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One Punch-Man Cosplay Photoshoot


One Punch Man Cosplay Photoshoot_0001


We had the unexpected but nevertheless fortunate opportunity to meet some of our really great cosplayer friends while covering an unrelated event early this year.  They tell us that they just got to know of each other online and had decided to meet up and probably have a shoot together.  They have become prominent cosplayers of characters from the wildly popular Japanese webcomic, manga and anime One Punch-Man, and they have had much fun portraying some of their quirky but memorable cast.

Extreme Moments: Castaways


Extreme Moments Castaways 2015_0001


A total of 61 intrepid souls sailed off to distant Fortune Island off the coast of Batangas for one of the most ambitious collaborative efforts the Philippine cosplay community has ever seen. Extreme Moments: Castaways pushed the limits of creativity, skill and imagination of cosplayers and photographers alike in an out-of-town outdoor adventure of a lifetime.

Best of Anime / BOA 2015: Day 0 with STARMARIE Fanmeet and Ingress


Best of Anime BOA 2015 Day 0_0001


Best of Anime/BOA 2015 happens this weekend, and with arkadymac.com as an official media partner, we were there to give our readers a sneak peek into what to expect for this much-anticipated yearly event for fans of Japanese pop culture everywhere.

Extreme Moments 3: Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bataan


Extreme Moments 3 Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar Bataan_0001


After two wildly successful adventures in scenic Capones Island and Mount Samat this year, the Extreme Moments Out-of-Town Cosplay Project Series continues to take Philippine cosplay and photography to the next level, being the first cosplay group to be granted the privilege to shoot at  Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, an open-air museum and heritage park in Bagac, Bataan.  Set in a rustic locale of restored historic mansions and surrounded by mountains, forests and the sea, Extreme Moments 3, with its 60 intrepid participants, provided all the elements for a cosplay experience like no other.

TMCOC Second Anniversary Gathering


TMCOC 2nd Anniversary Gathering_0002


The local cosplay and otaku community is sustained by groups who have been reaching out to individuals who would have otherwise remained alone in their own small worlds.  Otakus and cosplayers often feel estranged from other people because of what others consider as unusual hobbies and passions, but groups, either live or online, offer acceptance to those looking for a place to belong.

Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch


Beyond the Cutest Dreams The Kawaii PH Book Launch_0001


Kawaii has become more than just about cute things.  It has become more than just a passing fancy or a fashion fad.  Kawaii has become a way of life for individuals who have sought to express themselves in an outlook and style all their own, with frills, pastels, ribbons, teddy bears and rainbows, all exuding that positive, happy vibe that they wish to impart to others.  Beyond the Cutest Dreams: The Kawaii PH Book Launch got to celebrate this admirable Kawaii lifestyle in an event that showcased the bright, friendly and colorful world that Kawaii has opened for everyone from all over the world.

Anime Meets Live: A Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay Group Shoot


Anime Meets Live Rurouni Kenshin Cosplay Group Shoot_0005


Some dedicated Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X) fans and cosplayers got to organize a fun group shoot a while back at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Calling it “Anime Meets Live,” this group of cosplayers got to show their love and appreciation of the Rurouni Kenshin  franchise by portraying characters from both the original anime series as well as characters from the more recent live action movies.  The result was an enjoyable afternoon with feels and fun in abundance, and we at arkadymac.com were there to share and document the moment with them.

Kill la Kill Cosplay Group Shoot


Kill la Kill cosplay group shoot_0001


We chanced upon a group of cosplayers having fun one warm Sunday at Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.  Every so often, small cosplay groups take it upon themselves to organize simple photoshoots at familiar places.  As cosplay events and conventions may be far in between sometimes, these photoshoots present rare opportunities for some bonding time among friends and present chances to meet new ones.

Tamashii Convention (TamaCon) 2015

Tamashii Convention 2015 _0000


The summer season for Japanese culture enthusiasts was off to a hot and exciting start with Tamashii Con 2015 last March 28, 2015 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia.  With the theme “Igniting the Japanese spirit,”  organizers Nihon Kenkyuu Kai brought the experience of a Japanese summer and cultural festival to a new level as thousands flocked to take part in the festivities.

Upcoming Event: Tamashii Convention 2015


tamashii con


The Pinoy otaku summer season opens with a blazing start with Tamashii Convention 2015, an event that’s sure  to ignite the Japanese spirit of enthusiasts longing for a unique experience with others who share the same passion.  Coming this March 28 at SMX Convention Center at SM Mall of Asia, TamaCon will definitely make a mark in the cosplay and otaku events scene with an amazing lineup of unique activities and attractions guaranteed to please anyone who can’t get enough of Japanese pop culture.