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arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM



It was a big day for arkadymac.com as we got featured at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM last weekend in celebration of our second anniversary.  The panelists were made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, along with our Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Keileen, Queenie and Deric.  The guesting was a first for most of us so were all as anxious as we were excited to be able to share our views on cosplaying on air with a wider audience.




It got a bit tense when the program started, but we eventually settled in to the topic at hand.  We all love cosplaying after all, so we didn’t have a problem expressing what we felt about the subject.  It turned out to be an hour of fun, entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.  Our Cosplay Models got to share their own experience about cosplaying, like their preference in characters and how they prepare their cosplays.




Thank goodness for commercials as they gave us brief breathers and some chance to goof off.



The program also touched on how cosplay changed the lives of our models, of how cosplay has helped them gain their self esteem and how cosplay has opened opportunities for them to have more friends and have a wonderful time with them.




We also got to discuss how cosplaying has contributed and has given back to the community through charity work. arkadymac.com has in its two years of existence participated in and helped with numerous fundraisers for charitable institutions. We have also covered and participated in feeding programs, hospital and orphanage visits where we got in touch with children and helped bring smiles to the people who need them the most.





After the program we had a short photoshoot for some memories from a particularly special day for our small arkadymac.com family.  We then had lunch at a nearby restaurant, all with a healthy appetite.




We couldn’t have gotten these opportunities if it weren’t for the love and support from you, our valued readers, in helping us through these two years.  We really, really appreciate it.  We are glad to have reached our second year of bringing the best of cosplaying in the Philippines, and we hope you can keep on supporting us for more years to come.



Thank you for dropping by, and please visit us again for more features here at arkadymac.com

Upcoming Event: arkadymac.com Guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM


We would like to invite our our friends and readers to tune in to their radios this Saturday, Nov 1, 10-11am on DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM for arkadymac.com’s guesting at DZIQ Radyo Inquirer 990 AM.  It will be an hour of fun,entertaining, and enlightening talk about cosplaying in the Philippines and cosplaying as a hobby that people can enjoy and be passionate about.


Our panelists will be made up of Creative Director, Xtian Mack, with Coverage Partner Jillian Rose, and Cosplay Models Mina Kim, Ai Chi, Queenie and Deric.  Expect the unexpected as we go all out to let  more people know about the fun of cosplaying.  Join in the discussion as well by phoning in your questions.  You can also catch the program via live streaming at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/dziq

We do hope you can support us by tuning inn this Saturday.  We at arkadymac.com are always trying our best to spread the fun that cosplaying brings to people.

Please spread the word.







Queenie and Deric



arkadymac.com’s cosplay models Queenie and Deric return to do the cover of our website this week’s with this exclusive double feature.  Photography and post-editing: BryMac, Executive Producer: Blessma, Director/Writer: Xtian Mack.




It’s always wonderful when two people who share the same passion get to deepen their relationship over time.  Queenie and Deric started out as good friends hanging out and going to cosplay events together. Now a couple, the two of them agree that the time they spend together in and out of cosplaying has become doubly fun and enjoyable.




For this feature, Queenie cosplays Kurousagi, a rabbit-eared girl from the light novel Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sō Desu yo? (Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?) a Japanese light novel series with an anime adaptation.  Kurousagi is a powerful being, though she is often easily distracted and is constantly  inconvenienced by the other main characters, like Sakamaki Izayoi, cosplayed by Deric.  Izayoi is one of the main characters who gladly left his old world for a new one in the hopes of finding more excitement and adventure.  He is overconfident and haughty, yet he is also shown to be caring and protective of the people around him.




Although their romance was not strongly established in the anime, the two characters had gotten along well as the story progressed.  Queenie and Deric tell us that this is their first pair cosplay, and that although they admit that it’s not quite there yet, they really have fun cosplaying this couple.




They tell us that they first met at IOP 5, a cosplay photoshoot way back May last year.  Since then they’ve become good friends who would go to cosplay events together and enjoy themselves as much as they can.  They’ve also become endorsers for Cosmic Bytes, a major cosplay goods shop, and say that they both enjoy spending time with the amazing folks there.  Outside cosplay, they both enjoy playing LOL (League of Legends), saying it’s fun playing it as champions who keep on fighting together.




How would Queenie describe Deric?  She says Deric is a really funny guy who enjoys making people laugh. What makes him fun to be with? She says she and Deric have many things in common and they both enjoy doing silly things.




And how would Deric describe Queenie?  “She’s really something,” he tells us.  What makes her fun to be with? Deric says they share lots of things in common and that he always sees her smiling and laughing whenever they’re spending time together.




Queenie says that pair cosplays are fun because you get to be comfortable knowing you have someone to enjoy it with.  Deric says it’s a great feeling to have someone to care about especially when they both understand what they do.




Queenie and Deric invite us to watch out for better cosplays from them in the very near future and say that they’ll keep enjoying cosplaying for as long as they can together.  arkadymac.com will continue to bring you great new features on this pair, so please continue supporting them in all their endeavors.  Thank you all very much for visiting.



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