbend maid version.  Her feature on the website came soon afterwards as she joined a fantastic line of cosplay models who have graced the cover of arkadymac.com.




Due to personal circumstances, she had to relocate to California.  Although she is now far away from us, she remains a part of arkadymac.com as our editor, and, really soon, as an international correspondent, reporting cosplay events from across the Pacific.




We of course wish her well and await the day we can see her again and cosplay with each other once again.  We miss her dearly as we celebrate and greet her on her birthday.  So Mao-chan, please take care.  Happy birthday.  We miss you a lot.










Mao-chan: Behind the Mask



arkadymac.com covers all sorts of cosplay conventions and events, and we met Mao-chan at one as a Kakashi gender bend, attracting a lot of attention.  We had a few snaps of her and in hindsight, we should have taken more.  We invited her for a photoshoot for a feature, but fate has a funny way of surprising us and Mao-chan became a member of the arkadymac.com family as a sessionist photographer and editor.  We finally got to have that photoshoot, and somehow everything  went full circle.  Featuring our own Cosplay Model Mao-chan at arkadymac.com.




For today’s feature, Mao-chan chose her Kakashi gender bend Maid version.  She says she’s fond of masked characters like Kakashi of Naruto.  She also likes cosplaying male characters and school girls. She’s proud of the fact that she comes up with her own costumes.




Mao-chan tells us she got into cosplay because it is a way for her to express herself.  It is also through cosplay that she got to meet people with the same passion as her. She admits that she found herself having real fun and was enjoying herself, and that cosplaying helped boost her self-confidence.




Even though Mao-chan has been cosplaying for several years already, she admits that cosplay is still very challenging for her because she often creates costumes out of casual clothing.  She also thinks of ways to put a twist to each of them. She does say that every effort is very worth it when she sees the final outcome and people become fond of it appreciate her cosplays.




Mao-chan doesn’t get to attend as many cosplay events as much as she would want to, but when she does go, she makes sure she has a blast.  She gets excited when people ask to take pictures of her. She likes to gender bend male characters like Kakashi , so when a cosplayer of the same character (the original or costripped ones) asks for a picture or for fan service or just simply asks to be their friend, she feels very grateful and intensely excited.




Mao-chan has had a blast cosplaying, and she would like to thank her Onii-chan for always supporting her, making her experience the fun of cosplaying and accepting her as a family member of arkadymac.com. She would also like to thank Akai-kun for accompanying her to events, supporting her and sharing energy whenever she feels tired from long cosplay conventions.  She’s also grateful to her beloved father who has always been proud of his cosplayer daughter.




When asked how long she intends to cosplay, she says she wants to continue cosplaying for as long as she can and for as long as she would be able to find time for it.  To all our readers, she’d like to share her thoughts.  “Cosplaying would be very challenging at first but when you put your heart into it, you will be able to succeed. If you encounter a problem, always remember that there will always be ways for you to fix it. Lastly, trust yourself, don’t mind the opinion of other people when you cosplay. Just have fun and enjoy!”




We at arkadymac.com have always been glad that we’ve got to meet amazing people like Mao-chan through cosplaying.  She’s proof that cosplay can bring people together, and it can be the start of even more wonderful friendships.




Thank you for visiting, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.











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