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Manga Hokusai Manga: Free Manga Exhibition at Ateneo Art Gallery from June 17-July 28

Get to know more about Japanese manga through exhibitions, demonstrations, lectures, and a manga reading corner at the Ateneo Art Gallery  from June 17 to July 28 with Manga Hokusai Manga.  All of these are for free, so make sure to take this rare opportunity to experience an art form that has become a worldwide phenomenon.

Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 2 Cosplayer Gallery


Cosplay Mania 15 Day 2 Cosplayers_0001


The number of cosplayers that weekend alone was mind-blowing that you’d wonder where all of them came from.  And maybe that was just it: they came from everywhere.  One would be surprised at how many individuals of all walks of life make this yearly pilgrimage from all over the country and beyond.  Some you’d see at every event; some you’d get to see only once a year.  Cosplay Mania is a phenomenon, bringing together people who enjoy and love this unique hobby for a weekend of fun and camaraderie.

Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 1 Cosplayer Gallery


Cosplay Mania 15 Day 1 Cosplayers_0001


The biggest cosplay event of the year in the Philippines opens with much fanfare as Day 1 of Cosplay Mania ’15 drew in cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. With a staggering 25,000 attendees last year, Cosplay Mania, organized by cosplay.ph, has consistently been one of the most anticipated conventions of the cosplay community. With an impressive lineup of international cosplayers and performers set to thrill and connect with their Filipino fans, it was definitely an exciting weekend for the community.

Aimee: Ice Sniper



Aimee is a familiar face at cosplay conventions and events, and her enthusiasm for her hobby is as evident from the amazing number of costumes she has made herself to the eagerness she shows when she mixes it up and have fun taking pictures with the crowd.  We are then ecstatic to have her as our newest Cosplay Model on this special edition of arkadymac.com.  Photos by Xtian Mack, post processing by our guest editor Ecko.


“Ever since I’ve read the Sword Art Online light novels, I’ve come to like Shino Asada’s character, Sinon, because of her calm and cool personality when she plays Gun Gale Online,” Aimee tells us will glee, her eyes gleaming with admiration.  “She had been my dream cosplay for the longest time, which was why I was so happy when I got all of it together.”  She tells us it was never easy, but she managed to pull it off just in time for her cosplay anniversary last year.




“It was challenging at first to cosplay her since I’m not used to wearing the sexy clothes she wears,”  she confesses.  “But as time goes by I slowly become confident to wear them.  I guess it’s just an act of getting used to, and now I love to cosplay her so much.”


“I’d like to think Sinon and I have something in common,” Aimee  shares with us.  “She has a different personality whenever she plays Gun Gale Online. She has intense fear of guns that’s why she plays Gun Gale Online in order for her to try and overcome her fear. In that respect, I’m a different person whenever I cosplay and internalize the personality of the character that I’m portraying. Sinon is also independent and that’s why I somehow relate to her when it comes to dealing with problems by yourself.”





“Oh, and I just really, truly admire female characters who are into sniper rifles, just like Sinon and her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II,” she admits with a laugh.  “I think they’re so cool.”


With the many cosplays we have seen her in, it is surprising to know she started only two years ago.  “My first cosplay was Kafuka from the anime series Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei,” she recalls.  She said her friend in college insisted her to try it.  She never imagined how big an impact it would make to her.  “Now I continue to cosplay because it gives me that sense of fulfillment whenever I portray my favorite characters, especially when they acknowledge me as that character.”




The most often-asked question she gets from people about her cosplaying is what does she get from it. “I’ve experienced so many good things when I started cosplaying: making new friends, learning different skills in make-up, props making, and being resourceful.  It also gave me self confidence, which I think is very important to me.”

When not cosplaying, Aimee tells us she indulges her artistic and creative side.  “I do photography.  I also like to do draw anime characters.  I do graphic designing using PS tools.”  She tell us that she is a happy-go-lucky person who loves to make lots of friends.




Aimee tell us she is most excited when she gets to see her cosplay idols, like Kaname and Reika. “I ‘m also happy whenever I see my favorite cosplayers during events; they inspire me to do my best to achieve that epic cosplay.”


For those who have been a part of Aimee’s journey into cosplay, she has this to say:  “I would like to thank all of my friends who have supported me all throughout my journey as a cosplayer, also to all the photographers  I have met during shoots or events who help me achieve awesome poses.   And to all my friends out there who have the same passion as me in cosplaying, all I can say is never give up on the passion that gives you that ultimate happiness.  Don’t let negative criticism get to you. Enjoy what you love and you’ll always get full support from your beloved friends. Cosplay unites us all. God bless, everyone. Arigato gozaru, minna-san! Aishiteru ne.”




We certainly hope you will always support Aimee in her endeavors as we promise you’ll get to see more of her soon here on our website.


Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for new features here at arkadymac.com.

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1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special


Most people would think that photography is a solitary or lonesome activity, something seemingly best enjoyed by one’s self or with a few.  This is not entirely true, of course, as every once in a while like-minded folks with a passion for their craft would get together to share in something a lot of people can take part in and enjoy.  And for a group called Pitik Photography, all the pieces fell into place and they were able to band together to host an event participants truly appreciated.


The  1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot: New Year Special was held on a Sunday, January 5 amid fairly mild weather at the scenic and ever-dependable Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center.  Over a hundred participants came and took part in this event, a group that featured a fascinating mix of models, cosplayers, photographers, hair and makeup artists, and enthusiasts, all coming together to have great photographs and videos taken amid the unique setting the park had to offer.


It wasn’t all business, of course.  The event was intended to be a chance for folk of like minds to be able to share each other’s company in a relaxed environment.  Participants were encouraged to get to know each other, and indeed many new friendships were made that day.  Attendees had plenty of time to have fun in between shoots, goofing around, interacting while in character, taking pictures with each other, and then having their pictures taken by the other visitors of the park who admired their delightful cosplays.


Pitik Photography is a group of enthusiasts comprised of of professionals, newbies, regulars, veterans, and everything in between in the world of photography, folks who share the simple joys this craft and hobby brings.  What started out as a small group of friends who enjoyed covering events and conventions, they have since branched out into other endeavors, all the while never forgetting to help each other out when it comes to skill, expertise, and time.  At events, they manage to get their work done through teamwork even though they seemingly always have enough time to play pranks on each other and take stolen shots of each other.


Pitik is slang that can be the noun for a shutter click, also a verb that denotes the act of taking a shot.  After considering many other names, the founders decided on this name as it aptly describes something they really enjoy doing, and is something that many models and cosplayers have greatly appreciated over the many months of existence of the group.


After the last of the individual and group photoshoots were over and as the sun had already long set, the 1st Pitik Photography Photoshoot drew to a close.  Everyone had a great time and anticipated the great photos taken that day, so congratulations are in order to Pitik for hosting a successful event, and everyone is already looking forward to the next one.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.
















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Prei: A Song and a Wish


Since it’s the holidays already, we want to bring some great Christmas cheer of the cosplay variety.  We then invited our newest cosplay model, Prei, to grace this week’s  special edition of arkadymac.com.  She may not cosplay as often as she would want to, but when she does, she’s sure to leave an impression.  Photography and Post-processing by Brymac, Blessma as Executive Producer and Xtian Mack as Director/Writer.


Prei tells us she got into cosplaying because of her love for anime.  The first character she ever cosplayed was Haruhi Suzumiya, as she insists she got so attached to the series.    She recalls she started in high school though wishes she had started sooner.  She continues to cosplay because she considers it a reward for herself for working hard and doing her best at home and at school.


For this feature, Prei cosplays Santa Miku, a Christmas version of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku from Crypton Future Media.  Like the usual portrayal of Miku, Prei describes herself to be a genki girl:  quite cheerful and friendly.  This wasn’t always the case though, as she used to be a timid and shy person.


She says cosplaying has allowed her to become a more outgoing and a more sociable individual who can go out in public and enjoy herself.  She says that  thanks to cosplaying she has more friends now with whom she shares the many things she likes in common like anime, games, and making costumes and props.


Prei tells us she is at her happiest when the people around her appreciate her cosplays.  She does admit that cosplaying can be quite challenging since it can be hard to think of the next character to cosplay or coming up with many different poses at events.  Even so, she says she’ll continue cosplaying as long as she still feels young and as long as the people around her supports her passion.


Prei would like to thank her parents, Yhanie, her friends, her Bulacan Cosplay Family, her BSN 1B-1 classmates and dorm mates.  to all our readers, she has this to share:  “Just be yourself, do what you want if you have passion for something and strive to achieve it!”


We at arkadymac.com of course support her and invited you to see more of Prei in future features.  Thank you for dropping by and do visit us again for more coplay features here at arkadymac.com.











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Toycon 2013, Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention Coverage (Recap)


Day 1

As if covering two events this week alone wasn’t already enough, it was already time to cover ToyCon 2013, the most anticipated pop culture event of the season.  “Good grief,” was all I could mutter as I’ll need more than luck and determination to cover this three-day event.   Luckily, the rest of the staff of arkadymac.com will be on hand to help me out in the coming days.
And we are at the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2013, or TOYCON 2013,  at SM Megatrade Halls 1, 2 and 3, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City.  Running from June 14-16, the event promises lots of games, surprises, celebrities, booths, and freebies for everyone.  There’s something for everyone as the event is filled with all things fun and interesting about pop culture, from games, toys, hobbies, collectibles, movies and TV, anime and manga, comics and music.
Although there are already a lot of attractions at the site, there was no particular cosplay event for the day, so there were not a lot of cospayers around. But still we wish to commend the effort of those who took the time  to make the event a little more colorful and a little more intersting through their cosplays.


Well, ToyCon is just warming up. More attractions and events tomorrow, so please stay tuned for our coverage, okay? Thank you, and please drop by again.  Many thanks to Markie/Kaiji for being my assistant photographer.
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Day 2




And just like that we’re back at SM Megamall for Day 2 of the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2013, or TOYCON 2013, which is one of the biggest and most-awaited pop culture events in the country.      During its 3-day run from June 14-16, the ToyCon promises lots of games, surprises, celebrities, booths, and freebies for everyone.  There’s something for everyone as the event is filled with all things fun and interesting about pop culture, from games, toys, hobbies, collectibles, movies and TV, anime and manga, comics and music.




It was such a grand event, and Cosplay celebrity Alodia Gosengfiao was there to make the event event more memorable.



The main event of the second day is the individual cosplay competition held in the afternoon.  There were a lot of cosplayers who signed up for the competition, and they got to go on stage to perform in front of a large, receptive audience.  Also, there were lots of costrippers in around the venue, and we are more than happy to have taken photos of them as they display their delightful costumes to the crowd.


Thank goodness for costrippers as they saved my day.  Thank you to those who posed for us. Even though there were so many people at the event, it looked like many still got to have fun.


Do visit us again for our Day 3 Coverage as we’ll be going out full force.  Thank you for your support.







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 Day 3



Cosplay correspondents Nyanbu and Obito-kun and lead photographer Brymac at the set of  ToyCon and Hero Face Off 2013, the biggest events of the season.


The senior staff of Xtian Mack’s Cosplay and Anime Cafe went out in full force last Sunday to bring you our special coverage of Day 3 of the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2013, or ToyCon 2013, and the Hero Face Off Cosplay Cosplay Competition, the the biggest and most-awaited pop culture events in the country.   During its 3-day run from June 14-16, the ToyCon had lots of games, surprises, celebrities, booths, and freebies for everyone.  There’s something for everyone as the event is filled with all things fun and interesting about pop culture, from games, toys, hobbies, collectibles, movies and TV, anime and manga, comics and music.



Nyanbu and Sean as Konohamaru posing for the cameras.



 Conventions are the best places to find fantastic cosplays, like this one of Chun Li from the Street Fighter series.



This lovely Kagura cosplayer poses with Obito and Nyanbu.



 Nyanbu and Obito-kun fit right in with these fun-loving Naruto cosplayers.




 We caught up with this pretty lady for an amazing photoshoot at the carpark as night fell.



One of our next-to-mandatory anime special effects shots with our cosplay friends.



 And we thought cute little  maids can’t get any better.



The stunning Alodia Gosengfiao never fails to enthrall the crowd.


Rock Band ChicoSci whips the audience into a frenzy at Hero Face Off.



Our friend Ken as Orochi from SNK’s King of Fighters series.


 Conventions are events where cosplayers get to goof off after doing a long day of cosplaying work  Well, okay. They goof off while working too.  


Our friend, Sir Dave, as Master Pogi from Dragon Ball, enjoys interacting with the crowd.


Conventions are where cosplayers get to meet old friends and meet new ones.


And starting with this event we will be choosing someone as Cosplayer of the Day, an award handed out to the cosplayer who catches our fancy. Criteria are: 1. epicness, 2. nostalgic value or equivalent, and 3. sheer awesomeness.  These vague criteria are compounded by an even more dubious scoring system involving three judges: Nyanbu, Obito-kun and photogrpaher Brymac.

And our winner for Cosplayer of the Day is this fabulous Emporio Ivankov from One Piece, 2 votes against one, so that’s Nyanbu and Brymac’s “Yeah” versus Obito-kun “What the … is that?” Those who watch one Piece will certainly appreciate this zany okama and the effort alone of cosplaying him/her/it is grounds alone for a decisive win.  For his wonderful effort, this cosplayer will receive a lovely item from arkadymac.com during the next time we see him.



Thank you for visiting, and we hope you’ll visit us again soon for more great coverages of the hottest cosplay events in the metro.


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