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Cosplay Mania ’15: Day 1 Cosplayer Gallery


Cosplay Mania 15 Day 1 Cosplayers_0001


The biggest cosplay event of the year in the Philippines opens with much fanfare as Day 1 of Cosplay Mania ’15 drew in cosplayers and enthusiasts from all over the country last weekend at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia. With a staggering 25,000 attendees last year, Cosplay Mania, organized by cosplay.ph, has consistently been one of the most anticipated conventions of the cosplay community. With an impressive lineup of international cosplayers and performers set to thrill and connect with their Filipino fans, it was definitely an exciting weekend for the community.

1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition



We’re proud and happy to be the media partners for the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition held at Starmall Alabang last weekend.  Named after Bolen Lareza, a successful and prominent cosplayer, the event presented very young cosplayers competing while having fun with family and friends.  It is our pleasure to be bringing you this special coverage of the event.






Chibi, a Japanese word or term for small, also is a certain category for cosplayers who are really young, usually those 12 years old and below.  A good number of chibis participated in the competition and all were able to showcase their talents in front of an eager and enthusiastic crowd.




Held within the first day of the Pinoy Otaku Festival 2014: FANTASM event, the event was an enjoyable one with lots of participants and spectators.  The contestants were judged by a panel consisting of prominent chibi cosplayers:  Bolen herself, Ashley Misaki, Izaiah Luke Buelos and Belldandy Chii.



Courtesy of our friends at AnimePh Project, here is the list of winners of the 1st Bolen Lareza Chibi Cosplay Competition:

Champion (Mecha Category): Alizey Rodil as War Machine
Runner Up (Mecha Category): Icee Ticar as Gundam Unicorn Banshee
Champion (Cloth Category):Louise Rielle as Elsa
Runner Up (Cloth Category): John Veinard Quintana as Horohoro

Belldandy Grimarez: Kurt Andrew Morido as Kid Icarus Uprising
Bolen Lareza: Meredy Carlos as Mikasa Ackerman
Ashley Misaki: Sophia Calilung as Chun Li
Ashley Misaki: Xiay Evelyn Cruz as Sorcerer (Dragonnest)
Izaiah Luke: Natalia Chanelle as Sasha Braus

Don Robert Torio’s Pick: Ulquiorra Dizon as Lucifer (Angel Sanctuary)
NCPH Pick: Akira Joanne as Gundam God Burning




It was a great competition, with the chibi cosplayers judged by their peers on stage but all were good friends afterwards, playing around, chasing each other, just being kids.  When you’ve been to enough cosplay events and conventions, it’s still always a delight seeing children having fun while cosplaying.



















Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors behind this event.  Congratulations as well for putting up a  successful contest and we eagerly look forward to the next one.


Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more fun cosplay features here at arkadymac.com.



Please click on an image to view slidehow.  If you have any photos of you here, feel free to grab them.  Thank you for posing for our cameras.



Cosplayers Bring Smiles to the National Children’s Hospital



Nyanbu was happy to be able to join a handful of cosplayers in helping out at the National Children’s Hospital in Quezon City.  Naruto Cosplayers of the Philippines headed by Sir Dave has had this program of making these visits for a long time already, so Nyanbu was more than grateful to tag along and document this event.  The idea was to bring cosplayers into the hospital in the hopes of making the children smile and be with characters as if they came straight out from TV, movies and comics.




After dressing up and preparing, the cosplayers made their way to the children’s ward where a short program was started by Sir Dave as Master Pogi featuring the cosplayers that had assembled there.  The children and their parents who got to watch the show had an enjoyable time, thanks in part to Sir Dave’s creative storytelling and hilarious wit and sense of humor.




After the program, the cosplayers went to visit the patients in their rooms and beds and talked and played with them for a while.  Stories were exchanged, patients and cosplayers curious to learn more about each other.  Photos were taken with each other to remember each other by.




Toys that were brought along by the cosplayers were handed out to the children, as well as some snacks and treats that were shared as everyone continued to enjoy each other’s company.







We were moved by the silent resilience and courage that the children there had in the face of their pain and suffering, so it was humbling to know that, in our little way, cosplayers can help out in their own special way by making these children smile, even if just for a short while.




We would like to thatk Sir Dave and NCPH for this wonderful opportunity, as well as to the staff of the National Children’s Hospital for allowing us to be of help. We would like to thank the children and their parents for allowing us to share some time with them.




For everyone that had been involved, this will be a pleasant memory that will stay with them for a long time.






















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Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2 Coverage

Xtian Mack had a smashing great time covering Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp 2: The Coin & Flour Saga at the SMX Convention Center Hall 1, SM Mall of Asia last weekend.  Again enthusiasts of all kinds found their way to this event to celebrate the many enjoyable aspects of Japanese culture in a setting that was both festive and engaging. Helping us out on this assignment is the helpful and cheery Ghost Rider, who (unwittingly) finds himself as special guest correspondent for this special arcadymac.com coverage.
There were lots of booths and attractions that awaited all participants, with freebies generously given away by sponsors and exhibitors.  Stalls were open to cater to wide-ranging interests, from comics, to manga, to toys, to cosplay accessories.  Special guests were also on hand to give more flair to this already exciting affair.
There were great displays as well, like the giant Gundam model, the giant Mogu Mogu bottle and a wooden replica of Tokyo Tower, things that really made the entire experience of going to the Oh-No! Manga Cosplay Camp even more unique.
A great lineup of games, bands, video screenings, game demos kept the crowd entertained throughout most of the day, with the highlight being the cosplay competition that featured a variety of categories, from anime and manga, mecha, Western, games, and even a Vocaloid division.  Great prizes were given away to the deserving winners.
As with such grand events, costrippers of all kinds were in abundance in and around the event and photographers and the general pubic were treated to a spectacle of epic proportions, with literally hundreds of cosplayers posing for an appreciative audience.
We note that the venue was spacious enough to accommodate the large crowd that was in attendance, and the event went without much difficulty, so we commend the organizers of the event for a ob well done.
Thank you for visiting, and we hope that you drop by again soon for another great feature from arkadymac.com.
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Collecticon 2012 Toy Fair and Cosplay Coverage


Welcome to Collecticon!

Collecticon 2012 poster

(Note:  This is re-posted since it’s only now I got to upload the pics. Sorry.)

Though not technically a cosplay event, I decided to cover Collecticon 2012 anyway since it still promised to be an interesting event showcasing hobbyists and collectors and toys and nostalgia and all these seemingly bizarre aspects of  pop culture coming together into one crazy mash-up at Robinsons Place Manila.  Well over 3,000 people attended the event.

What is it with toys and big boys (and girls)? For some it’s the admiration of cultural icons like movie and comic book heroes.  For some it’s nostalgia, while for some they just find them cute.  Toys appeal to our inner child and whatever our age, we continue to have a fondness for them.


Collecticon Stage

Collecticon Stage

Collecticon 2012 Event Coverage

Already on its 5th year, Collecticon was an event organized by Hobbiworx Inc. and Pinoytoykolektors.com held at Robinsons Place Manila last Oct. 6 & 7, 2011.  It was a two-day event conceptualized to be a collectors’ ultimate experience, bringing together hobbyists, enthusiasts, collectors, and merchants towards better understanding and exposure of these kinds of activities to the public.

Collecticon area at Robinsons Place Manila

Collecticon area at Robinsons Place Manila

Placed throughout the entire 1500 sq.m. of open activity space at the Midtown Atrium, more than 60 booths with a bewildering number and variety of merchandise were on display.  Items on sale include toys, figures, model kits, cosplay props, comic books, CDs, Gundam, and lots of anime/cartoon-themed goods.

Batman Statue

Full-size Dark Knight

To get the mall-goers interested about Collecticon, activities were held throughout the afternoon, such as the Collectors Display and Exhibit, Toy Auctions, Customizers Clinic & Workshop, Trivia Contests, Life Size Displays, Photo Contests and the Superhero Costripper of the Day.


Lots of toys to be had.

Lots of toys to be had.

I get the impression that the afternoon program was not as organized as it should be.  The few staff that were running the show were often seen to be left to their own devices on how to go about the program.  Well, they managed to generate some interest anyway through the auctions and the mini-contests like the bring-me and impromptu dance contests.  Many mall-goers did become curious and participated in the more casual activities and more importantly bought some merchandise from the stalls.   Hooray for capitalism.


Looks like some Gundam to me.

So all in all, I would say that despite a modest and cautious effort from the the organizers of Collecticon,  the event was still as success in that it managed to generate public interest in their hobbies and giving them a peek at how fascinating these hobbies can be.  All in all, a fun and  festive  event for everyone involved.


More robots.

More robots.


Three Tobis

The sign says it all.

Collecticon 2012 Cosplay Coverage

For some strange reason I had the feeling I shouldn’t expect much from this particular event.  When I got there around 10am, the place was busy enough with people, but I got the feeling that it was more focused on the stalls and the sales.  The program that came later in the afternoon for the event otherwise went well but was not too exciting.

Die-hard Naruto Cosplayers

Die-hard Naruto cosplayers

There was an event called the Superhero Costripper of the Day that just degenerated into a free-for-all, whatever-happens-happens cosplay show-off where a still sizable number of cosplayers participating.  Not a lot of heavyweight veteran cosplayers at this event though.  I would suppose they were already tired from Cosplay Mania ’12 the week before, or they were unaware of the event, or were aware of the event but ignored it altogether thinking the cosplay won’t be that much of a factor in this event.  Well, with these prospects, I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to grab some cosplay time and earn myself some experience.

Taking pics with fellow cosplayers.

Taking pics with fellow cosplayers.

Pink mode Miku, I think.

Pink mode Miku, I think.

So I, Xtian Mack, made my second cosplay attendance and even made my competitive debut by joining the Superhero Costripper of the Day Contest, which strangely didn’t involve superheroes or stripping.  Go figure.  Anyway, I had a great time.  I even met my first cosplay friends there. I was pretty sure a hundred people asked to take pictures of me and pictures with me.  I was overjoyed.  Moms and kids and even the elderly took pictures with me with everything from old phones, digicams, tablets and what have you.  For just  my second cosplay appearance, I really had a great time being crazy.  Not a hobby most of my friends would agree of or be supportive of, but a rewarding hobby for me nonetheless.


A fighting pair.

A fighting pair.

Oh great. More of them.

Oh great. More of them.


Naruto Meets One Piece

Naruto Meets One Piece

New friends

Many thanks to my new cosplay friends, Christian and Justin