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Upcoming Event: Natsu Matsuri, A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo on March 31


Summer is almost here, and what better way for lovers of Japanese culture to welcome the season than to enjoy a fun-filled festival.  Coming this March 31 is Hinomoto’s Natsu Matsuri: A Japanese Summer Festival at Ateneo de Manila University’s Bellarmine Field.  With free entrance to to the event, everyone can get to experience a traditional Japanese summer festival through fun games, great food, and exciting live performances.

Japanese Football Club Shonan Bellmare Holds Football Clinics for Kids in PH


In an act of strengthening friendship and cultural exchange through football, The Japan Foundation Asia Center and the Japan Professional Football League (J. League) will be holding football clinics for kids in the Philippines on February 3 to 5, 2017, welcoming three coaches from J. League club Shonan Bellmare.  The Japan Foundation Asia Center, J. League and the Japan Football Association have taken this initiative to encourage various exchange programs in the field of football since November 2014. Its aim is to provide opportunities for people-to-people exchange in the area of football to further strengthen friendship between Japan and other countries and develop the football culture in the Asian region.

AKB 48 Helps Celebrate 60 Years of Philippines-Japan Friendship



The 60th year of Philippines-Japan Friendship was indeed a milestone event for the two countries as both have had a close and remarkable cultural relationship.  Helping celebrate this landmark occasion were members of Japan’s premiere idol group, AKB 48, represented by their Team 8, with a program organized by the Embassy of Japan with co-organizer Hallohallo Entertainment Inc. The group had flown all the way from Japan to perform live in front of their eager Filipino fans for the second time since last year’s Cool Japan event (for our coverages, click here for Day 1 and click here for Day 2).  A press conference for them was held just before their scheduled performance at the Market!Market! Activity Center.  Our Photographer and Correspondent Ianah was there for arkadymac.com’s coverage as officialomedia partner for the event.


Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival



With cosplay and anime events being churned out endlessly but with the same old content, it is encouraging to know that there are still those from the community who are willing to step up and offer something more relevant and closer to the heart of those who have long nurtured the passion for cosplay.  Far from the usual mall venues where events have become all so common, Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival took a bold move in having a new but refreshing  venue to accommodate those who had so much passion for cosplay and anime.  The result was a fun new event that left everyone happy, fulfilled and pleasantly surprised.


Upcoming Event: Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival



A fun new event with cosplayers and enthusiasts at the very heart and organized by fellow cosplayers and individuals who have loved and have been in the community for many years, Cosplay Festival promises to be the freshest breakthrough event of 2016 at an entirely new venue where there will be an exciting program with special guests,  contests, indoor and outdoor photoshoots, karaoke contests, booths, a cafe, and many other surprises.  For only 100 pesos, one can enjoy cosplay, anime, Jpop and Jrock to their hearts content at Loving Rainbow Garden Cosplay Festival, coming this September 24 – 25 at Loving Rainbow Garden in Tandang Sora, Quezon City.


EIGASAI 2016 Opening Night and Opening Film “Kakekomi” Screening

Eigasai 2016 Film Festival Opening_0002


Eigasai is a remarkable festival which showcases some of the best films from Japan offered for viewing to Filipino audiences for free, and on its 19th year, it kicked off in grand fashion at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza last week.  The opening night was well attended by dignitaries, guests and the media, who got to witness esteemed director Masato Harada address the Filipino audience about film making and insights on the festival’s opening movie, Kakekomi.


Japanese Design Today 100 Traveling Exhibition Open to the Public from Jun30-Aug19


Japanese Design Today 100_0001

Japan Foundation Manila Director Hiroaki Uesugi and Curator Hiroshi Kashiwagi at the opening of the Japanese Design Today 100 Traveling Exhibition

A unique exhibit on how the Japanese have seamlessly crafted both functionality and aesthetics into their everyday products opened in earnest and was welcomed quite warmly at the Tall Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET). The Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition was unveiled to dignitaries, guests and the media, featuring a collection of exactly a hundred carefully selected household and commercial products that exemplify the distinct characteristics of Japanese aesthetics as well as mirror the needs and lifestyles of the Japanese.   This traveling product exhibition is proudly presented by the Japan Foundation, Manila (JFM), the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET) and the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, with support from JT International (Philippines) Inc.


Japanese Design Today 100_0003

Free Screenings of Acclaimed Japanese Films at Eigasai 2016


Upcoming Event Eigasai 2016_0002


Those among us who love Japanese culture and arts will have much to be happy and thankful for as Eigasai 2016 will once again offer FREE movie screenings of highly acclaimed Japanese films from July 7 to August 21 at more locations around the country.  The film festival’s main organizer, the Japan Foundation, Manila, in cooperation with the Embassy of Japan, has promised a great lineup of quality films along with Director Talks in commemoration of 60 Years of Philippines-Japan Friendship and JFM’s 20th Anniversary.

GRANRODEO First Live Viewing of One-man Live in the Philippines on July 22




Renowned for their creation of memorable anime soundtracks from series such as Needless, Muv-Luv and Seven Deadly Sins, Japanese rock unit GRANRODEO’s live tour concert “GRANRODEO LIVE TOUR 2016 TREASURE CANDY” will be held on Friday, July 22nd 2016 at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, will be broadcast live in the Philippines!  The live viewing will start from 6PM at the SM Megamall Cinema 6. Tickets are at PHP1,100 and comes with a free limited edition poster (to be claimed on July 22). Tickets are available exclusively at all SM Tickets outlets nationwide and online via smtickets.com.

Japanese Design Today 100 Traveling Exhibition to Open at the MET on June 30


Upcoming Event Japanese Design Today 100_0001


Catch a glimpse of superb Japanese design in 100 products at the Japanese Design Today 100 exhibition as it opens Wednesday, June 30, at the Tall Galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET).  The exhibition that will run until August 19 will feature a collection of exactly a hundred carefully selected household and commercial products that exemplify the distinct characteristics of Japanese aesthetics, as well as mirror the needs and lifestyles of the Japanese.