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Happy Father’s Day to Cosplay Dads Everywhere


A big shout out from all of us here at arkadymac.com to all the dads out there who support their children’s talents and passion for cosplay. Happy Father’s Day to Cosplay Dads everywhere!  We salute you for your all your love, dedication, support and effort.

Friends and Loved Ones Throw Alodia a Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party for Alodia_0001


Miss Alodia Gosengfiao gets a very pleasant surprise as friends and loved ones throw her an unexpected birthday party at gaming hub Mineski Infinity.  What she thought would be a simple afternoon for a game or two turned out to be a surprise event several weeks in the making by the people who love and admire her who came together to greet and wish her well on her special day.

Happy birthday, Mao-chan!




We at the website would like to celebrate the birthday of our very own Mao-chan, a valuable member of our family.  She has been with us for over a year as our sessionist photographer and editor, and has been featured as one of our cosplay models as well.




We met her at Ozine Fest last year as a genderbend Kakashi cosplayer.  We liked her cosplay so much we invited her for a photoshoot as a cosplay model.  Before that happened, however, she has already become a wonderful addition to the arkadymac.com family as she helped us out with covering events, taking photos of cosplayers for us, as well as promoting the website.




She accompanied us in our coverage of Invitational Otaku Urule Photoshoot 7 (IOP7) at the scenic Japanese Gardens at the historic Rizal Park.  She showed us her Kakashi genderbend school girl version, which was quite a hit at the event.  We just had fun with her despite the rain along with the other cosplayers who have gathered for the event.







We next had her at the very competitive TORCH 4: Tournament of Champions 4 at SM North EDSA, where she joined in the fun of the event, joining the cosplay parade around the mall and afterwards helping us out with the coverage, taking photos of the cosplayers there.  She also enjoyed having her photos taken with the many spectators there.




Then came Cosplay Mania 13, the biggest cosplay event of the year.  She joined the arkadymac.com family in its 2nd year anniversary, and we were of course all happy that we all got to meet through our love of cosplay.









After months in the making, on October 23, she finally had her photoshoot for her feature on arkadymac.com as its newest cosplay model.  She said it was a great opportunity for her and that it was a wonderful experience as she posed for the cameras as Kashi-chan, her Kakashi genderbend maid version.  Her feature on the website came soon afterwards as she joined a fantastic line of cosplay models who have graced the cover of arkadymac.com.




Due to personal circumstances, she had to relocate to California.  Although she is now far away from us, she remains a part of arkadymac.com as our editor, and, really soon, as an international correspondent, reporting cosplay events from across the Pacific.




We of course wish her well and await the day we can see her again and cosplay with each other once again.  We miss her dearly as we celebrate and greet her on her birthday.  So Mao-chan, please take care.  Happy birthday.  We miss you a lot.










Because it’s my Birthday



The morning of my birthday I went to Quiapo Church.  I heard mass.  I had confession.  I told the priest that one of my many faults was that I have been ungrateful to the people I know.  For penance he told me to say 10 Hail Marys for each person I should be thankful for.  After two hours or so I lost count.   I thanked God for my wonderful, supportive family.  I thanked God for my loving, understanding girlfriend.  I thanked God for my old friends who have never left me.  I thanked God for the students who still remember me when I still taught them college English.  I thanked God for the kind cosplayers I have met this year.  I thanked God for the amazing photographers who took the time to be my mentors and my friends.  I thanked God for the generous people from all around the world who have supported my website.  My knees and thighs hurt from kneeling, but I realized I am lucky to have known so many wonderful people.  I realized that since I started blogging, photography and cosplaying, I’ve gained more friends than all my other years of existence combined.


So yeah, am really happy on my birthday, and I have all of you to thank for it.  God willing I’ll continue what I started.  I don’t know for how long, but this coming year I’ll make sure I’ll make every day count.


Great photos taken by my brother Bryan.  Thank you for dropping by, and do visit us again soon.







Prei: A Song and a Wish


Since it’s the holidays already, we want to bring some great Christmas cheer of the cosplay variety.  We then invited our newest cosplay model, Prei, to grace this week’s  special edition of arkadymac.com.  She may not cosplay as often as she would want to, but when she does, she’s sure to leave an impression.  Photography and Post-processing by Brymac, Blessma as Executive Producer and Xtian Mack as Director/Writer.


Prei tells us she got into cosplaying because of her love for anime.  The first character she ever cosplayed was Haruhi Suzumiya, as she insists she got so attached to the series.    She recalls she started in high school though wishes she had started sooner.  She continues to cosplay because she considers it a reward for herself for working hard and doing her best at home and at school.


For this feature, Prei cosplays Santa Miku, a Christmas version of the Vocaloid Hatsune Miku from Crypton Future Media.  Like the usual portrayal of Miku, Prei describes herself to be a genki girl:  quite cheerful and friendly.  This wasn’t always the case though, as she used to be a timid and shy person.


She says cosplaying has allowed her to become a more outgoing and a more sociable individual who can go out in public and enjoy herself.  She says that  thanks to cosplaying she has more friends now with whom she shares the many things she likes in common like anime, games, and making costumes and props.


Prei tells us she is at her happiest when the people around her appreciate her cosplays.  She does admit that cosplaying can be quite challenging since it can be hard to think of the next character to cosplay or coming up with many different poses at events.  Even so, she says she’ll continue cosplaying as long as she still feels young and as long as the people around her supports her passion.


Prei would like to thank her parents, Yhanie, her friends, her Bulacan Cosplay Family, her BSN 1B-1 classmates and dorm mates.  to all our readers, she has this to share:  “Just be yourself, do what you want if you have passion for something and strive to achieve it!”


We at arkadymac.com of course support her and invited you to see more of Prei in future features.  Thank you for dropping by and do visit us again for more coplay features here at arkadymac.com.











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Unexpected Orphanage Visit



Some grownups are quick to dismiss cosplayers as strange or different, or worse. Children, however, simply know that it’s fun and amazing when you can bring fiction and imagination come to life. I’d like to thank them for showing me that my hobby can have some meaning.