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Hell Girl Fourth Twilight and Classroom of the Elite this November on Animax


At Animax this November, fear the supernatural as Ai Enma returns to drag your foes to hell in Hell Girl Fourth Twilight. Likewise, fear the mundane in Classroom of the Elite, where mediocre students are weeded out and only the elite survive!

Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 1 Cosplayer Gallery


Cosplay Mania 15 Day 1 Cosplayers_0001


The biggest cosplay event of the year in the Philippines opens with much fanfare as Day 1 of Cosplay Mania ’15 drew in cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. With a staggering 25,000 attendees last year, Cosplay Mania, organized by cosplay.ph, has consistently been one of the most anticipated conventions of the cosplay community. With an impressive lineup of international cosplayers and performers set to thrill and connect with their Filipino fans, it was definitely an exciting weekend for the community.

Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch


Beyond the Cutest Dreams The Kawaii PH Book Launch_0001


Kawaii has become more than just about cute things.  It has become more than just a passing fancy or a fashion fad.  Kawaii has become a way of life for individuals who have sought to express themselves in an outlook and style all their own, with frills, pastels, ribbons, teddy bears and rainbows, all exuding that positive, happy vibe that they wish to impart to others.  Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch got to celebrate this admirable Kawaii lifestyle in an event that showcased the bright, friendly and colorful world that Kawaii has opened for everyone from all over the world.

Aimee: Ice Sniper



Aimee is a familiar face at cosplay conventions and events, and her enthusiasm for her hobby is as evident from the amazing number of costumes she has made herself to the eagerness she shows when she mixes it up and have fun taking pictures with the crowd.  We are then ecstatic to have her as our newest Cosplay Model on this special edition of arkadymac.com.  Photos by Xtian Mack, post processing by our guest editor Ecko.


“Ever since I’ve read the Sword Art Online light novels, I’ve come to like Shino Asada’s character, Sinon, because of her calm and cool personality when she plays Gun Gale Online,” Aimee tells us will glee, her eyes gleaming with admiration.  “She had been my dream cosplay for the longest time, which was why I was so happy when I got all of it together.”  She tells us it was never easy, but she managed to pull it off just in time for her cosplay anniversary last year.




“It was challenging at first to cosplay her since I’m not used to wearing the sexy clothes she wears,”  she confesses.  “But as time goes by I slowly become confident to wear them.  I guess it’s just an act of getting used to, and now I love to cosplay her so much.”


“I’d like to think Sinon and I have something in common,” Aimee  shares with us.  “She has a different personality whenever she plays Gun Gale Online. She has intense fear of guns that’s why she plays Gun Gale Online in order for her to try and overcome her fear. In that respect, I’m a different person whenever I cosplay and internalize the personality of the character that I’m portraying. Sinon is also independent and that’s why I somehow relate to her when it comes to dealing with problems by yourself.”





“Oh, and I just really, truly admire female characters who are into sniper rifles, just like Sinon and her PGM Ultima Ratio Hecate II,” she admits with a laugh.  “I think they’re so cool.”


With the many cosplays we have seen her in, it is surprising to know she started only two years ago.  “My first cosplay was Kafuka from the anime series Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei,” she recalls.  She said her friend in college insisted her to try it.  She never imagined how big an impact it would make to her.  “Now I continue to cosplay because it gives me that sense of fulfillment whenever I portray my favorite characters, especially when they acknowledge me as that character.”




The most often-asked question she gets from people about her cosplaying is what does she get from it. “I’ve experienced so many good things when I started cosplaying: making new friends, learning different skills in make-up, props making, and being resourceful.  It also gave me self confidence, which I think is very important to me.”

When not cosplaying, Aimee tells us she indulges her artistic and creative side.  “I do photography.  I also like to do draw anime characters.  I do graphic designing using PS tools.”  She tell us that she is a happy-go-lucky person who loves to make lots of friends.




Aimee tell us she is most excited when she gets to see her cosplay idols, like Kaname and Reika. “I ‘m also happy whenever I see my favorite cosplayers during events; they inspire me to do my best to achieve that epic cosplay.”


For those who have been a part of Aimee’s journey into cosplay, she has this to say:  “I would like to thank all of my friends who have supported me all throughout my journey as a cosplayer, also to all the photographers  I have met during shoots or events who help me achieve awesome poses.   And to all my friends out there who have the same passion as me in cosplaying, all I can say is never give up on the passion that gives you that ultimate happiness.  Don’t let negative criticism get to you. Enjoy what you love and you’ll always get full support from your beloved friends. Cosplay unites us all. God bless, everyone. Arigato gozaru, minna-san! Aishiteru ne.”




We certainly hope you will always support Aimee in her endeavors as we promise you’ll get to see more of her soon here on our website.


Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for new features here at arkadymac.com.

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Camylle: On School Days



The end of summer marks the start of another school year, so we’ve thought of bringing you school-inspired cosplays for this week’s edition of arkadymac.com.   We then brought in Camylle to be our latest cosplay model as we near the next half of the year.  Presenting Camylle in her first online cosplay feature for our website.  Main photos taken by Aileen Omana of AIEN STEIN   Photography,Yhun Suarez of Yhun Suarez Photography, and  additional photos by Bryan, with Bless and Alice as Executive Producers.





“I want to bring my favorite characters to life,” Camylle tells us when we ask her why she cosplays.  “It’s a way for me to express my passion for anime, and it’s a way for me to express my creativity.”  She started cosplaying when she was 17 years old as Shizuka Mazuda of Final Approach at the Philippine Cosplay Convention.  She says she’s been having fun since then.


Being a model, cosplayer, otaku, and anime lover, Camylle strives to keep her passions and interests in stride.  She draws on these for inspirations on the characters she chooses to portray.




As a model, being in front of a camera is never new for her, but cosplaying is a fresh experience for her each and every time.  “I’m overwhelmed when people recognize and appreciate my effort when I cosplay,” she relates.  “I feel that it is already a big achievement for me.”


For this feature, Camylle chooses a seifuku or school uniform cosplay.   “I chose this one because I think it best reflects my personality.  I’m the type that wants to keep things simple.”   We then ask her what kind of characters she likes cosplaying.  “I enjoy cosplaying sweet and kawaii characters,” she answers.  “But I’ve been wanting to try villains just for a change of pace.  Also, I dream of cosplaying Amaha Masane of Witchblade.  I know it will put all my skills to the test.”




We then ask her what cosplay can do for a person.  “Being a cosplayer helps you to express your personality,” she says.   “It helps build your confidence and make you realize your strengths and weaknesses.”  She shares with us that she has had fond memories in the time she has spent cosplaying.  “I always remember having fun while I get to meet new friends with the same interest and passion as I do.”


Although she has been cosplaying for quite a while and that she has gotten the hang of it, Camylle says cosplay is still challenging.  ” You really need to portray the character properly, not only in every detail of the costume, but you have to pay careful attention to the character’s personality, how they act, talk and move.”





Camylle and Aileen Omana, her photographer for this shoot, have already worked on several occasions previously and have become good friends.  “Ate Aileen is one of the best, and is my favorite photographer.  She is very kind and very professional.  She will never leave you, always there to assist you the whole time that she’s with you during the shoot.  She’s a very caring, patient and creative photographer. She is so fun to be with.”


To Aileen, Camylle has this to say:  “Hello Ate Aileen! Thank you so much for the invites and also for the fun and bonding we have during shoots.  Thank you also for your unlimited patience.  You’re the best. You already have amazing photographs and yet you still continue improving. Whoa! You’re a Master already.  Just continue what you want to do because it is your passion.  I’m always here for you Ate Aileen. (hart hart)”




Many thanks to Camylle for gracing this week’s edition, as well as to Aileen Omana for agreeing to shoot for our feature.  See more of her work at AIEN STEIN   Photography.  Also to our good friend Yhun Suarez for contributing his great shots.  See more of his work at his page, Yhun Suarez Photography.  You can be sure we’ll be featuring more of them soon here on our website.  Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.







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1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition



We’re proud and happy to be the media partners for the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition held at Starmall Alabang last weekend.  Named after Bolen Lareza, a successful and prominent cosplayer, the event presented very young cosplayers competing while having fun with family and friends.  It is our pleasure to be bringing you this special coverage of the event.






Chibi, a Japanese word or term for small, also is a certain category for cosplayers who are really young, usually those 12 years old and below.  A good number of chibis participated in the competition and all were able to showcase their talents in front of an eager and enthusiastic crowd.




Held within the first day of the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM event, the event was an enjoyable one with lots of participants and spectators.  The contestants were judged by a panel consisting of prominent chibi cosplayers:  Bolen herself, Ashley Misaki, Izaiah Luke Buelos and Belldandy Chii.



Courtesy of our friends at AnimePh Project, here is the list of winners of the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition:

Champion (Mecha Category): Alizey Rodil as War Machine
Runner Up (Mecha Category): Icee Ticar as Gundam Unicorn Banshee
Champion (Cloth Category):Louise Rielle as Elsa
Runner Up (Cloth Category): John Veinard Quintana as Horohoro

Belldandy Grimarez: Kurt Andrew Morido as Kid Icarus Uprising
Bolen Lareza: Meredy Carlos as Mikasa Ackerman
Ashley Misaki: Sophia Calilung as Chun Li
Ashley Misaki: Xiay Evelyn Cruz as Sorcerer (Dragonnest)
Izaiah Luke: Natalia Chanelle as Sasha Braus

Don Robert Torio’s Pick: Ulquiorra Dizon as Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
NCPH Pick: Akira Joanne as Gundam God Burning




It was a great competition, with the chibi cosplayers judged by their peers on stage but all were good friends afterwards, playing around, chasing each other, just being kids.  When you’ve been to enough cosplay events and conventions, it’s still always a delight seeing children having fun while cosplaying.



















Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors behind this event.  Congratulations as well for putting up a  successful contest and we eagerly look forward to the next one.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more fun cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



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Maki: Cool As Ice



Ranma 1/2 Cosplay Group Photoshoot



Note:  I’m rushing this story so the photos are mostly unedited, so please visit again tomorrow for better photos, okay?  Thank you very much.


I was really fortunate to have been invited to a particularly engaging cosplay photoshoot last weekend.  It was organized by an avid group of Ranma 1/2 cosplayers and fans.  Most of them, if not all, truly love the series and that was something that I could relate to as I have adored the anime version since the first episode aired on local TV RPN 9 in the ’90s.    Even today Ranma 1/2 has a special place in my heart that always yearns for its, funny, quirky, crazy, but nonetheless lovable characters.




The participants met up at La Mesa Ecopark early in the afternoon.  I caught the cosplayers preparing already.  The costumes may look simple, but all of them have been lovingly crafted and anyone who has ever watched the series would approve of the resemblances.  The props too have been splendidly made as well: from Ukyo’s spatulas, to Shampoo’s weapon’s and ramen delivery case, to Ryoga’s gear.  Oh, and the iconic kettle was there too, but the most important prop present was P-chan, the most lovable stuffed anything ever.




The cosplayers and three photographers went around and took solos and group shots though the priority was with the story scenes that have given Ranma 1/2 its amusing, chaotic and endearing charm.  Even though there was some urgency with the shoot since some need to leave at a set time, everyone still had a fun time, laughing and goofing off at any opportunity.




As we went about the shoot, we shared stories and jokes about the series, acted out funny possibilities, and just had fun interacting with each others’ characters.  It drizzled quite a bit later on, restricting our work area but it never stopped anyone from being creative.




Unfortunately the time came for shoot came to an end later that afternoon, but we all had enough photos and video footage as we took our final snapshots.  Finally the wigs came off and the photo equipment prepared for transport.  Even though everyone wished they had had more time, it was evident that everyone got to enjoy this shoot and already started yearning for another one in the near future.






I would like to thank Carina for inviting me to this shoot, as well as all the other participants for welcoming me there.  Even though that (again) I felt that I forced my way into this one (again), the Ranma 1/2 cosplay group allowed me to take part and have fun with them in the few hours we spent together.  Looking forward to covering their next event, hopefully soon too.




And if, like me, you saw this feature and enjoyed their wonderful cosplays, please hit the like button at the top of this article or leave a comment so we can let this group know that we indeed appreciate their work and would really want to see more of them in the near future.


















Thank you all very much for dropping by and please visit us again soon for more cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.






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Cosplay Model Nicole

 Nicole: Up Close and Very Personal




Several months ago we had a chance encounter with a young lady who was taking her first tentative steps into the world of cosplaying.  Just a few month later she is back and has already begun to make waves in the local cosplay scene, which is why arkadymac.com is extremely proud to present to our readers our feature on our first ever cosplay model, Nicole, as Alice from Resident Evil: Retribution, with photographs by BryMac.




Don’t let her petite frame fool you. Nicole is as tough as they come. For all the challenges that has come her way even to one so young, she has never wavered and has managed to move forward.  It was then that she discovered the world of cosplaying and she had become utterly fascinated with it.  Up till the present, she has cosplayed at various events as several characters:  Black Rock Shooter and Hatsune Miku, the latest being Alice of Resident Evil: Retribution.




“I cosplay because it suits my adventurous personality, and it sends me to a world I never thought possible. I find it to be a chance for me to be artistic where I can express myself without limits,” she tells us.



Asked what kind of characters she enjoys, she says, “I like cosplaying characters who portray bravery, boldness, heroism and adventurousness, women with the strength to fight battles, like warrior princesses or street fighters, while still possessing grace and charm that commands awe and and fascination “




She does admit that cosplaying is not as easy as it seems.  She finds out that just wearing a costume is not enough to make one a cosplayer.  She tells us that one has to be very familiar with the character. The real challenge is giving life to the character she portrays, to make her character believable.  She says that all the hard work is worth it when people appreciate her performance and they light up in wonder.




She admits cosplaying and performing are not at all that easy.  She still has stage fright when on stage in front of many people during competitions.  She still feels that rush of warm blood from her racing heart that makes her nervous, but it has become something that she has learned to deal with as she starts joining competitions against other great cosplayers who are just as determined.




Nicole tells us that she’ll continue cosplaying as long as there are people who support her and believe in her.  She already has many cosplays in the works for the very near future.  She says she would like to do Vocaloids  Sonika and Lily, Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail, White Rock Shooter, Katniss of hunger games, and Kuroyukihime of Accel World. She asks to watch out for her future projects.




What has cosplaying given to Nicole?  “The joy it gives you can never be equaled because it gives you the chance to become a powerful and mighty superhero.   The satisfaction , happiness and confidence it brings cannot be found anywhere else.  Even as a new cosplayer,  I have already made lots of friends who share the same interest. Cosplay has given me the opportunity and the confidence to be the BEST ME possible.”




Nicole would like to thank the many people who have supported her and have always believed in her, those people who have given her the chance to share her passion with others. It is her ardent desire to be a role model to youth like her who face many challenges despite still being young.




We like to thank all for supporting our first cosplay model, Nicole, and invite you to visit again for more great cosplay features here at the Cosplay and Anime Cafe at arkadymac.com.




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