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Upcoming Event: Shoujo Con: RFA Party Encore


With its first event being a big hit to the thousands of Mystic Messenger fans i the country, the RFA Party is back, bigger and better than ever and has been called Shoujo Con : RFA Party Encore, and it will be catering to all things important and relevant to girls and women everywhere.  To make things even more lively, international cosplayers JiakiDarkness FC and Yuki Godbless will be there as well as special guest cosplayers. There are also lots of contests and games like cosplay, art, and karaoke contests to enjoy. For details, do visit the official event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/277331582721941/

Pinoy Otaku Encore (POE) 2014



arkadymac.com is proud to be an official media partner of Pinoy Otaku Encore (POE) 2014,  a prelude to Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM coming this May.  It was an exciting event that showcased the talents and camaraderie of the local otaku community.




Organized by Naruto Cosplayers PH and Red Cloud Events and Productions, the event was held last weekend at Starmall Alabang at Starland Themepark.  Hundreds of cosplayers, enthusiasts and curious folk gathered to celebrate the many fun and exciting aspects of Japanese pop culture.




There were games, giveaways, and a program filled with exciting performances.  There were also a variety of booths that the crowd enjoyed.




Pinoy Otaku Encore was also be the final leg of Otaku Encore: Cosplay Idol Season 2, one of the major series of cosplay competitions in the Philippines.  Many cosplayers joined the highlight of the event, the cosplay competition.  Each one showed their amazing costumes and backed it up with their various talents.  I also served as one of the judges of the event and it was really difficult to choose the best as each one had a great costume and fascinating talent.




In the end, the winners for the different categories were announced.  Best Child: Natalia as Sasha Braus, Best Male: Megumi Otaku Goddess as Inori of Guilty Crown, Best Female: Stephanie Faust, Best Mecha Armor: Carl Lucas, Best Dragon Nest Cosplay: Ianah Otaku, and Cosplay Idol: Ian Quinto as Fujiko Mine.




The event ended with the awarding ceremonies, and a word of thanks from the organizers to the people who came to take part in the event, to the cosplayers who participated, and to the sponsors and media partners who made the event a successful one.  We all eagerly await the culmination, Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM this May.









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Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol Season 2 at Starmall Las Pinas

arkadymac.com was on hand to cover Otaku Encore Cosplay Idol Season 2 at Starmall Las Pinas last Sunday, January 26, 2014.  It was one of two final legs for the the main event this year at Starland, Starmall Alabang, Pinoy Otakufest.  The event was dedicated to the memory of Sir Wilfredo Gruet Jr., a cosplayer who recently passed away.
Helping us out in our coverage is the lovely Jillian, our guest coverage partner, an able photographer and cosplayer in her own right.  Well, we just had fun going around, mingling with the crowd, taking snapshots, joining in the contest, and for most of the time we were just goofing around, having fun like everyone else there.
More than a hundred cosplayers besides the many enthusiasts were there to take part in the event, which featured games, booths, performances, special guests, and a karaoke contest to the delight of everyone.
The highlight on course was the cosplay competition, which saw over 40 contestants vying for the top spots with huge prizes.  All the contestants gave their all in their performances, and also had to answer a few questions from the judges.  In the end, the winners were  Mico Villarca for Best Male, Ianah Otaku for Best Female, Icee Ticar for Best Chibi, Jay-ar Dela Cruz for Best Mecha/Armor and Cykah Malagad was named Cosplay Idol for this leg.
Besides the competitor, it was also a delight to just go around and meet and take photos of the other cosplayers present at the event.  They had fun mingling with the crowd and having their photos taken.
All in all a fun and exciting event in a rather new venue.  Congratulations to the organizers, NCPH, and their partners and sponsors.  All this however, is just a warm-up to the main event scheduled later this year, so we really look forward to more real soon.
Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.
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