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Upcoming Event: HistoryCon 2017


Everyone is very  excited as History Con, Manila’s biggest entertainment convention is back and promises a bigger, better, and bolder showcase at the World Trade Centre Manila from August 10 to 13.  This year’s attendees will definitely enjoy over 300 exciting exhibits and experiences, from historic and classic displays of traditional, as well as contemporary and popular cultures; including the first-ever ‘FYI Home & Living Fair’ and exclusive talks and workshops by your favorite stars.

Cosplay Documentary Taping



arkadymac.com is honored being given the opportunity to cover the making of an upcoming documentary on cosplaying in  the Philippines.  Although most details cannot be divulged yet at the time of this post, Director Maila Gumila has told us that it aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of cosplaying as a performance art, as a hobby, an as a cultural phenomenon.




Xtian Mack, Creative Director of arkadymac.com, was invited to an interview about his insights into the year’s worth of experience of cosplaying, covering events, blogging, and photography.  He even agreed to be interviewed without his mask for this one, since he thinks it’ll be found out sooner or later anyway.  His loyal fans (all two of them) are definitely excited to see him without the mask.  So that’s certainly something to look forward to.  And while there, Xtian Mack was granted the privilege of covering the filming and take some behind-the-scenes photos for the website.




Also invited were several other cosplayers from diverse backgrounds and whose characters represented different genres.  Several of them were also interviewed about their experiences in cosplaying and how they’ve come to love it.  All of them had video clips taken of in their cosplays and showing off their best moves.




While the airing of the documentary hasn’t been announced to us yet, Director Maila Gumila   assures us that it will be a serious, in-depth and meaningful program about the reality of cosplaying in the Philippines that shares the experiences of real cosplayers who share this passion.  Ma’am Maila has been truly generous with us on the set and I have come to admire her intensity, passion and sincere interest in bringing the truth about cosplaying to a wider audience.






We would like to thank Director Maila Gumila and the rest of her professional, skilled and courteous ataff and Ma’am Bessie for inviting us.  I am personally very excited to see this one and look forward to sharing this documentary with everyone the moment it comes out.




Please tune in again for another cosplay feature here at arkadymac.com.  Thank you very much for dropping by.










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Because This Used to Be My Playground



Because of personal circumstances, I wasn’t able to attend a cosplay event this weekend.  Rather than start the week without something new, please just indulge me and let me present a feature about Luneta’s Children’s Playground, a quaint but marvelous place that engulfed me in nostalgia. I was on the way to cover an event one day at Chinese Gardens when I saw it again after so many years and couldn’t resist spending some time (actually two hours) and take a few shots here and there.




My parents would often bring my brother and I to Rizal park on weekends for picnics and just spend time together.  My childhood may have been just a hazy memory, but there was one place in particular that is still very vivid in my mind: the Children’s Playground.




Well, in particular, the colorful dinosaur statues that have been as much a part of my childhood as chocolate.  As I played there with my brother, I would imagine that they were alive and that I had the power to command them to do my bidding. I would ride on them and pretend they were my battle mounts going into was with the many other creatures in the park.









Even back then, around the 80s, the park was already in disrepair, which is why I was glad to hear that the playground was renovated last year with the help of some UP fine arts students, a truly admirable act on their part.   Now the playground is as colorful as ever, well, sometimes too colorful.  I saw the kids having old-fashioned, simple fun with their family and friends, running around, playing on the swings and slides and going i and out of the many attractions there.






At just 10 pesos per person, one can enjoy the many attractions in the playground for the entire day, with reasonable restrooms and places to eat.  One can also find it to be a place to just rest and relax under the many trees in and around the playground.  Security is quite adequate with CCTVs and roving guards to protect the public.






For most, Luneta and our other parks have fallen out of favor against malls as a place to take the family, which is sad since these public areas are still enjoyable and fascinating places to take the family.  Hopefully more people will get to rediscover places like the Children’s Playground and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.









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