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Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC_0001


Beyond the intricate helmets and armor and gaudy outfits, costumers and cosplayers wish to bring their unique talents and skills to bring happiness to the ones who need it the most.  More than just a hobby they are passionate about, they have sought to make a difference in society as they banded together with altruistic groups to bring an early Christmas to the children confined at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition



We’re proud and happy to be the media partners for the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition held at Starmall Alabang last weekend.  Named after Bolen Lareza, a successful and prominent cosplayer, the event presented very young cosplayers competing while having fun with family and friends.  It is our pleasure to be bringing you this special coverage of the event.






Chibi, a Japanese word or term for small, also is a certain category for cosplayers who are really young, usually those 12 years old and below.  A good number of chibis participated in the competition and all were able to showcase their talents in front of an eager and enthusiastic crowd.




Held within the first day of the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM event, the event was an enjoyable one with lots of participants and spectators.  The contestants were judged by a panel consisting of prominent chibi cosplayers:  Bolen herself, Ashley Misaki, Izaiah Luke Buelos and Belldandy Chii.



Courtesy of our friends at AnimePh Project, here is the list of winners of the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition:

Champion (Mecha Category): Alizey Rodil as War Machine
Runner Up (Mecha Category): Icee Ticar as Gundam Unicorn Banshee
Champion (Cloth Category):Louise Rielle as Elsa
Runner Up (Cloth Category): John Veinard Quintana as Horohoro

Belldandy Grimarez: Kurt Andrew Morido as Kid Icarus Uprising
Bolen Lareza: Meredy Carlos as Mikasa Ackerman
Ashley Misaki: Sophia Calilung as Chun Li
Ashley Misaki: Xiay Evelyn Cruz as Sorcerer (Dragonnest)
Izaiah Luke: Natalia Chanelle as Sasha Braus

Don Robert Torio’s Pick: Ulquiorra Dizon as Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
NCPH Pick: Akira Joanne as Gundam God Burning




It was a great competition, with the chibi cosplayers judged by their peers on stage but all were good friends afterwards, playing around, chasing each other, just being kids.  When you’ve been to enough cosplay events and conventions, it’s still always a delight seeing children having fun while cosplaying.



















Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors behind this event.  Congratulations as well for putting up a  successful contest and we eagerly look forward to the next one.


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Unexpected Orphanage Visit



Some grownups are quick to dismiss cosplayers as strange or different, or worse. Children, however, simply know that it’s fun and amazing when you can bring fiction and imagination come to life. I’d like to thank them for showing me that my hobby can have some meaning.