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PLAYPARK XP!: The Biggest Christmas Party for Gamers on Dec 10, 2017 at the SKYDOME


Calling on all gamers!  Playpark is taking Christmas celebrations to the xtreme by hosting the biggest Christmas party for gamers on December 10, 2017 (Sunday) at The SKYDOME SM City North EDSA for the much-awaited PLAYPARK XP!

Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair 2016: Day 2


Toys of all kinds still appeal to both young and old as we got to find out as the arkadymac.com team got to drop by the first day of the Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair at SM Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall during a very busy (and traffic-filled) weekend this side of the metro.  It’ has become a traditional toy convention and a Christmas party venue of sorts for all hobbyists, geeks and otakus.

Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair 2016: Day 1


Toys of all kinds still appeal to both young and old as we got to find out as the arkadymac.com team got to drop by the first day of the Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair at SM Megatrade Hall 2 of SM Megamall during a very busy (and traffic-filled) weekend this side of the metro.  It’ has become a traditional toy convention and a Christmas party venue of sorts for all hobbyists, geeks and otakus.

Cosplayers and Donors Bring Early Christmas to Mangyan Children of Mindoro



Helping out in their own small but special way to give back to the community, cosplayers and some very kind people got to make a difference as they brought some cheer to the Mangyan children of Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro just recently.  With gifts of school supplies and treats from various individuals and organizations, it certainly was a concerted effort to bring out the goodness in people this close to Christmas.


Great Toys at Great Prices only at GreatToysOnline



We never really outgrow our love and fascination for toys, and we are glad the people at GreatToysOnline are always ready to satisfy our cravings.  Established in 2001 by fellow collectors, GreatToysOnline has gone on to be one of the leading Philippines online toys and sports superstores, delivering quality original and genuine US and Japan toys to their fellow enthusiasts.  We are then excited to announce that arkadymac.com will be partnering with GreatToysOnline in showcasing the best and  latest in toys this season with help from our photographer and cosplay model Mitch.


Cosplay Christmas Giving 2015 at Playland in Fisher Mall


Cosplay Christmas Giving 2015 Playland Fisher Mall_0001


Cosplayers got to showcase their talents while giving to a worthy cause last weekend at Cosplay Christmas Giving 2015 held at Playland and at Fisher Mall.  As part of a modelling and entertainment event which featured celebrities and up-and-coming models and performers, cosplayers helped make lots of people smile and feel the spirit of the season.

Christmas Toys & Collectibles Fair 2015: Day 3


Christmas Toys Collectibles Fair 2015 Day 3_0001


The arkadymac.com team stopped by for a quick coverage of the third day of the 10th Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair at SM Megatrade Hall 2, SM Megamall during a very busy (and traffic-filled) weekend this side of the metro.  It’s a toys and collectibles convention for enthusiasts while for the cosplayers it’s a chance to get gifts for others and themselves as well as a Christmas party of sorts before they go off celebrating the holidays.

Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC


Cosplayers and Costumers Bring Early Christmas to Children of East Ave MC_0001


Beyond the intricate helmets and armor and gaudy outfits, costumers and cosplayers wish to bring their unique talents and skills to bring happiness to the ones who need it the most.  More than just a hobby they are passionate about, they have sought to make a difference in society as they banded together with altruistic groups to bring an early Christmas to the children confined at the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City.

Ami: Almost Christmas


Ami Almost Christmas Feature_0001


After our coverage of the Cool Japan 2015 event with our team, we whisked our Cosplay Model and Correspondent Ami for a quick photoshoot.  All of us have been covering so many conventions, with Ami reporting for the biggest cosplay events for us, that her own feature for the website had been long overdue.  Presenting our Cosplay Model Ami for her first online feature for arkadymac.com.

Gaby: In Extremes



In a world where cuteness is a norm, she stands out and makes a name for herself with her outlandish and outrageous cosplays.  Indeed, to those who have been to a convention or two, her portrayals never fail to leave an impression.  From a rampaging female titan, to a three-sword-wielding pirate, to an obnoxious Miley Cyrus, she makes sure she gets to live out a character and have the most fun out of it.  We are then of course happy to have Gaby as our latest Cosplay Model in her first online feature for arkadymac.com as genderbent Sanji.  Shot from our headquarters in Ortigas.  Photos by Bryan, with Bless and Alice as executive producers.




Most cosplayers portray characters they have a lot in common with, but Gaby admits no such thing with Sanji.  “Sanji cooks and I don’t,”  Gaby was quick to say.  “He is cocky and a bastard toward guys—choosy! But when it comes to girls, he gets swoony and sweet to them but that doesn’t change the fact that I love him!! I guess the only similarities we have is that we’re both cool and funny in a way.”  She tells us that Sanji wasn’t that hard to cosplay.  “His costume is easy. Probably when it comes to stances and kick poses that gives off the challenge yet even then I can still manage it actually.”




Having cosplayed so many characters from the manga and anime One Piece, we ask her the reason behind her fascination for it.  “It’s because as a kid, I really love pirates, and the ocean. One piece is really a funny, adventurous, romantic anime that makes you just feel free and wild. Really inspirational.  To date she has cosplayed Franky, Ace, Ms. Doublefinger, Boa hancock , Marguerite, Doflamingo, Zoro, New World Zoro, and New World Sanji, with more to come.


Of genderbending and crossplaying, she tells us that sometimes male characters have admirable qualities and therefore she’d want to cosplay them.  “I admire men a lot in real life because they are just so funny and cool and strong and so awesome. And if you adore, like, or look up to them, you wanna BE like them. And when you’re happy portraying them, it gets really, really enjoyable.”





Her love of cosplay is something she could never, ever hide, and Gaby never tires of showing that in her words and in her actions.  “I like cosplaying so much. I just love the feeling of having awesome pictures. I’m like, ‘Dayuuum, Gurl.  Is this even me?’ Can you imagine that when you’re old and have a family of your own, you’re just gonna look back on your youth especially your cosplay pictures and tell yourself  ‘Was I always been this crazy?’  It’s amusing.”
We ask her what aspects of cosplay she likes.  “I love cosplaying because I love to portray a character. I dunno, creative and artistic people just love to express ya know?  When we portray a character, we portray a little bit of ourselves.  Some of us may not be aware of it, but we choose characters because they remind us of us ( or some of us may be unaware of it ).”




We then point out how much people admire her cosplays and, of course, the person behind it too.  “I love to cosplay because what I do doesn’t only affect me, but also the people around me. It feels good to know that when I cosplay, someone gets inspired.  I guess that’s the best motivator of all.  People love you for what you love doing. When people approach me and asks for a picture, they become so happy.”  And indeed Gaby never has a dull moment at events as people flock for the chance to have pics with her.  “I’m glad. When they tell me they started cosplaying because of me, I am touched. When I make them happy, I feel happy supaaaaaah happy. Seeing their smiles and hyperness is just so good for my heart.”


This is in contrast to how she describes her usual self.  “To be honest, I’m an antisocial being. I find it hard socializing with people, I’m quiet, I like listening rather than talking. The only thing I’m loud at is when I’m using my Facebook. HAHAHAH! ”




As she has been cosplaying for quite a while, we ask her what still keeps cosplay exciting for her.  “The things that excite me while cosplaying are of course the people I encounter.   I am just soooo happy when they approach me, greet me and say “Gaby!” and such.  I just want them to be happy so every time I see a person giggle or smile after they had taken a picture with me, I’m so happy. So glad because they’re glad! I just find it really beautiful when they smile!”




For those who continue to support her, she has this to say:  “I would like to say thank you so much to you guys who believe so much in me.  I will continue on…keep doing my very best!  And for those who want to cosplay but are discouraged, I say just go with it and follow your heart!  Just have fun and YOLO! We only have one life.  Do not mind other people, what’s important is that you do not hurt anyone!  Just keep chasing your dreams!  I love you all!




We hope that you’ll also continue to support her too in her endeavors as we always expect more great and fun things from her.  Thank you for visiting our feature on Gaby, and expect to catch more of her soon here at arkadymac.com.


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