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Japanese Football Club Shonan Bellmare Holds Football Clinics for Kids in PH


In an act of strengthening friendship and cultural exchange through football, The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Japan Professional Football League (J. League) will be holding football clinics for kids in the Philippines on February 3 to 5, 2017, welcoming three coaches from J. League club Shonan Bellmare.  The Japan Foundation Asia Center, J. League and the Japan Football Association have taken this initiative to encourage various exchange programs in the field of football since November 2014. Its aim is to provide opportunities for people-to-people exchange in the area of football to further strengthen friendship between Japan and other countries and develop the football culture in the Asian region.

Cosplayers and Donors Bring Early Christmas to Mangyan Children of Mindoro



Helping out in their own small but special way to give back to the community, cosplayers and some very kind people got to make a difference as they brought some cheer to the Mangyan children of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro just recently.  With gifts of school supplies and treats from various individuals and organizations, it certainly was a concerted effort to bring out the goodness in people this close to Christmas.


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC_0001


Beyond the intricate helmets and armor and gaudy outfits, costumers and cosplayers wish to bring their unique talents and skills to bring happiness to the ones who need it the most.  More than just a hobby they are passionate about, they have sought to make a difference in society as they banded together with altruistic groups to bring an early Christmas to the children confined at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

Halloween 2015




People would be surprised that just several years ago, Filipinos didn’t pay much attention to Halloween.   Now it’s near mandatory for offices, malls and other establishments to have some form of event or attraction or party for it. Now nearly everyone knows about Trick or Treat and Jack-o-lanterns as October 31 draws near.  Well, we guess that any occasion where kids (and adults of course) can get dressed up as scary or strange costumes and get free candy can’t be so bad.

NCP Photoshoot for a Cause 2015: Pictures of Hope


NCP Photo shoot for a Cause 2015_0001


Cosplayers, photographers, and enthusiasts once again show that they are always eager to lend a helping hand as over a hundred of them participated at National Cosplayers of the Philippines’ Photoshoot for a Cause 2015: Pictures of Hope last weekend at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.  arkadymac.com is the official media partner of the event

Cosplayers and Volunteers Bring Early Christmas to the Children of PGH Cancer Institute



We were fortunate to have taken part in an event that brought Christmas early to the ones who need it the most.  Cosplayers and volunteers alike got to join hands and bring smiles to children with cancer at the Philippine General Hospital last week.  arkadymac.com is glad to have been entrusted with the coverage so we can share with everyone.  The hospital has a policy of keeping the faces and identities of the children discreet, especially from the media, so we hope everyone understands the limitations of our coverage.




Organized by our Cosplay Model Keileen with the help of her friends and some cosplay groups and school organizations, Cosplay For a Cause: Sharing Happiness to PGH’s Cancer Patients had cosplayers and volunteers join hands and share whatever they can share with young cancer patients: toys, books, school supplies, clothes, trinkets, accessories, among many others.









Aside from gifts, others got to share their talents too in front of the children.  The program included performances from student volunteers from UP and UST who sang mostly Christmas songs for the kids, who got into the spirit and sang along as well.








Also there to share their talents were special volunteers.  Ricky Quinsay as “Jestler the Magician”  wowed the crowd with his unbelievable magic act.  Mark Cagas, a clown, magician and balloon shaper, amused the children with his diverse talents in making people smile.  Cornel Bongco, also known as the Gospel Yoyo Man, shared his great skills with a yoyo while sharing stories of Christ with the audience.




Cosplayers got to showcase their talents too by performing skits with their characters to the amazement of the children.  Prizes were given to the kids who could name their characters, and surprisingly, some were indeed familiar with them.  After the program, the children were free to have their photos taken with the cosplayers as souvenirs from this day.




By noon, volunteers brought in the food they had prepared for the children and their parents.  With appetites worked up from an exhausting but exciting morning. it was nice sharing a simple meal together with everyone.




After lunch, the Christmas gift giving commenced, with the cosplayers handing out the presents they have brought for the children.  They were well appreciated, of course, the the children smiling, opening wrappers, and playing immediately with their gifts.  It may have not have been much, but hopefully it can give them good memories of Christmas.




Cosplayers Michael and Dee Dulce were part of the cosplayers who went to the event.  They dropped by to share their blessings with the children on their 7th Wedding Anniversary.  They were thankful to everyone for making their special day a truly memorable and fulfilling one.





The time came for the program to end and for some, it was hard to part ways after sharing and spending time with each other.  Hopefully the children would have some smiles and memories to keep as they keep their hopes up despite their condition.




Before parting ways, the cosplayers and volunteers gathered around to listen to Keileen, who thanked everyone for their support of the project and the overwhelming love as the gifts and donations gathered were so many times more than what they had expected.  She related her own experience of being a patient at PGH when she was young, as she was sickly and had to stay there often and wished there were people whom could make her smile even just a little bit during her lonesome days there.  Now, she said she was happy being the one to make children smile with the help of the cosplay community who has been so supportive of her as well.




With that, the time came for everyone to say goodbye but the time they shared and the opportunity to give what they can would be part of memories they won’t soon forget.  We’d like to thank everyone for letting arkadymac.com be part of this event.  I apologize if there aren’t a lot of photos as I was a host for the program.  We also followed the policy of the hospital regarding taking photos with the children as we aren’t allowed to show the children’s faces on our coverage.




Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com.

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1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition



We’re proud and happy to be the media partners for the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition held at Starmall Alabang last weekend.  Named after Bolen Lareza, a successful and prominent cosplayer, the event presented very young cosplayers competing while having fun with family and friends.  It is our pleasure to be bringing you this special coverage of the event.






Chibi, a Japanese word or term for small, also is a certain category for cosplayers who are really young, usually those 12 years old and below.  A good number of chibis participated in the competition and all were able to showcase their talents in front of an eager and enthusiastic crowd.




Held within the first day of the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM event, the event was an enjoyable one with lots of participants and spectators.  The contestants were judged by a panel consisting of prominent chibi cosplayers:  Bolen herself, Ashley Misaki, Izaiah Luke Buelos and Belldandy Chii.



Courtesy of our friends at AnimePh Project, here is the list of winners of the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition:

Champion (Mecha Category): Alizey Rodil as War Machine
Runner Up (Mecha Category): Icee Ticar as Gundam Unicorn Banshee
Champion (Cloth Category):Louise Rielle as Elsa
Runner Up (Cloth Category): John Veinard Quintana as Horohoro

Belldandy Grimarez: Kurt Andrew Morido as Kid Icarus Uprising
Bolen Lareza: Meredy Carlos as Mikasa Ackerman
Ashley Misaki: Sophia Calilung as Chun Li
Ashley Misaki: Xiay Evelyn Cruz as Sorcerer (Dragonnest)
Izaiah Luke: Natalia Chanelle as Sasha Braus

Don Robert Torio’s Pick: Ulquiorra Dizon as Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
NCPH Pick: Akira Joanne as Gundam God Burning




It was a great competition, with the chibi cosplayers judged by their peers on stage but all were good friends afterwards, playing around, chasing each other, just being kids.  When you’ve been to enough cosplay events and conventions, it’s still always a delight seeing children having fun while cosplaying.



















Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors behind this event.  Congratulations as well for putting up a  successful contest and we eagerly look forward to the next one.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more fun cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



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NCP Cosplay Picture Mo, Tulong Mo



It’s now our second year of covering a National Cosplayers of the Philippines charity event.  Called “Cosplay Picture Mo, Tulong Mo,”  the group aims to collect enough funds for school supplies that would benefit 500 children from Brgy. Maybancal, Morong, Rizal.  




Cosplayers, photographers, enthusiasts, and other members of the otaku community show that they are always eager to  lend a helping hand as over a hundred of them were given the chance to do so at the event held last May 4, 2014 at the Ninoy Aquino parks and Wildlife in Quezon City. 







This unique experience was organized by the National Cosplayers of the Philippines, an organization that has held many such events since its inception in 2010 involving cosplay as a means to raise funds for charitable causes and institutions.  This time around, participants were asked to bring notebooks, pencils and other school supplies for distribution to the needy schoolchildren  of Brgy. Maybarical, Morong, Rizal on May 25, 2014.




A lot of cosplayers and photographers were on hand to take part in the occasion, where cosplayers were paired with photographers as they took turns for individual and group photoshoots in the many different and fascinating locations inside the Ninoy Aquino parks and Wildlife in Quezon City.  Although the summer heat and humidity can be a little too much for anyone to bear, and the “traditional” downpour in the afternoon, the cosplayers and photographers still persevered in making sure they have the best poses for the best photographs possible.




Members of NCP and some cosplayers also made rounds around the park collecting donations from park-goers and afforded them the opportunity to take photos with them.




arkadymac.com sent out its Public Relations Officer Kaloy to help out in this event.  We’re also glad to have our Cosplay Model Czyrah participate in this event as a cosplayer.






At day’s end, all the participants have had their fill and more of photographs and stories to share about the event. What’s more of course are the boxes of school supplies and other donations for the children of Morong.  The National Cosplayers of the Philippines has always fostered the notion that cosplayers can have fun while helping others, and this was very evident from the enjoyment the participants had from joining.




We at arkadymac.com thank he National Cosplayers of the Philippines for a job well done in organizing this photoshoot and giving cosplayers the chance to make a difference in someone else’s life through this charity event.  We and many others look forward to attending and covering more such events in the future.




Images of cosplayerswho participated to this photoshoot will be posted on the office NCP page (https://www.facebook.com/NationalCosplayersPh) within the week after the photoshoot.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again soon formore cosplay features here at arkadymac.com



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COD 2013: Christmas on Display Opening at Greenhills



Last night I was fortunate enough to be part of the Christmas Season kickoff program at the Greenhills Shopping Center. My friends and I helped in entertaining 300 street children and students from different parts of San Juan, with lots of games, prizes and attractions, the grandest of which was front row seats to the first night of the C.O.D., Christmas on Display moving mannequin show.  This sent me into a fit of nostalgia again as I still remember watching this Christmas spectacle as a child with my parents.




Whenever Christmas approached, my parents would take me to COD Department Store along Avenida, then later on Cubao, the original locations of the display before it was adopted by Greenhills Shopping Mall.  There was something about the synchronized lights and music and dancing figures that had people watch on in awe, myself included, of course.  It was always free to watch: one just needed to have a place ready at a distance to watch it from.  The show ran for several minutes and had shows several times a night.




This year’s display featured an “Oriental Christmas” theme, with a good number of mannequins of soldiers, horses, even a dragon.  The sets and backgrounds were also well crafted and brilliantly lighted, adding to the delight of the spectacle.   It ran for several minutes and was warmly appreciated by the crowd.






Jaime Rivera was there to share a few Christmas songs to set up the mood.  Also, Alex Rosario, owner of C.O.D. and the one who had the concept of the well-beloved Christmas display, was there to give a short talk about it.  On his wheelchair he described how it has become a passion for him that has been shared to his family and through the Filipino people has become a tradition for many decades since 1957.  He said that the display had weathered many calamities and many challenges, which is why he was happy to still see it running and bringing happiness to young and old alike.




For those of my generation and the ones before me, the COD show is as much a Christmas tradition as puto bumbong and bibingka in an era without Imax (or SM for that matter).  I had wondered how today’s children though about it.  I looked beside me and saw the amazed faces of the street children and students invited to watch it and I realized that, perhaps, enjoying the decades-old COD Christmas show was indeed special and universal.




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Halloween 2013



Just went around to take some shots of Halloween at a nearby mall.  Later on I had our friends Kaloy and Eiri tag along for the ride.

Scenes from Halloween 2013.






















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