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Upcoming Event: O-kun Fiesta 3


After two successful runs over two years with thousands of Japanese pop culture enthusiasts from all over, Otaku Asia Anime Magazine brings O-kun Fiesta 3, with the Japanese Hina Festival (Doll Festival) as its theme.  This year brings exciting activities and a formidable lineup of guests for all the people who have supported Otaku Asia Magazine throughout the years, and it will happen on May 14, Sunday at SM Megatrade Hall 3, 5th Level, Mega B, SM Megamall.  arkadymac.com has been O-kun Fiesta’s official media partner since the very beginning, so we hope to see you there as we do our coverage of this fascinating event.

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention ( PCC 2015 )

8th Philippine Cosplay Convention 2015_0001


The Philippine Cosplay Convention had been my favorite yearly event since I began cosplaying and blogging, so even if we had never been asked to be their media partners I made sure to make time to drop by to, more than anything, just enjoy myself as a cosplayer with many others who share the same passion. Sharing this sentiment were thousands of other cosplayers who look forward to PCC because it had consistently been one of the most exciting events each year.

Cosplay Rumble Zone at SM Center Las Pinas



One-of-a-kind exciting cosplay action struck the south last weekend as Cosplay Rumble Zone went into high gear on August 23, 2014 at the event center of SM Center Las Pinas.  With lots of games, prizes, giveaways and even more surprises for everyone, organizer iCOZPLAY Philippines lives up to the huge expectations it set for this event as hundreds trooped to the venue from far and wide to take part in this spectacle.  Bringing up the action is our guest photographer Christian Alizarez, who himself was having fun at the event.




Co Presented by SM Center Las Pinas, IEM and JEFUSION, and sponsored by MyPhone , Star Power Entertainment, Smart, and Wakfu, Cosplay Rumble Zone was a delight to the senses as much was going on all throughout the venue at all times.  The sponsors were very generous as well and happy for being part of this event, giving away wonderful prizes in their raffles and games: gift certificates, collectors items, and rare toys were given away to lucky attendees.  






At the event as well were amazing sets of toy galleries for enthusiasts as well as for the plain curious.  Of note was the Masters of the Universe collection and the Godzilla gallery.




One of the many features of the event was the fashion runway show by Star Power Entertainment, whose models dazzled the audience, dancing,singing and modeling as part of the segment.  




Upcoming dance group Raindrop gave special performances for the crowd as well and was really well-received.




Trey Sia as Loki and Xhan Xhan were part of the show with costumes specially made by Nash Leeho.




The main highlight of the event was of course the cosplay competitions, with many cosplayers in attendance battling it out for top prizes in the individual, chibi, and group categories.  All the cosplayers had a blast showing off their unique talents and colorful costumes in front of an appreciative crowd.  In the end, Christian Umali won in the individual category as Marvel’s War Machine while our cosplay model, Ashley Misaki, won in the Chibi division.  The winners got to take home great prizes but there were also other special awards given away, like a one-year modeling scholarship at Star Power.







Of course there were the costrippers who were having fun at the venue, happily having their pictures taken with the crowd.  It was evident that they were enjoying themselves at the event, taking selfies with each other and happily chatting with new-found friends.




What was noticeable was the number of elder folks in the crowd.  They seem appreciative of cosplay, and that of course is a good sign as cosplay is meant to be a hobby that anyone of any age or background can learn to like and appreciate.




With these and more, Cosplay Rumble Zone was a big hit to cosplayers and attendees alike,and we hope to be able to see more exciting future offerings by iCOZPLAY Philippines.




Many thanks to our guest photographer Christian Alizarez for his coverage.  See more of his work at Skyboom Photography.  Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more great features here at arkadymac.com.

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7th COF Halloween Cosplay Competition



It was definitely a fun and spooky night at the 7th COF Halloween Costume Party and Cosplay Competition in Quezon City last October 31, 2013.  Sir Jay, head of Circle of Friends, graciously invited Xtian Mack, creative director of arkadymac.com, to be Chairman of the Board of Judges for its cosplay competition, so we were all excited and honored to be at the event.




The Circle of Friends is a non-profit organization aimed at promoting brotherhood among its members, and one of its many worthwhile goals is to promote cosplaying in the country. For the last 7 years, COF organizes and holds this event around every Halloween to celebrate and have fun with cosplay as well as games and surprises for all the attendees.







This year’s event saw Christian Umali as War Machine named Champion, receiving a cash prize as well as a trip to Boracay.  It was a fun night of food and games and laughter as everything was aimed to have everyone enjoy themselves among friends.




We’d like to thank Sir Jay of COF for having us over to judge and take part in the event and we commend COF for organizing this successful event.  Till next Halloween.

















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Candyshop Superclub 1st Anniversary Cosplay Competition


When you get to be famous, you get to be invited to all the best parties in the metro because your mere presence is enough to make news on tomorrows paper.  But if you’re not famous like me, not yet anyway, you gatecrash your way into parties and hope they don’t notice that clubber in a cat mask.  Xtian Mack brings to you EXCLUSIVE coverage of the  Candyshop Superclub 1st Anniversary Cosplay Competition in Quezon City last February 1, 2013.


Although a handful of cosplayers were in attendance because of such short notice, Xtian Mack as Nyanbu nevertheless faced tough competition coming from seasoned cosers like:


Eiri Mina, a certified stunner, famous in and around the cosplay circuit.  She whipped the club into a frenzy in her smashing get-up as Inori Yuzuriha of Guilty Crown.


And Xtian Mack and Obito-kun’s personal idol, Christian Umali, arguably one of the most distinguished and decorated cosplayers in the Philippines today.  As War Machine, he certainly showed those clubbers what a little imagination and some RC motors can do.


Admittedly, Nyanbu hasn’t been inside a club in ages, and it shows as he forgot a cardinal rule of clubbing: it’s okay to arrive late.  Ah well, at least he got pictures of the venue as they were setting up.


The contestants showed off their mettle in front of a sold-out crowd.


Of course Nyanbu just had to have a photo with the irresistible Eiri Mina, who said that cosplaying and clubbing don’t usually mix.  But hey, she was in the mood to party a bit.


Of course I just had to take a pic with my idol, War Machine, who admits that it is quite difficult to dance with that much gear on him.


Well, this chance may not happen again, so…



Eiri Mina on the catwalk and charming the crowd.


War Machine is impressive as always, wowing the crowd with his customized weaponry.







There was also a Mr. and Ms. Candyshop contest, but I’m pretty sure you don’t want me commenting on that.




It would appear that the club scene hasn’t changed much since Samson and Delilah in Philistine.


Claiming the Championship at the Candyshop Superclub 1st Anniversary Cosplay Competition is Eiri Mina via unanimous decision.  Congratulations to her as she deserves the honor.

As for Nyanbu, for his efforts as a finalist, he won a sizable gift certificate at a spa, which he used the very next day because of the aches and pains he sustained from partying all night, with the event ending at 6am the very next day.

All in all a fun event.  Again, much love and adulation to Eiri Mina for winning, and we hope you’ll visit again for another cosplay coverage.


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