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A Public High School Supports Cosplay as a Hobby for Students


Public High School Supports Cosplay as Hobby for Students_0001


Cosplay has been around in the Philippines since the early 2000s, and although the general populace still has some apprehension or resistance towards this hobby, times have been changing and we are happy that public perception toward cosplay has been improving over the years.  We were then pleasantly  surprised to have found a public high school in Las Pinas that supports cosplay as a hobby for its students.

Cosplay Market Coverage


Xtian Mack covered the Cosplay Market event at Jackman Plaza and Munoz and arrived to see a not-so-stellar turnout.  Nevertheless, it was an opportunity to improve his photography skills since he can focus and really pay good attention to the few cosplayers, himself included, who were at the event.  It should have been a better event at a bigger, more well-known venue.  Sorry Jackman.  Everyone from Caloocan knows and maybe even loves you, but let’s face it, it can be a hard sell.  Anyway, will just post the gallery as thanks to the brave souls who cosplayed yesterday so they can get a part of my not-so-stellar-but-hopefully-improving skills.

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